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LeapFrog Tag Reading System - Buy a 32MB Pen, Books and other 16 MB Pen Systems on Sale

Updated on March 14, 2011

LeapFrog Tag Reading System Amazon Sales - Today's Best Deal

LeapFrog Tag Reading System

Are you looking for the LeapFrog Tag Reading System and storybooks on sale at discount prices? LeapFrog teaches your children how to read with an easy to use pen with smart technologies that enables storybooks to come to life. Your child will learn to recognize works and pronounce them in the correct manner while making learning fun. On this page, you will find great deals on the different LeapFrog Tag Reading Systems, storybooks and product information. All deals come from trusted internet retail giant, to save you money on purchases and to insure secure shopping. Take advantage of the deals of information found on this page, as well as use the super saver shipping option to get FREE shipping, courtesy of for the LeapFrog Tag System and Leapfrog Tag System Storybooks.

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LeapFrog Tag Reading System - Inaction with Books for Kids

LeapFrog Tag Reading System Product Highlights

* LeapFrog Tag Reading System features built in vocabulary to help with recognizing words and saying words the correct way.

* Speaker on the LeapFrog Tag Pen is fully adjustable for user preference. If the pen is too loud or too soft, users can easily adjust the volume.

* Use the LeapFrog Reading System Pen with tons of different story and activity books - even Disney classic fairy tales are available. Your child can sing along, read with the Tag Pen or perform various hands on activities with this LeapFrog hot product.

Buy a Green, Lavender (Purple) 16 MB or 32 MB LeapFrog Tag Reading System Pen on Sale from Amazon Below

LeapFrog Reading System Pen 16MB & 32 MB - Comes in Green, Lavender (Purple)

* Choose between green or lavender (purple) for a LeapFrog Reading System Tag Pen. If you have several children, this is particularly useful. Buy a green one for your boys and lavender for your girls.

* LeapFrog Tag Pens come in different types of memory options. You can choose between a 16 MB or 32 MB system. Connect your pen to your computer via USB and the included software. Visit the LeapFrog website and download activities and much more onto your Reading System Pen. The LeapFrog website and connection information is found with the product packaging. The easy to use instructions will make accessing the site with the software a breeze.

LeapFrog Tag Reading System Company Advertisment Video

LeapFrog Tag Reading System Information

Check out the video to the right to see the LeapFrog Tag Reading System in action. The video advertisement by LeapFrog shows how children use this brilliant technology to help them read by using the pen tip of "tag" keywords found through out storybooks and activities.

*The Tag Reading System requires to AA batteries and comes with a storybook upon purchase. All software and cables necessary to hook to your computer are also included with the product.

How does the LeapFrog Tag Reading System Work?

The LeapFrog Tag Reading System acts as a mini computer. When a child scans works, the pen is able to read and recognize what they are. When the LeapFrog tag pen determines what certain words are, it can play music, sounds and say words to help create a fun interaction experience for children. Children will enjoy reading with this great piece of technology.

Your child can also use the LeapFrog Tag Reading System to answer questions that the pen asks or even play games and various fun activities to make learning fun. The pen will help kids learn how to break words into syllables too!

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