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5 Great Gifts for Gamers That Won’t Break the Bank

Updated on December 23, 2019
Hilary Hsieh profile image

Hilary is a self-proclaimed game connoisseur and addict. Her favorite games include League of Legends, Stardew Valley, and Monster Hunter.

Do you have the (mis)fortune of having a gamer in your life? Perhaps you want to get them something nice for the holidays, but you’re not rich enough to gift them a ten-thousand-dollar PC…nor are you good enough at games to help them get the rank they “deserve.” Instead, these geeky gadgets may just be the thing to help them get the boost they need.

A person playing Overwatch
A person playing Overwatch

1) Gaming Mouse

If your child/friend/problem is a PC (also known as computer) gamer, they may appreciate a nice, flashy mouse, preferably with weights. Using a heavier mouse helps the user make more precise motions, while a lighter mouse allows the user to make quicker movements. Different people have different physical attributes, so having a mouse with adjustable weights ensures that it will be comfortable for a wide range of users. Not only will this reduce stress on the hand, it will effectively feed the addiction by ensuring an extremely pleasant gaming experience.

The wired Redragon M901 gaming mouse from Amazon also includes side buttons which MMO (Massively Multiplayer Online) gamers will appreciate. Rather than reaching across the keyboard to toggle numbers, players will easily access the keys conveniently located on the side of the mouse. One quick click with the thumb is all you need to drink that health potion!

2) Headphones

Gaming is not a quiet hobby. Perhaps you’ve borne the brunt of a gamer’s rage in the past…and miraculously lived to tell the tale. While headphones won’t stop the toxic sludge spillage from the gamer’s mouth (use duct tape for that), it will at least mute the online community and the chaotic sounds associated with gameplay.

While any run-of-the-mill headset can decrease your household noise pollution, gaming headphones, such as the NUBWO Gaming Headset, provide so much more. They feature directional sound, allowing the player to have an accurate representation of where the sound is coming from. This ensures an immersive experience, surrounding the player with sound. Noise-canceling headphones also serve to drown out background noise and make sure the user can hear his/her teammates. These gaming headsets are designed to stay secure without clamping down on the head. They’ll sit so comfortably that the gamer will forget they’re even there!

3) Hand Warmers

Used by pro gamers and mountain climbers alike, hand warmers will be warmly welcomed during these cold winter months. Cold hands are the bane of every gamer. Low temperatures can cause stiffness and clumsiness, and it even slows the nerve signals from the brain to the hand. Not only do hand warmers warm hands (as deduced from the name), they also absorb moisture from sweaty hands.

If gifting disposable hot potatoes is not your thing, you can also whip up a pair of fingerless gloves using the handy guide here.This crochet tutorial allows you to make a pair within an hour. With these heart and hand warming gifts, you can be assured that your gamer will be harvesting blueberries or slaying gelatinous blobs faster than ever before.

Professional League of Legends players keep hand warmers on hand
Professional League of Legends players keep hand warmers on hand | Source

4) Fuzzy Socks

A wise professor once said, “One can never have enough socks.” Though socks may seem like a basic and boring gift, fuzzy socks will definitely be welcomed by anyone who suffers from cold feet. Also, they're one of the cheaper gifts on this list.

Perfect for gamers and normal humans alike, fuzzy socks are soft, warm, and cloudlike hugs for your frozen toes. While they do not serve to benefit to mechanical gaming skills, these cozy coverings cooperate to keep the cold cowering. If you’re feeling extra fun and festive, get a pair themed after your friend’s game, or sew on a patch if you’re good with your hands. Comboed with hand warmers, this hot present will keep any gamer's digits nimble.

5) New Game

What better gift for a gamer than a brand-new game of his or her own? Console games such as those for Xbox, PS4, or the Nintendo Switch can be a bit pricey, but there are many computer games out there that are well priced. There are many websites such as Steam and Origin that sell a large variety of PC games. Some of those games can even be downloaded for free!

Consider purchasing a game from an unfamiliar genre. If she enjoys hack-and-slash action games, try purchasing a shooter or an MMO. If he enjoys farming games (such as Stardew Valley or Harvest Moon), consider some role-playing games. Of course, you don’t have to limit yourself to electronic games. Board or card games are an excellent option as well. Just keep in mind that if you end up selecting a new favorite, you probably won’t see them again for a few days. Gift with caution!

Steam has a large catalogue of games available for purchase.
Steam has a large catalogue of games available for purchase.

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