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Top 5 mmorpg 2015 (Most Populated)

Updated on March 1, 2016
Top 5 mmorpg 2015
Top 5 mmorpg 2015

Playing a mmorpg is an amazing experience and it's better if you form a guild or group of friends who are always ready to kick butt. In the early days of the genre there were very few games, but now there are a lot of mmorpg ready for you to dive into their worlds. Some are free but many others have to pay a subscription that if you're not careful, can empty your pockets, or rather, your bank account.

In these games there is much to see and discover, and there are so many it's hard to decide what you play. Not that the number of subscribers define quality, but it says a lot about each game; that is why here you will discover what are the 5 most popular mmorpg from 2015

No. 5 Tera

This South Korean game surprised the world in 2011 and was so well received that soon was adapted in different regions of the world. Tera has excellent graphics and the music section is fascinating. One of the main attractions of this MMORPG is that it has a system of more active gameplay, it is not just click to attack but fights are more dynamic. To improve this you can play with a control pad and not with the tiring combo of keyboard and mouse. Perhaps the increased popularity was because in 2013 it became a free-to-play game, which increased its subscribers by more than a million and a half. Also, it was published on Steam.

Top 5 mmorpg 2015; Tera
Top 5 mmorpg 2015; Tera

No. 4 The Elder Scrolls Online

Let's be honest, Skyrim boosted and popularized The Elder Scrolls series as ever. Its online version was only a matter of time, and although the first version had lot of criticism, the Unlimited version Tamriel left everyone satisfied. This game brings everything you love about the series and thus allows online play and you can enjoy it not only on computers but also on consoles and to preserve the style of game for the ones that loved Skyrim. Today is one of the best selling and most played mmorpg.

Top 5 mmorpg 2015; The Elder Scrolls Online
Top 5 mmorpg 2015; The Elder Scrolls Online

No. 3 Guild Wars 2

This is definitely one of the best MMORPG; Time magazine even named it the best game of 2012. Guild Wars 2 was also very praised by various publications and websites. The gameplay is quite incredible and compelling story, and offers the possibility of shaping the story of the game through your decisions, something that only single-player games had. There are many reasons why try this amazing game, but I recommend that you simply play and discover it for yourself.

Top 5 mmorpg 2015; Guild Wars 2
Top 5 mmorpg 2015; Guild Wars 2

2 Final Fantasy XIV

Since its heyday, all fans of Final Fantasy dream to be part of their world. With the arrival of Final Fantasy XI a part of this dream came true, but only with Final Fantasy XIV this dream took a large scale. The first version had its problems and critics but "A Realm Reborn" exponentially improved the game. Such is its popularity that in 2015 reached 5 million subscribers. Not bad, but there is still a game that surpasses it.

Top 5 mmorpg 2015; Final Fantasy XIV
Top 5 mmorpg 2015; Final Fantasy XIV

1. World of Warcraft

Despite the drops on subscriptions, World of Warcraft still the king of the MMORPG. No one can beat it yet. It is perhaps the greatest success of Blizzard and by far the one that most revenue grants them. There are books, comics, and soon a movie that looks exepcional. It has also been parodied in South Park and The Simpsons. It has also been said that it is a very addictive game, while many players have spent whole days and weeks with almost no rest. Good or bad publicity, WoW is a game that absolutely deserves a try. Just be careful, it is highly addictive.

Some of the games seen here have remained for years as the most popular, but perhaps in the future new games will come to innovate MMORPG experience. I really hope so.

Top 5 mmorpg 2015; World Of Warcraft
Top 5 mmorpg 2015; World Of Warcraft

*Bonus 5

6. Archeage

7. Planetside 2

8. Eve Online

9. Runescape

10. Starwars the Old Republic (SWTOR)

I am already aware some of the games on the list had better moments and some others are losing subscriptions or player base, but still, their popularity can't be discussed.

Do you agree with my list? What other game would you add?

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    • SimilarSam profile image


      3 years ago from Australia

      Good to see TERA on the list, definitely my favourite at the moment. Not deserving of a higher spot in the list though, just what I'm enjoying right now.

    • betozg lm profile imageAUTHOR

      Alberto Zumaya 

      3 years ago

      I Agree, ESO is so much fun but still waiting for that GW2 expansion!

    • hrymel profile image


      3 years ago from Baltimore, MD

      I love GW2, but until the expansion comes out in October, ESO: Tamriel Unlimited is way better.


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