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What's in Your Lunchbox?

Updated on May 17, 2015

If you were to say what's in your wallet the answer would be - maybe some loose change.

But when it comes to my lunch I always know what is there. Even before getting married over 23 years ago I always have had the same thing. Its amazing how some of my coworkers and even my wife will ask me aren't you tired of that stuff? Yet! And the answer is always no.

At this point I have gone through a few lunch bags. OK two to be exact. But the image that I am showing here is my most recent one. And yes it is a few yeas old. The wife switched them out on me one day. Which was weird as I was the one making my lunch. And guess what it is now 2015 and I have a new lunch bag. I got it from the last place I worked. Still not sure if I will use it though.

When it comes to lunch which are you?

Between these two options which is closer to your daily routine?

The sandwiches

The sandwiches
The sandwiches

Sandwich Break Down

The sandwiches - There are usually two sometimes three. One is PB&J - Grape Jelly and Crunchy Peanut Butter on White Bread. The other is Orange American Cheese with Miracle Whip and yes on White Bread. If there were to be a third it would most likely be another PB&J. This time with Strawberry Jelly everything else would be the same as above.

Bag of Cereal

Bag of Cereal
Bag of Cereal

So what's in the bag dad?

Bag of Cereal - This can be of various kinds of cereal as I tend to munch on it throughout the day. Big problem with the cereal is that my youngest loves to eat just the marshmallows. Sometimes cookies get smuggled into the mix.

Fruits and Veggies

Fruits and Veggies
Fruits and Veggies

Trying to eat healthy

Fruits and veggies - Usually two items fall into this section at one time. Banana's and Oranges are the top two picks. Followed by apples and then carrots. Also being a former vegetarian these were also a standard part of the food chain. Even after saying that, they are still smiling..

Cheese Sticks

Cheese Sticks
Cheese Sticks

New addition

See I can change - a little bit

Yes I have added a little something new to my lunch menu. I know its not much but it is still something new. Even surprising the wife with something different. She immediately felt my forehead to make sure I didn't have a fever.



Lets get medical

There are two standards in this section. The first is the ibuprofen. This works on my head aches. I have tried other things for this but none seam to work. The other thing you will see in this picture is the seizure meds that I take according to the doctors. I have not had a seizure in many years and will be happy to not have one for many years to come.

My Head Set

My Head Set
My Head Set

The Y Cord

The Y Cord
The Y Cord

Devices used for work.

These last two items are not food. But they are something that I use everyday. And keep close at hand.

The first is my head set. Used for taking phone calls and monitoring calls. You may have also noticed that it is a single sided head set. That is because I have a doctor's note due to my left ear. This ear tends to amplify sound and garble it at the same time. At this point my right ear has pulled a Radar and I am able to hear much better through it.

The second is the ever popular Y-Cord. This is used to hook up and take supervisor calls or listen to the agents for one on one calls and help them on their calls.

Some Lunch boxes that I might have to replace my 10 year old lunch bag with

Yes when I find something I like I have trouble giving it up.

For all those of you out there that like Dr. Who or the metal lunch box this one is for you.

I admit I am only half this pairing. Yes to Dr. who and no to the metal lunch box.

Taco Bell
Taco Bell

The one exception to the rule

Once in a blue moon there would be another choice. And that was always the same. Taco Bell. There was only one item that I would get. Back then it was the # 10 soft. Now its listed as the # 8. This consists of three soft tacos and the large soda. There were times that my coworkers would hind my lunch just so they did not have to see the PB&J's again. The fun part was that they would buy me lunch that day.

When our company opened another office there just happened to be a Taco Bell within walking distance. And with an hour lunch time and a pager if needed it was an easy choice. In fact the folks would see me coming and have the cup ready.

As a side note there is a Taco Bell again within walking distance in our town. OK when you are over 6 ft tall with long legs most things are within walking distance. Add into the equation the 16 year old son that is now taller then you. He also likes the food and the service so much that he is thinking one of his first jobs will be at a Taco Bell. So its not just the food that is important it is also the people that work there. That's what has made them worth mentioning and for several different locations.

With my hours rarely was I there at night. But when I got stuck on a project there was a good chance that they would still be there. I also liked this evening picture and that's why it's shown here.

I know you may have to eat and run - But please take a moment to leave a comment

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    • PaigSr profile imageAUTHOR


      5 years ago from State of Confussion

      @anonymous: As you can tell... Me too

    • profile image


      5 years ago

      I was raised on PB & J. It is still a staple for me...

    • PaigSr profile imageAUTHOR


      5 years ago from State of Confussion

      @RetireAt57: You know it...

    • profile image


      5 years ago

      Nothing beats a peanut butter and jelly sandwich for a quick lunch!


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