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10 CoD Facts You Probably Didn't Know

Updated on August 15, 2016

Brief Disclaimer

This blog provides facts of both the game, Call of Duty, AND its community. Also, there is a little bit of language involved so it is recommended for those who are 15+. While I am well aware of the game being rated M 18+, the community's average age continually drops because of neglectful and just downright terrible parenting, so I will continue to try to tone down all my CoD blogs as much as possible.

PLEASE NOTE that this listing is in no particular order of any kind. These are just 10 random facts that has been proven to be unknown to a majority of the CoD gaming community.

1) Weird Daily/Weekly Resets

As many long-time fans may know, from Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare to Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3, you were given daily and weekly challenges that awarded points/money/EXP so that you can prestige faster and/or unlock your favourite guns sooner. However, what many people never realized was that days do NOT start at midnight. In fact, days started at 8pm EST (GMT-5). Even more interesting is that weeks started on Thursdays. That's right, the week doesn't start on Sunday or Monday on the earlier games, they started Thursday. This trend stopped with the release of Black Ops 2, as weekly and daily activity features were pretty much removed.

In Black Ops 3, we were reintroduced to the daily and weekly system through weekend specials and the Contracts system. This time, weeks start on Mondays, and days start at 1pm EST (GMT-5). The time is a lot more universally convenient for all players across the board, and having the proper days start/end the week and weekend are more on par.

Tick Tock

2) Game Timer

As all of you know, there is a game timer in your multi-player combat record which shows how long you've played. However, what it stands for is completely different depending on the game, and more recently, the developer. Rather than type out a confusing paragraph describing them, simply refer to the table below. There are basically two types of timers you'll find in these games: 1) The timer only runs when you're actually actively playing in a game. 2) The timer runs as long as you're within the multi-player menu, including the times spent in lobby and in game.

In-Game Timer ONLY
Lobby, In-Game, Menu Timer
World At War
Modern Warfare
Modern Warfare 2/3
Black Ops 1/2
Advanced Warfare
Black ops 3

3) Faster Leveling and Easier Camos

There have always been arguments over how to earn camos the quickest with the least amount of headaches trying to achieve them. The same can be said for leveling up fast. There are few players out there who always seem to level up extremely faster than most that are actually legitimate. But how is this done? Interestingly enough, the process for both are exactly the same.

First off, you want to just completely stop thinking about earning camos for your guns. What you should really being doing is fully maximizing out your guns' levels, and their prestiges (Black Ops 3). Every time you level up weapons, the game gives you bonus EXP. For most CoD games, it's just as simple as completing the challenges for attachments and headshots with the guns. By the time you finish leveling up your weapons (or finishing their challenges), you'll find that you can actually level up 2-4 times faster than you normally would. Also, because you're not really thinking about the camo this whole time, you'll find that after you've finished leveling up all your weapons/challenges, most of the camo challenges will be finished. This makes the process of actually earning the rest of the camo much simpler and you won't lose interest or get bored while you're completing the rest.

4) Not So Silent

One of the more popular perks in Multi-Player in more recent years is Dead Silence. This perk allows you softer footsteps and makes them very quiet. However, what a majority of players don't realize is that since the release of Modern Warfare 3, this perk no longer completely removes your footsteps. In fact, if you listen carefully, it can still be barely heard. On top of that, perks like Awareness that enhance received noise also amplifies Dead Silence. This means that anyone who is running Awareness can hear you almost just like normal footsteps.

5) One Stat Doesn't Make You Good

For as long as Call of Duty has been brought into the Online Multiplayer arena, it seems that everyone worries about is their Kill/Death ratio (aka K/D). In fact, it has gotten to the point where most people believe that it's the absolute definition of skill. Hate to burst your bubble, but your stats are made up of more than just K/D. Having a 5.0 K/D doesn't mean anything if you average only 5-6 kills per game, and earn less than 100 points per minute (for those who don't know, most game modes give you 100 points per kill). Also, that K/D is also useless if you've lost 20 games for every win. What defines your skill is your ability to have high ratings on all stats across the board.

EXAMPLE: Player A, with a Score Per Minute of 400, K/D of 3.0, a Win/Lose Ratio of 10.0 and averages 30-50 kills per game, is far superior to Player B, who has a Score Per Minute of 89, K/D of 6.5, a Win/Lose of 0.12 and averages 4-8 kills per game.

6) Zombie EXP System (BO3)

Anyone who cares about playing Call of Duty Zombies will know that the new Black Ops 3 brought in an EXP and leveling system. However, what most people don't realize is how the standard EXP system works. Aside from opening doors, you receive EXP bonuses from completing Easter Eggs, step completions of Easter Eggs, secret Easter Eggs, killing zombies and even unlocking items/weapons. However, what people don't realize is that the EXP you earn from killing zombies comes from more than that. The truth is that depending on how you kill zombies, you get a specific set of EXP. The EXP earned had been updated with the 3rd DLC, so if you thought you knew them before, you don't anymore.

