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10 Best Board Games of All Times

Updated on May 10, 2020
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The MAS is a driven individual who is passionate about writing about things that inspire him just like classic board games.


Board games have a profound history especially having great prominence in the 90s when the technological contraptions and hi-tech developments weren’t too unconventional. Board games were one of the most entertaining time-passing activities until the emergence of the modernized technological gadgets and a revolution in technology itself. This marked the diminution in the use of the board games and its trends that were prevalent all over the world.

An amusement in its own, board games have a lot of entertaining factors associated to it. This also included some of the most important and useful learning & development techniques that involved understanding through strategic planning while playing with friends and peers. Many board games were more than just means of entertainment in this regard. They terrifically helped in developing skills through strategizing and planning along with the increasing tendency of the abilities involved in thinking and moderating situations where rapid decision making was required. They were essential to free-associating conditions where mind was thoroughly involved in thinking about solutions and subterfuges to triumph.

The List

Following is the list of ten of the most awesome board games ever created that were and still are played all over the world:

1. Monopoly

When we talk about board games who could forget the king of board games? Monopoly was and still is considered to be one of the finest and most popular board games ever created. It is one marvel that teaches its players all about strategy, negotiation and most importantly, resource management. From making money to buying properties the players delve into the experience of real estate as well. Its popularity had induced so many variations and versions that are still available in the market but the essence of the classic version is unbeatable. This one’s simply epic and an all-time favorite. People love it.


2. Pay Day

Another interesting game about money management on the roll of a dice, Pay Day is still one of the best board games available since its creation. The game is all about managing monetary needs and surviving the month with the limited earnings that a salaried person has. It is based on the life of a common man who has to make ends meet through his monthly earnings. Paying bills and taxes, acquiring and paying off loans, buying lottery and deals, etc. and a lot more is all what this game has in stored for its players. Pay Day has always been a source of amusement for the masses. This board game has a charm in its own.

Pay Day
Pay Day

3. Mad/The Mad Magazine Game

Mad was one unorthodox game. This was the only game I remember which was about losing all the money you have instead of acquiring it. The game comprises of cards, money, dice, and tokens which is primarily based on the illustrations of the all-time famous Mad magazine, featuring Alfred E. Neuman. This game is quite a lot different than the traditional board games that are available which involves money but also an interesting one nonetheless.


4. Chess

Chess is considered to be one of the most intellectual games of all times. This game is basically a mind sport that requires strategic skills and tactical indulgence. It is only a two player game that is played all over the world. Traditionally it is considered to be the game of the ancient rulers that is still quite popular all around the globe. The game is so popular that computers have been programmed to play chess with sheer excellence and brilliance. This is one game that requires the proper knowhow and the immediate skills of an ultimate pro.


5. Checkers

When we talk about chess, the next word that pops up into our minds is checkers. It is also sometimes referred to as Chequers or Draughts. This strategic game involves a tactical and scheme-based game plan that allows only two players to play at a time. This is also a world class game that is played and enjoyed all over the world.


6. Cluedo

Cluedo is a murder mystery game that involves two to six players. The only skill that is required to play the game correctly is the skill of deduction. Three important aspects of the game are the characters, the weapons and the rooms which need to be figured out. The first player to guess the murder, the weapon used in the murder and the room in which the victim “Dr. Black” was murdered wins the game. This involves a turn by turn movement of the players with the roll of a dice. It is an interesting game to play for mystery loving individuals out there.


7. Ludo

Ludo is one of the most ancient games in history that dates back to the 6th century played during the era of the Mughal Emperors. Ludo is based on the elements of probability, tactics, counting and most of all, strategy. It is quite frankly one of the simplest and easily adaptable games in the world. Players familiarize to the game quickly as this game allows two to four players to play and enjoy their movement towards the individual home ground marking a successful trip that comes to a whole circle.

This still is quite popular as android app developers have also created a smartphone app that allows the users to play the game online which is quite popular. This is one of the best time-passing games that are also quite fun to watch.


8. Snakes and Ladders

When we talk about Ludo, it is almost uncanny not to talk about Snakes and ladders as these two are considered to be sister games. Snakes and Ladders is considered to be a worldwide classic with two or more players navigating their respective piece on the game board. The snakes indicate a fall while the ladders denote a rise of the piece in ranks. The first player to reach box # 100 successfully wins the game, followed by a second and third and so on.

Snakes & Ladders
Snakes & Ladders

9. Risk

As the name suggests, Risk is a strategy board game primarily slobbering into the art of diplomacy, conflict and conquest. This is another game that requires the skills of negotiation, tactics and again, strategy. The game expands to forty-two territories portraying a political map categorized into six continents of the world. The game allows two to six players to play at once with the aim of occupying every territory on the board and ultimately eliminating the other players. This is one exciting game to play with your friends and peers.


10. Scrabble

Scrabble is an intellectual game about Vocabulary, spelling, anagramming, strategy, counting, and probability. It can be played between two to four players, each trying to earn the bigger score by spelling out words with the use of proper vocabulary and diction. This is one of the most gentle and knowledgeable games ever created. It not only improvises the vocabulary of an individual but is also entertaining in terms of competition. The game is available in 29 different languages with the English language being the most prominent and typical of them all. This one’s also quite fun to play and a great way to enhance ones diction and vocabulary.



Board games have a rich history that predominantly indicates one of the most historically entertaining sources for people around the world. They had this element of rejoice associated to them that people had admired and overseen with the passage of time. I remember playing many board games at a time, one after the other and never getting bored by any of them. I still have some of these in my possession. People used them as Christmas presents and birthday gifts. This is how popular they were back in the day. But due to remarkably impressive technological advancements, these board games are now readily available on smartphones or are just a click away which is why the trend of corporal boards has deteriorated over time. Though, this has been great for the new generation as they don’t have to count the pieces, keep the fake money safe and most importantly protecting them from being withered in order to avoid getting new ones. History will always have a memorable portion attached to it in the form of board games as they were one of the most awesome time passing activities that had the mind involved meticulously.

For your review I’ve added a poll for this article below, please vote for your favorite board game. Also, feel indulgent to rate this article in the following capsule. That is all for now. Don’t forget to follow my page and leave a comment below. Thanks for reading. Hope you enjoyed!

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