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Most Expensive Items on Amazon - 2012

Updated on August 13, 2012
"Life is so hard. Why isn't someone carrying my bag?"
"Life is so hard. Why isn't someone carrying my bag?" | Source

Ridiculous Amazon Prices Abound!

The now-proverbial 99% say that the US economy is lopsided. How lopsided? Some people can afford luxury doghouses equipped with CCTV, climate control and retina-scan entry systems. Meanwhile, about 45 million Americans (15 percent) officially live in poverty. Even more struggle for food.

So, how are the uber-rich spending their cash? They aren't necessarily creating jobs with their tax breaks. Here are five ridiculously expensive items on Amazon seen at the beginning of 2012.

Herbeau Throne Toilet
Herbeau Throne Toilet | Source

1. The $10,600 Singing Toilet

What's so special about this toilet? It's made of solid ash hardwood. It's packaged with a matching ashtray and candleholder. Also, it sings in French. The toilet rings out with "Le Bon Roi Dagobert" ("Good King Dagobert") when the lid is lifted and it chimes a few bells during the flush.

Is French to be expected for a luxury toilet? I would like a language selection feature. Also,for $10,000 it seems that somebody ought to follow up by powdering your bottom.

2. The $4600 GPS & Fish Finder for Boats

When you're a VIRP (Very Important Rich Person) it's important that you don't get lost while sailing your yacht. Also, you must be able to find fish on demand. The Furuno NavNet 1824C/NT combines radar, GPS/WAAS, a fish finder and weather maps. It boasts a color screen that's easy to read even in bright sunlight.This unit can also print charts for maritime use.

Interestingly, the Amazon price is higher than the list price. Hm.

Harpist Julia Smith of Spokane, WA
Harpist Julia Smith of Spokane, WA

3. $500 Bedsheets

I understand the value of high threadcount sheets: They're exceptionally soft. I did not spend $500 on mine and yet I sleep beautifully. Curious.

Empress Home is devoted to pushing luxury linens. The $500 Empress Home sheet set shown here has a list price of about $750, so you get a "deal" when shopping through Amazon.

What's included? One flat sheet, one fitted sheet and two pillowcases.

For this price I would also like a year of nightly massages, comforting bedtime stories and a harpist playing lullabies.

4. Edible Gold

Maybe you've heard about the $1,000 ice-cream sundaes sold at Serendipity in New York. Why so pricey? They're sprinkled with edible gold.

Now the ultra-rich (or their cooks) can prepare such sparkling treats at home. Genuine 23 karat gold flakes are sold in cute gram-sized jars.

The price for this edible gold is $140 per gram. The price for non-edible gold is currently about $50/gram.

5. $1400 Cartier Sunglasses

Some Americans buy sunglasses for $8.99 at the gas station. Others plunk down $1400 for a pair of Cartier shades.

Why so expensive? Because people will pay. Don't let the shade falls into your $10,000 toilet.

More Expensive Amazon Products?

Got more ridiculously overpriced luxury items? Share them below!


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    • profile image


      6 years ago

      I have seen some really expensive items on Amazon as well, such as commercial purchases in the tens of thousands. Makes you wonder if anyone actually purchases this way.

    • SantaCruz profile imageAUTHOR


      6 years ago from Santa Cruz, CA

      AgainstTheOdds, I think we need to be writing ebooks!

    • nicomp profile image

      nicomp really 

      6 years ago from Ohio, USA

      Edible gold costs 200% more than inedible gold? Who knew?

    • againsttheodds profile image


      6 years ago

      Very interesting, I've seen some crazy prices on ebooks like one on nuclear power in the $7000 range.

    • Travel Blogs profile image

      Travel Blogs 

      6 years ago from The world

      If I would be a billionaire I would be on a shopping spree :)


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