Melee Kill: 100 EXP

Headshot: 75 EXP

Chest Shot: 50 EXP

Explosives/All Other Kills: 25 EXP

7) Weapon Camouflage and Calling Cards Not A Waste

While many players nowadays argue that weapon camouflage and calling cards are nothing but a waste of time, it is actually quite to the contrary. Earning all the different weapon camouflages and calling cards actually proves your versatility and skill level to a point. Earning all camouflage requires accomplishing very specific challenges for each weapon, and obtaining all calling cards shows how versatile you are to all other aspects of the game besides your usage of weapons. Those who say that these things are useless and a waste of time are the usual players who know that they are unable to perform all the tasks and refuse to admit that they lack the skill as such, and that they don't have the galls to improve themselves.

8) The "Worst" Weapons Are Usually The Best

Throughout all of Call of Duty, there have been many guns that are labeled as the worst guns in the game. However, they end up being the best and deadliest ones to use, once you learn them perfectly. The reason why a lot of people pander certain guns is for the very fact that most players refuse to actually learn how to use all weapons in the game. It's even more so as each game comes out every year as the game floods with more underage children and people whom, just by talking, give you the impression that they can't even pass high school. Nowadays, most players purely rely on camping with the fastest firing weapon. However, they are wrong with worst weapons.

The following are just minor examples of these "worst" weapons:

  • .44 Magnum (MW3)
  • Marshal 16 (BO3)
  • G11 (BO)
  • Bizen (Ghosts)

9) Proof Of Weakness

Among the Call of Duty communities, there are many players who do not rank high nor perform well, but try to find an outlet to "prove" how good they think they are. While it has been common since Modern Warfare, it has only gotten worse and more rampant since the release of Black Ops 2's release. The following list shows what others will do to try to "prove" how good they are, but the fact is that these are what actually proves they are weak and unable to accept it and become stronger:

  • Asking for a 1v1
  • Asking for a quickscope match
  • Calling you a no-lifer for having more game time
  • Right out calling you a hacker/cheater
  • Trying to convince others that you cheat
  • Glitching/Hacking their accounts to unlock everything

When asking for a 1v1 and/or a quick-scope match, the player is basically telling you that they are unable to play any real game modes in the game, and also can't use standard weapons in regular gameplay. These same people have a habit of trying to provoke people into these kinds of matches, but keeping your cool and ignoring them/declining will show exactly how pathetic these people really are.

The many players who call others no-lifers are the ones who usually have poor time/life management skills and choose to call anyone who's better than them with more time, "No-lifers". These same people will also never call people they beat with the most game times "no-lifers" because it's in their nature to only target people who are better than them. You will see many players like these berate a max prestige with 20 days of game time who wins every game while not even bothering with the max prestige who has 35 days of game time and loses every game. While still a small percentage, there are also a large number of players who do this that just believe that game time starts when they started the game, especially when they don't get the game until summer. In their minds, the game came out in May, not November. Also, no matter what category they are under, 100% of the "no-lifer" hecklers share 1 thing in common: Math skills under 3rd grade level. These people will say that after the game's been out for 240 days, that a person with 24 days of game time spend every second of their life on the game. However, if you do the math, that's less than 2 1/2 hours daily.

Those who try to call others hackers and try to convince people through explaining bogus "facts" are at the bottom of the barrel of those who hate themselves. These are people who barely rank in the top 50% on leaderboards or worse, but are somehow convinced that they are the best players in the world and that anyone better must cheat/hack. These disillusioned people lack any kind of self-esteem and are always trying to find whatever they can to try to make themselves look good in front of an online community except being skilled and good. Many players even do this when there's just someone who is a higher level with less game time. While during initial release, there's always a lot of people who glitch their accounts to get max level/prestige, there's always several telltale signs that they glitched it, the easiest being is that they always rank in the bottom 50% every game.

This last category really is self-explanatory. People who hack/glitch their accounts say it all by doing so: They don't have the ability to earn anything and refuse to spend the time to become better. At the same time, these people convince themselves that they're the world's best, and constantly openly brag empty words about their "achievements".

So in closing, just don't bother confronting these kinds of people. After all, it's still just a game, and if there are people so desperate and insecure about themselves to do all this, just laugh it off because they're the ones making a spectacle of themselves.

10) Quick Reload Trick

It's always funny, but many still don't know how to reload their weapons faster, and even funnier is that they don't know that despite the patches to remove it, there's always ways around. The quick reload trick has been around since the first Call of Duty, but it didn't come to light for most players until Modern Warfare 3. The trick for most of the games is simply running right as the new magazine clicks onto the gun. In Blacks Ops 2 and Ghosts, that trick's timing is sometimes 1/2 second later on certain weapons. For games like Advanced Warfare and Black Ops 3, which have tried to patch it out, the same trick can be done, but instead of trying to run as the magazine clicks, just merely hit your melee weapon. The melee recovery time is lower than than the rest of the reload animation for weapons in these games.


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