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Write your own Recipes

Updated on May 1, 2015

I'm not one to cook or (what I prefer to do is) bake often, let alone from scratch. Any cooking or baking I would have been able to make a recipe on is done, but I don't have any of my own that I made up myself. thought of maybe a drink, but that's already on another page I wrote.

So I thought What could I make a recipe on ? Then it came to me, with whimsy.

Why not write a recipe to make Recipes.. (You'll get it once you see)

So how does one make their OWN recipe? Keep on reading

So for this you won't need any wooden spoons or serving forks, this is just my instructions on how to right your own recipe. What tools WILL you need?


*Recipe Cards (or index) (in 3x5 or 4x6 size)

*Index card box

also ymay want some of these Clear Vinyl 3 x 5 Inch Recipe Card Covers, Set of 48 to put your prized recipes (or those family heirlom ones) to keep them from spills

Write Ingredients first

  • list Ingredients of your items along with the measurement of how much
  • list wet items such as water, Milk, eggs etc then any
  • dry items such as Flower, baking powder, sugar
  • include the measurement of the amount you put in like
  • a 'pinch', 1 teaspoon (tsp) a cup etc

Brownlow Kitchen 44488 Emily Gifts Recipe Cards, Purple
Brownlow Kitchen 44488 Emily Gifts Recipe Cards, Purple

Get some Recipe cards to jot your creations down. You might want to keep a variety of designs for certan recipes like cakes, Drinks or have extra design or 2 for giving someone a recipe. a small pack of index cards is a good idea in case you run out of your favorite recipe card design


Cook Time

Prep Time: varies

Total Time: Varies

Serves: 1

How to write instructions

  • before I start I want to make note, it would be a good idea to make a box for how many degrees if baking, (if it should be boiled, fried, Broiled etc) How long it takes to prep and how long to cook as well as How many servings, Nutritional Info and How long it takes to prep (sample on your right)
  • To start this is a good spot to include any kitchen tools you may need. (mixer, peeler, zester etc so one can get everything together first)
  • Include your instructions like: "Take your dry mix and and dump that into your wet
  • Mix on high (or beat with whisk depending on the texture you need heating will make it thicker) "
  • Take note of what you preheated the oven at I think the average is 450
  • and for how long you bake - 15 minutes
  • after the baking time use a toothpick to test if done
  • (*very little recipe should be on the pick when you take it out. This way you know it is moist but done)
  • NOte how many servings total prep time as well as total time and if you know make note of the nutritional facts PER serving.

Vaultz VZ01169 Locking Index Card File with Flip Top Holds 350 3 x 5 Cards, Black
Vaultz VZ01169 Locking Index Card File with Flip Top Holds 350 3 x 5 Cards, Black

WEll this is a GREAT recipe box especial if you have some of those 'secret' recipes handed down for a generations. Even better if you own a resturant!



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