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Buy Wüsthof Kitchen Shears Online

Updated on April 8, 2015

Wüsthof Kitchen Shears Shopper's Guide

Kitchen shears are one of the most useful tools to have around in your kitchen when cooking. They can be handy for a multitude of tasks, from opening a carton of milk or juice to cut up poultry bones. And if you have decided to buy one of them, the Wüsthof kitchen shears are a good brand to look at.

After all, Wüsthof is one of the leading brands on the cutlery market and the shears they make are one the best you can have.

So, let's to take a look with more detail at some of the most popular models of Wüsthof kitchen shears online.

Wsthof come apart kitchen shears model 5558-1
Wsthof come apart kitchen shears model 5558-1

Wüsthof Come Apart Kitchen Shears Model 5558-1

These are the most popular kitchen shears made by Wüsthof nowadays. The reason of this popularity is not hard to find. They are well build and sturdy with a good edge which can cut almost through anything. Even small poultry bones.

They are really easy to clean because they separate with little effort. Actually, these shears are dishwasher safe, but better to be prudent and hand wash them.

In adittion, they are well balance and comfortable on your hand. The handle is made of a non-slip synthetic material and it is symetric. So the shears can be used by right and left-handers.

On the whole, The Wüsthof 5558-1 are excellent multiuse kitchen shears for the price.

Wusthof forged stainless kitchen shears
Wusthof forged stainless kitchen shears

Wüsthof Forged Kitchen Shears with Stainless Steel Handle Model 5557

Wüsthof is all into precision, so you don't see any shoddy workmanship in their products. And these forged kitchen shears are a good proof of this.

The shears are forged from single units of high-carbon stainless steel and are beautifully made and designed to perform a variety of tasks in the kitchen. The shears included a bottle opener, a screw driver, jar clamp and a bone pocket. In addition, they come apart for easy cleaning, hand washing is recommended. If you are looking for kitchen shears that will last a lifetime, these shears could be your pick.

Wsthof Grand Prix Kitchen Shears
Wsthof Grand Prix Kitchen Shears

Wüsthof Grand Prix Kitchen Shears 5556

Another reliable pair of kitchen shears that will last a long time by Wüsthof: the Grand Prix model number 5556. They are slightly bulky measuring 8in, but you can feel the weight of these forged shears in your hands. The thing that really made them stand out is the edge, the shears are really sharp, they can cut almost anything you want them to cut.

Besides, They have an ambidextrous handle made of the same molded plastic that the Wüsthof Grand Prix knives have. And, the shears, as usual, included an easy-separation feature of the blades to make washing them really a breeze. The warranty is for lifetime against any defect of material of craftsmanship. Only this, speaks volumes about the confidence that Wüsthof has in these shears. 


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