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10 Monster High Gifts that your kid will love

Updated on November 2, 2012

Great ideas for Christmas 2012

Confused about a girl might love to get for Christmas. As far as 2012 is concerned, girls are going after Monster High. The shower of doll releases from Mattel has not stopped kids and tweens from asking for more. But beyond the dolls, there are many Monster High gifts that girls would love to get. Below are 10 best Monster High gifts for girls.

#1 Monster High Dolls

What else could make a Monster High fan happier than a new doll that has just been released. So if your kid is a Monster High fan, casually get into a conversation with her to find out the doll that she is really crazy about. Sometimes it might not be with the upcoming doll, but she might want to have a doll that has been missing in her collection. So lend an ear to your kid and she would guide you the best doll to buy!

#2 Monster High Giftset

If you are gifting a child whom you don't know much, giftsets are the best choice. They contain special dolls like Comic Con Exclusives that come packed in a nice gift package, making them ideal choices for gifting. These kind of dolls are bit expensive and so many might not own them already.

#3 Monster High Stationery

Kids love to show off their latest stationery in school. Also if you are gifting a large number of school kids for Christmas, then Monster High school supplies are the cheapest and trendiest.

#4 Monster High Playset

Next to dolls, Monster High playsets are selling hot. The grandest of all is the Monster High School playset. Some recent options would be the Coffe shop and Draculaura Powder room. If you kid does not have any playset, then I suggest you get her Draculaura's coffin bed first.

#5 Monster High Backpack

Is you kid dissatisfied with whatever bag you get? Surprise her with a Monster High Backpack this Christmas. Sending her to school would become such ane asy task! If your kid is old for a backpack, get her a stylish messenger bag. Monster High Lunch totes are also a nice option.

#6 Monster High Fearbook jounal

Girls love secrets. How nice it would be if they can write all they wish to write and preserve it safely with a lock and key. And there we have her Monster High friends working all the way to keep her memories top secret with this fearbook journal!

#7 Monster High Transforming bag

I came across this bag recently and found it really interesting. The bag which seems as compact as a purse could be transformed into a big shopping bag.

#8 Monster High makeup kits

How can we forget the most favorite pastime of Monster High Ghouls- putting their makeup! I am sure every tween loves to put on a pretty make up. There are many cute makeup kits in Monster High theme in various price ranges. Some styling kits are made specially for Monster High Character dress-ups and some others are for general-purpose. So if your girl had been talking about getting dressed as Venus Mcflytrap this halloween, then you know which category to choose!

#9 Monster High Craft Kits

Does you kid love to draw? Then encourage her with a Monster High Sketch Portfolio. This kit contains a spiral-bound sketch book where your child can unleash her creativity with numerous stencils and stickers for help. A very worthy gift idea for girls who love arts and crafts.

#10 Monster High Gift Basket

Feel like gifting all the above listed gifts for your kid? A Monster High Gift Basket saves you the time to pick each item separately. The basket includes an assortment of all Monster High Gifts that are in hot demand, from Monster High Doll to makeup kit, from jewelry to stationery, from crafts to puzzles, .


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