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Best PS4 Games for Kids

Updated on April 27, 2017

Legend of Kay Anniversary

First released in 2005 where I played it on Ps2, the new HD remaster looks fantastic, but there is a bunch flaw, these flaws are no real setback for kids, in fact, this is why I call them flaws, to begin with.

Kay the young martial arts expert, decided to run away after his village Yenching is taken over by Gorilla minster Shun which of course is the leader of a powerful Gorilla army, with little more than a mystic blade and cocky attitude, Kay sets out on a journey to rescue his friends and family.

Gameplay wise the game falls short of the older audience or the more experienced players after all the game is clearly aimed at a much younger audience. As Kay you will bounce around from area to area and meet other animals that will give you quests to hold of the gorilla forces, this involves a lot of items and rescuing caged animals.

The controls are simple and easy, with only minor camera issues, it will adjust itself frequently to its correct position, leaving certain levels and enemies tricky to beat.

Each level has a lot of treasures to find, with the occasional battle arena to fight through predictable enemies, these can include rats and even Mutant Ninja Turtles of the none mutant variety, each enemy with their own speed, attacks, and defenses.

This game might not be for you, but it is certainly great for a much younger audience if you want to get your kid an action adventure game that isn't too hard, with simple controls to stack up basic combos, while exploring the newly remastered world than this game is for you.

Lego Movie the Game

As the title suggests the Lego Movie the Game, is based on the movie, which is typically not a good sign, but I can ensure you that It is a ton of fun for the whole family if you are the type to play these type of games, the type for kids.

The detail in the game is crazy, when I say crazy, I mean really good, it's rich and crisp, with a ton of things to do, destroying and collecting parts to build a ladder to help you continue, there is also loads of collectibles and unlocks, you only start off with one character, but as you play through the game you will unlock more characters to play with, all this fun can also be enjoyed in two player co-op.

The controls are absolutely top notch, though there is much that even I liked about this game, but something that I really loved was the comedy, this game is absolutely hilarious, where some games try to make you laugh and then only end up over doing it at random times, with this game it is not like that, the time for comedic bits are perfectly timed.

The only thing that kind of set me off was the characters, it was said that there are 90 characters to unlock, that is not really accurate as some unlockable characters are simply a different costume, other than that, the game is the perfect buy for your kids, or even for the entire family to enjoy, which can last them up to 8 hours to complete the game.

The Last Tinker City of Colors

Remember Banjo Kazooie? The Last Tinker reminded me of some of the great old classics, it is a good game where the entire world and even characters consist of only colors, well yeah other games too but here it's all about colors.

Using different colors will have different effect not in a fight, but as well as the area to solve puzzles, green for instance, will make enemies run away, while red will damage them, you can also use blue to resemble ice and a freeze effect to slow enemies down, you can also use colors on characters in the game that helps you throughout the levels, using green will have to same effect as on enemies, though casting it on a friendly will let them rampage damaging all enemies.

The game is platform 3D based, however, most of the platform gameplay parts are done for you like sliding on rails, etc. No idea if the will automated part is good or not, but there are other parts where you will have some control, puzzles are fun but it's not a challenge for older audiences.

The game story is also not so deep, you need to awaken the spirits and fight off the enemies before the bleakness consumes everything, yes enemies are bleak, it's only a shame that the game lasted me only 5 hours, fun none the less.

LEGO Marvel Super Heroes

If your son is into Lego building blocks and love to collect them, including the love of superheroes and the villains then this will make a great addition to his small or big collection of Lego products.

From 100 characters to unlock and to play with including Spider-Man, The Hulk, Galactus. Wolverine, Deadpool and Black Widow the game will be loved as mostly all famous villains and superheroes are introduced here in Lego Marvel Super Heroes, a character for each fan to enjoy.

Each character has their own skills and unique abilities to fight against the terror in New York, ranging from the Abomination, Loki and the hunger of Galactus and so much more, the game will introduce fun, interactive puzzles for your kids to enjoy, with laughter to accompany them with all the humor in this game.

