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The Guild Master's Handbook: Advice for New Guild Masters in MMORPGs

Updated on August 16, 2014

Before We begin.- Some Advice from Over a Decade of Gaming.

If you have never played an MMORPG before or never started your own guild I suggest joining a guild as soon as you start playing your first game. Not only does this give you time to learn how to play the game, which you need to know if you are a leader but to experience how your guild master or leader does things. The experience teaches you what being a member is like. And shows how the specific game you are playing will require you act when you begin your own.

Once you join you will notice that there are many things that can help you play better as opposed to playing alone. MMO's are social games and although you can play alone, it is much easier and more fun to play with other people who are on your team. You get to ask questions, answer questions, withdraw and deposit items into your guild's bank and also learn from player's who are more experienced than you are.

If you are starting your own guild, this guide will teach you what to do and inform you about all of the things that need to be considered. Starting a guild is easy but running a good one is pretty hard unless you have played MMORPG's before or have a lot of experience being a guild master or guild leader. So if you have never played before, join a guild and take your time to learn the ropes! But if this is your first time starting a guild, read on ...

10 Things All Guild Masters or Guild Leaders Should Know!

1 What is a guild?

To some it may seem obvious but a dictionary definition is not going to describe just exactly what a guild is for gaming. Guilds are social, for the purpose of attaining goals that solo players just can't do. It is your team, your allies, your friends and your army. These are people you are supposed to trust to make your life easier and more fun in the virtual world you inhabit with them.

A guild is important because you can share not only in game items, gold, and material things but because it is where you share knowledge and ideas. I never ever would have been able to run groups of 500 people with 50 online in an alliance of 250 people if I had not learned from the very best.

There is no way to become a great leader in one of these games unless you partake in playing with experienced veterans. Remember this is just like a team sport or army but belongs to a subculture. There are many types of guilds but at heart they all share the same things in common: they are communities that get together for a common purpose to achieve what could not be done alone.

2 Do you know what PvE, PvP, Roleplaying and RvR mean?

PvE - Player versus Environment (you against the game)

PvP - Player versus Player (you against other players)

RvR - Realm versus Realm(your side against another side of players).

Most good games have realms or factions and you must choose which one to join. Knowing which side all the good players are on and which server they are on helps you to win. Some call this the easy way. I call it reality. Most great legions decide which game and server they are going to next before the game they play is over. I do this. Why? That is simply what all good guilds and alliances are up for. It is not reality. It is a game and this is a behind the scenes choice. One made to increase winning.

3 You need to know how to raid, run dungeons and craft to be a good leader.

If you do not know about these 3, find a friend who does and ask him or her to be an officer and to teach you. You can use officers to learn - many people will not lead a guild because it can become a full time job. It is not easy and most people do not appreciate what it takes to be a good leader.

4 Do not lead a guild if this is your first MMORPG unless it is very small and casual with your friends.

Play as a member of a good legion first and watch the leader, learn from him or her. It is like going to school - you need to learn from the best to be the best.

5 People cheat in MMORPGs. Accept this now and overcome this. You will come across it in every game you play.

If there is a way to cheat, someone is trying it. The in game mails you get from gold sellers are real. They are either actually selling the gold or trying to access our character to steal your account. Look up "gold farming in MMORPGs" with a search engine. Selling and buying virtual items and currency is real. Do not compare yourself to guilds that cheat.

They are not honest and so they do not count. Of course they may be stronger and better than your guild as they will have better gear and more money but that is the price YOU pay for being honest. It is why my very best legion could never get past rank 7. But our legion was ranked 7th out of thousands of legions.

6 Knowing how to cooperate with other legions in alliances is of key importance as a Guild Master.

You will not be able to properly PvP in RvR without other guilds as allies.

7 You need to use an application like Ventrilo or Teamspeak when in a dungeon or raiding so people can play and follow orders at the same time.

8 Being patient, helpful and knowledgeable are characteristics of good leadership.

A good leader cooperates with members and at the same time leads by example.

9 If you do not know what the "special language" used in MMOs is, you will be lost.

Learn them all by asking a friend. When you start playing you will see many abbreviations that you will not know. Do not worry they are easy to learn and by just playing you will become wise.

10 To lead a guild well, you will need to deal with problems players cause and keep your members happy.

Again, officers are important to help you. If you have a large competitive legion and try to do everything alone - you will burn out fast,

Final Note

Please remember that I did not know how to run a legion when I started off in 2004, I learned some of what I know from playing in other guilds. And some it from the very best types of guilds. It was only after many years that I was able to make a name for myself online and I did not do this alone. I had many friends, officers, assistants and just great people who helped me.

And without all of these people and my own personal experiences of what I like about certain guilds and what I absolutely hated about others - I would never have come up with something I am happy about.

Thanks for reading!

Randall Jonas

©Randall Jonas July 2014

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© 2014 Randall Jonas


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    • RandallJonas profile image

      Randall Jonas 4 months ago from Canada

      You can play solo in these games. I have often done so.

    • RandallJonas profile image

      Randall Jonas 3 years ago from Canada

      Yes these games are complicated and take an investment of time. The progression is long and rather slow. But meant to be this way.

    • Homeplace Series profile image

      William Leverne Smith 3 years ago from Hollister, MO

      Certainly an interesting topic for a set of hubs. Best wishes.

      Personally, I prefer to play solo, in the games I currently play, but, to each his own. ;-)