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10 Important Things to Take Away from the Call of Duty: WW2 BETA

Updated on August 31, 2017
Call of Duty: WW2 is online accessible for two exclusive weekends of WW2 multiplayer early access fun. The first weekend has come and passed, and we are closing in on the second weekend. The content available is limited, but offers a lot of insight.
Call of Duty: WW2 is online accessible for two exclusive weekends of WW2 multiplayer early access fun. The first weekend has come and passed, and we are closing in on the second weekend. The content available is limited, but offers a lot of insight.

No.1 - A Game Mode Unique to the World War 2 Era

The game mode that we are speaking about is a mode that we have not seen in the Call of Duty franchise since 2008's release of World at War. The reason being that the world war 2 era games created by Call of Duty are seen as being the biggest in terms of scopes that they are trying to cover. World war 2 was a cluster of battles that went into the streets often at times as companies fighting for the US would be under a power struggle to take back a town, village, or city.

The best way to envision this level of uncontrollable odds over city street battles during WW2 is to show the process of entering the city with brutal force, and then by making process further into the city in order to take control of command posts and pinnacle points throughout the city. The 'war' game mode in Call of Duty: WW2 is a spectacle of all of these triumphant efforts that would have been an effortful struggle between both armies in keeping/and taking control of citywide areas.

The 'war' game mode depicted in what has so far been shown in the WW2 BETA for Call of Duty 2017 has pushed the limits of multiplayer gameplay in that both teams are under immense pressure to complete objectives in record time in order to accomplish each objective throughout these wider set out maps.

Many Call of Duty fans who were active in the gaming world back in 2008 will remember the 'war' game mode in World at War, a Treyarch developed take on the world war 2 era for the Call of Duty franchise. This game mode was argued as being the greatest that any Call of Duty title has ever produced. Although, since 2008 when we never saw the game modes return until COD: WW2 (November, 2017) it was easily forgotten.

This is why this is one of the most important things to take away from the WW2 BETA as it brings back not only one of the greatest and most iconic war era for Call of Duty but also one of the wider scoped game modes the franchise has ever dared to make.

The 'war' game mode brings the chaos forward in the form of the masses as players on both teams aim to push the odds into their favour by eliminating enemies in and around the target objectives. This is why this should ultimately be one of the more playable game modes for COD: WW2, but also perhaps one of the most iconic game mode returns for the FPS franchise.

No.2 - Gun Power

The power of the weapons in Call of Duty: WW2 are of excessive power given that the SMG's shred the enemies as if they were scare crows standing around high in the corn fields. Yeah, they look scary but will be an easy target for a few quick kills as these scare crows are dotted all around the map.

The assault rifles are nothing out of the expected for WW2 as they have much longer distances which their power can surely handle. These are perhaps some of the more standardised power weapons within Call of Duty: WW2. Making them some of the more useable weapons for any map, any game mode due to their viability in gun battles short range, medium range, and long range. The power drops down more substantially for the SMG weapons going up against long ranged enemies, but with the assault rifles seem to fair equally well when facing down long distance targets.

The sniper rifles in WW2 are laser beams as it is not too difficult to get feeds in the right parts of maps where there is more distance between yourself and the enemies. Typically there will be parts to a map where enemies lack the proper understanding of spawn locations so it is not too difficult to pick off enemies from the backs. Plus, the WW2 game is quick scope friendly making it not too difficult to get those quick aiming down sight kills. Call of Duty: WW2 has definitely worked hard at making the sniper rifle as easy of a gun to use as any. WW2 is overall a sniper friendly game, and should remain this way for its full game release in November, 2017.

However, the biggest and greatest surprise behind the multiplayer for WW2 is the shotguns, as they simply outgun the enemy from all angles and ranges. Due to one of the shotguns having a sniper-like range there will surely be so overwhelming negative and positive feedback for Sledgehammer Games to scrapple through as people get together to hate on/and show their love for the shotgun attachments.

The pistols are quite powerful to say that they are the secondary weaponry, as the M1911 is a beast of a pistol in that given the shots are accurate the gun will quite easily tear down the enemies as they run around corners.

No.3 - Guns are Balanced

The guns in Call of Duty: WW2 are some of the more balanced in the spectrum of Call of Duty title releases from the present and past, as each division has an equal level of power and set up as another player playing with a different division.

Many have argued the case that the shotgun gameplay experience in Call of Duty: WW2 is the most enjoyable gameplay that we have had with a gun series since Call of Duty: MW2. Hopefully, this will remain a positive to the games influx of additions and power increases as in my opinion shotguns would have remained ever present in the battles of WW2. The more people using and enjoying the usage of the shotguns the better, as for my style of play in Sledgehammer Games WW2 I fair much better in gun battles against a shotgun user than any of the other divisions.

