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Pokémon Chaos Black

Updated on March 31, 2011

You might be thinking that Chaos Black is another name for the Pokémon Black game. This is not the case. The so-called version of Pokémon Chaos Black is actually a fan-created ROM that is based on a modified version of the Fire Red release of Pokémon. Because of this, the game is intended to be played on a Game Boy Advance model of Nintendo's handheld gaming console line.

How Does It Differ from Fire Red and Leaf Green?

The truth of the matter is that the majority of the game is still the same. The towns and cities in the game are identical to those in the original game. Most trainers you meet will be in the same locations and have the same Pokémon. It should also be noted that while some of the original Pokémon have been redesigned with a new look and a new name, most of them will still show their original sprite when you look at their stats.

Besides containing customized/redesigned Pokémon, this modified game is also infamously known to contain swearing/rude language as well.

The locations of the wild Pokémon have been shuffled around throughout the game. This is problematic since the capture rate has not been adjusted. Encountering Pokémon in the wild can be frustrating early game when they are actually Pokémon that are meant to be encountered later in the game - you just aren't able to capture them with the Pokeballs you currently have! They are too hard to catch.

Game play goes downhill from there... The game appears to be left in a not-quite-finished stage and will begin to glitch up more and more, making it harder to continue to make progress. By the time you reach Mount Moon you will have to resort to using cheat codes since it has a glitch where you can't go any further because you need surf and at that stage you don't have it.

Evolutions of Magid

Magid - Voltiine - Magrunk
Magid - Voltiine - Magrunk

Evolutions of Flaon

Flaon - Manleon - Furyon
Flaon - Manleon - Furyon

Evolutions of Bliqu

Bliqu - Gequi - Aquri
Bliqu - Gequi - Aquri
Abel, Esplime, Graag and Tase
Abel, Esplime, Graag and Tase

The Pokedex

There are a variety of 'new' Pokémon in this hacked version of Fire Red. But for the most part the only ones of interest (aside from Mewthree) are the three starting Pokémon who have been given a makeover.

The three new starters are:

  • Magid (Grass/Electric)
  • Flaon (Fire)
  • Bliqu (Water)

Mewthree and Mewthree X

One of the most interesting Pokémon in this game is Mewthree. Rumors of the existence of this Pokémon have been around since the beginning. Chaos Black creates the reality. Mewthree will evolve into Mewthree X.

In order to catch Mewthree X you will need to enable the "Walk Through Walls" cheat within the game menu to be able to find Mewthree. The game features a glitch that makes it otherwise impossible.

Other Pokémon in the Pokedex

Some of the other redesigned Pokémon are:

  • Abel
  • Esplim
  • Graag
  • Tase

Where Can I Get It?

Even after finding out that Chaos Black is not a true Pokémon game you might still be interested in obtaining it for the sake of being able to say that you have played it. Most often this "version" can be found on eBay, selling for about $25 US. It comes packaged in a box with a manual and looks like an official release from Nintendo. Some packaging even goes so far as to have an official-looking Nintendo gold seal in the box too. A funny thing to note is the 'Pokemon' on the box isn't even a real pokémon - it's Chaos Zero from the Sonic the Hedgehog franchise!

The original creator of Pokémon Chaos Black has released it on the Internet so it should be relatively easy to find the ROM if you go looking for it.

Pokémon Chaos Black


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