The game runs smooth and is easy enough for a 6-year-old to play, the combat mechanics are fun and don't introduce complicated button smashing like in the older Dragon Ball Z PlayStation 2 games.

Graphics have improved allot from what I can say, though don't expect a world of a visual future after all this is still just a Lego game for your kids.

I self-was addicted to playing the game for at least 4 hours until I realized this is kids stuff and moved on to playing something else, though my grandfather enjoyed the game for much, much longer that really came shocking to me as he has never touched a control in his life. So we are 100% sure this will make your kids day.

Toki Tori 2 Plus

This has to be one of the most interesting platform games ever made, not to forget that it looks great, you play as a little chick, something bad is happening in his world, what might it be? I don't know, the game only has a title and only when you play it while you make up a story as you go, yes you imagine your own story as you play, many might not like this idea but its really fun.

There aren't any particular enemies to fight or dodge, they are all animals and by singing or stomping the ground, that is it, you play the game by using these two moves, not as attacking but as a way to communicate with the other animals.

Like a frog, sing and he will follow you, feed him a beetle and he will spit out a bubble that you can ride to reach an area where you could not reach on your own, this makes it really interesting as the entire game is a puzzle, after about Four to Five hours of gameplay these puzzles becomes really hard. If you want your kids to focus while playing a good game, then this game is a must try.

Skylanders Trap Team Starter Pack

Skylanders Trap Team starter pack will be the way to go for your boy or girl, though at the end of the year you might be flat broke collecting the figurines, the game has an interesting story much like the previous titles, you need to save Skyland from the evil forces as the name, state you can now trap villains and then play with them, though this won't save you a cent as these will be figurines to collect as well though at a much cheaper rate than an actual character.

You will need to buy a new starter kit that will include the new game to play, 3 Dark Skylanders characters, 3 traps, 1 two-sided collectors poster, 3 sticker sheets with secret codes and 3 trading cards.

It might now seem like a lot of money, but once your kid wants more to play with and becomes a new fan, you will have to buy new characters, traps and collectors cards for them to play with so, on the long run this single game can cost you a lot more than multiple games bought over a few months time.

I will admit that this game is a fun with a lot of funny moments and will keep your kids and teens entertained for days, weeks and even months as new characters will be released and of course the main thing to do here is collect to them all.

Little Big Planet 3

Sack boy is back with more customization with his friends included, the game feature the same gameplay elements, if you don't know by now the game is a platformer and thus some kids might not like this as much or simply not at all, make sure to check the video and see for yourself before buying this product.

The game has gone many improvements, especially on the visuals,though there are many added mini games that you will encounter playing the main game, like painting or solving a few puzzles before you can continue to the next area while doing so you will unlock new parts for Sack boy and his friends that can be stitched on just for fun or for other benefits, each friend comes with their own unique skill to use during gameplay.

Rabbids Invasion

Yes Rabbids Invasion finally came to consoles, if you like to see your youngsters entertained and active then this will be the game for them, its fun and addictive, the game has 20 TV-like episodes to play through with a variety of interactive things to do, like paint, dance, puzzles and much more to invade the Rabbids world.

The PlayStation camera makes it fun and entertaining for the entire family to enjoy not just your kids, the game acts and feels just like the series on tv so expect many comedic scenes and laughter then you must get the game.


One of the best games you can get, not just for kids, but for the whole family, there is no story to follow, you collect resources and build whatever your heart content, build a house, build an entire village or a mighty castle, you can also play online with friends or 4 player split-screen, which is perfect if you have a big TV.

You can find different recipes, and keep your health full, you can also combine a wide variety of items to make your own traps, some that can be lethal but requires more work.

Playing alone can get overwhelming and eventually you get bored, online however it's entirely different and much more fun to try and survive against other players than trying to survive against creepers, zombies, skeletons.

Get this game for long lasting fun, leave your comments and the PlayStation 4 games you recommend kids to play down below.

Which of these games do you like?

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