Even the pistols in this game are balanced as they are quite powerful to say they are only there to be whipped out in desperate situations when either the main weapons ammo is empty or it is quicker to pull out the secondary weapon than it is to reload in certain situations.

No.4 - The Maps Encourage Rushing

Although there are many Call of Duty players who despise campers in the game there are more players who despise spawn trapping in the games multiplayers. Honestly, Call of Duty: WW2 might be the first Call of Duty title in some time to equally prevent camping as they are in preventing spawn trapping. This is due to most of the maps being interwoven with a tone of different paths, broken buildings, trenches, hills, etc. to get the players into a mind frame of rushing the enemy players instead of camping back to get kills.

Camping in WW2 is still possible for those refusing the rule of running and gunning but it is far more likely that these people will get grenade killed or Molotov killed as these are very effective counter measures when clearing out small rooms or gaps where enemy players may be camping. There is nothing more frustrating than getting killed by a player camping in the corner of a room time and time again, which is why it has been so welcomed to see a lower kill streak for the Molotov that is made for killing campers.

Players rushing allows for easier gun battles, and can in all create some of the most competitive games matches that would be near impossible to have if players were all hiding and waiting to get all of their kills.

Call of Duty: WW2 fans, if you are struggling to take down enemy players due to them camping in rooms in lying down in the middle of certain paths make it a habit to spam grenades in these locations before entering into these parts of the maps armed with a gun and your wits for protection.

Why is spawn trapping a thing of the past for Call of Duty: WW2?

This is down to the fact that there is so much cover between you and the enemy that enables for a swift takedown of enemies working together to lock down a spawn. When this happens take care to circle around the map and this way avoid any lock down locations in the middle of the map where enemy players will likely be looking to spawn trap. Simply do not give them the opportunity to do this by circling around using the coverage around the maps to your advantage.

No.5 - The Hit-markers and Time-to-Kill May Be a Problem

After the response from the first open weekend BETA that was exclusive to the PS4 had a lot to offer to pre-orderers for the WW2 game. But, it also showed fans a lot of problems that would need to be fixed in order for there to be a resolution to a lot of these issues found within the game.

One of the first and most noticeable problems in the WW2 BETA was the hit-marker detection that seemed nearly invisible when firing an automatic SMG into an enemy player. This made getting the kill much more of a hassle than it needed to be, and as a result led to spraying bullets into the wall next to the enemy as it did not seem simple enough to keep the gun firing accurately.

Unless Sledgehammer Games are looking to exclusively sell the WW2 game to the professional among gamers who are almost always accurate at shooting the guns in the game then they will need to improve the hit-marker detection. This should be done more in line with the hit-marker detection for Modern Warfare Remastered which did theirs well enough. That would be a more appropriate response to this problem which needs to be reaccessed.

As a result of the bad hit-marker detection on the game it somewhat affects the time-to-kill time that is far below where it should be. Many gamers would argue that the time-to-kill time should not be messed around with from where it currently stands as it helps prevent being killed to quickly by enemies. The argument goes in both directions for this issue but what stands to be the biggest issue for players is the time-to-kill and not the time in which that it takes to die in gun fights.

No.6 - It Seems the World at War Days Are Long Finished as We Have Not Seen the Return of Drivable Tanks

For those unaware of this fact, back in 2008's Call of Duty release they launched World at War which had one of the greatest multiplayer modes in all of COD history. One of the more prominent reasons for this was all of the additions and grand scale war battles that they introduced to the games online features.

One of these additions to World at War that would never return was the drivable tanks on the much larger maps. This was an entirely new feature to the games multiplayer that we would never see again within the COD franchise. The drivable tanks could be manoeuvred around the map, and could fire cannon blasts into difficult points around the map where the enemies were hiding.

No one has specifically put into words that they wanted the return of the drivable tanks and it almost seems as though no one is going to as Call of Duty: WW2 will not be bringing back the drivable tanks. Even though it would be a perfect feature for the 'war' game mode it does not seem to be happening. Although, our hopes remain high for the final launch offering up the possibility.

No.7 - The Create-a-Class and Perks Have Been Replaced by Divisions

The divisions are a new feature in Call of Duty: WW2 that replaces the create-a-class and perks features that we saw so prominently in previous Call of Duty online titles.

The divisions have been redefined to suit the world war 2 era where there would be different types of soldiers that would carry different kinds of weaponry, equipment and gear. This is a unique feature to COD: WW2 and sees to reimagine the create-a-class feature to reward different players for using different classes/divisions.

