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What computers do for us

Updated on June 13, 2011

Computers have been around since 1936 and have impacted our society ever since. In our world computers are everywhere from the toys our children play with to the cars we drive and the way we prepare our food. Computers have made our world easier to live in, in every way imaginable. Computers make our world safer, we can get a better education, and computer help improve the way we communicate.

With the uses of computers the world is a safer place to live in. Computers are there to help us be safer in our environment. Our cars have security system to tell us if something is wrong and if someone is trying to steal our cars. Our homes are the same way; there are many home security systems to make our hoe better. Without computers this would not be possible. Computers made the world safer also by how we made our world. People are now living longer with the help of computer in the hospital. What human cannot do in an operating room computers can; computers can have a steadier hand than a person therefore making the procedure safer. Years ago men would have to lay brick by hand to build a building. Now there are safer mechanic to help them men.

Computers have also impacted our educational system and the way we learn. Computers help people learn better. One can research more topics with ease and student will be introducing to word processing which will help them later in life. The internet becoming more and more available to everyone included children in the classroom. Student can learn much faster with the internet and be prepared their material more quickly with the help of computers.

Computers have improved the way we communicate. With computers we can communicate with people all over the world. Cellphone are one way computers have impact the way we communicate. With computers one can talk or chat with someone from a different country. Company can import and export much better with the uses of computers. Without computers we would not have video chat or Skype.

The world is continuously changing and people must change with it. Sometimes people think computers are bad some people think computers are good. Whatever they are computer make a different in our live whether one chooses to see it or not. So, in this case it might be better to hop on the band wagon then to get left behind.


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