Whether you want to use SMG's, assault rifles, sniper rifles, or shotguns then you can still do so but you will have to use the divisions set-up. An example would be the Airborne division which enables the player to use SMG classes that must be used in gameplay to unlock new attachments. Ranking up in the divisions allows the player to be rewarded with new attachments and guns that they can take into battle.

No.8 - The Sounds and Sound Effects are Some of COD's Best

To capture the sounds of explosions, gun fire and squad mates talking in the midst of a war-zone is never going to be easy. Sledgehammer Games have kept thing simple when it comes to the sounds that are happening all around the player in an immersive way that keeps things realistic to the time era of world war 2.

The pluses are in the multiple for this point to be made on this list as the gun fire sounds extremely nice and alters for each and every gun each offering something unique to the sound of the gunfire.

The major plus to the sounds in the in-game match experience is that you can now hear exactly where the enemy is on the map at any one point when a team-mate is injured or killed in battle. This is a wonderful way of rewarding the player for listening to the in-match sounds. This way you will never miss an enemy slipping through into enemy territory where your teammates are making a push into areas of the map.

Many online have taken the word of the sounds to the test comparing the gun sounds in Call of Duty: WW2 to that of Call of Duty: World at War, and the argument varies from some saying that WW2's is better, and then others saying that World at War's is better.

Either way, the WW2 sounds are brilliant in having the affect of portraying a true to life world war 2 war-zone that takes the player into different locations around Europe where the nazi's were causing trouble.

Hopefully Sledgehammer Games does not change too much to do with the in-game sounds for the game as they seem perfect as they are right now. All the problems that Call of Duty: WW2 has the in-game sounds are not one of them.

No.9 - The Explosives are "Explosive"

Call of Duty: WW2 has done a good job at including the right level of explosives that makes for a corse feel in the gameplay. The explosives that the character has on them includes a tactical (grenade or sticky bomb) and a special (smoke) grenade that packs a punch in the line of action.

Honestly, after playing the WW2 online BETA you quickly learn that the grenades on this game are deadly, as they are easily comparable to that of the grenades on Modern Warfare Remastered as they are truly taking out anyone who gets in their way.

The explosives are all over the maps so be careful when stepping into the battlefield as enemies are quick to sound the alarm by dropping grenades all over the battle grounds. That is why it is perhaps a good call to add the grenades to your arsenal this Call of Duty around.

An addition to the world of explosives in Call of Duty: WW2 includes the wall attached C4 that sticks to various walls around the maps in the 'war' game mode that is a game mode unique to COD: WW2. To detonate these bombs all the player has to do is hold down a various button whilst stood next to the C4 and it will explode shortly after. Plus, on the journey through the various objectives in COD: WW2's 'war' game mode there is a bomb that must be detonated half way through the attacking objectives.

There is no end to the explosives in Call of Duty: WW2 because what better way is there to take down large sums of enemies than there is with the explosives that are clung to the characters jacket.

There has also been confirmed a rocket launcher that is perfect for taking down UAV planes - easily done. And, they are also pretty handy in taking down enemies that are camping in buildings, perhaps even using a mounted machine gun. Job done!

No.10 - Grab the Friends Before Taking the War to the Frontline

Call of Duty: WW2 is a very rewarding game experience that is enhanced by the friends playing with friends since a lot of their game modes put a push on game objectives that is made so much simpler by having friends join the party/game.

This becomes more prominent in the 'war' game mode as the objectives stop in the midst of nowhere when the attacking team is unable to win each of the objectives which enables them to push to the next position. This requires a good attacking team to say the least as without this the chances are that they will not be making much leeway in the games missions.

Like all games in the Call of Duty franchise it plays well online with friends or without friends. But, it has to be said that the game plays so much smoother when sharing the experience with your best gaming buddies. This is a similar point that could be made for all of the Call of Duty titles multiplayer experiences as they all feel better when played with friends. So, do not feel unappreciated if you like to play the game solo as it has plentiful burst of fun that can be had by playing alone in the games multiplayer like all of the previous COD titles. Just a point to be made, either ways.

Grab the buddies and take your war paces to the greatest war setting that there has ever been. The game says it all, be sure to get your hands on a copy of Call of Duty: WW2!
Grab the buddies and take your war paces to the greatest war setting that there has ever been. The game says it all, be sure to get your hands on a copy of Call of Duty: WW2!

Pre-Order Today and Get Your Free BETA Access Code (Final Weekend)


Any thoughts or questions about Call of Duty: WW2, or anything at all pop them in the comments section below.


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