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9 Pokemon Bound To Make Trainers Rage

Updated on August 19, 2015


To all the Pokemon trainers out there, enjoy this list. This hub will explore move sets, specific scenarios, type advantages/disadvantages and common experiences trainers have had with these Pokemon. Keep in mind, this isn't organized from least annoying to most annoying, this is simply a collection of nine Pokemon that have no doubt angered most if not all trainers.



Number 9

Taking the number 9 spot on the list is the beloved Abra. Abra is not on this list do to low quality or uselessness (although Abra isn't shinning until it evolves). Abra is on this list for a big reason, a reason that is many a trainers pet peeve. It is quite hard to capture. This is especially annoying because usually trainers encounter Abra very early on in the game. Chances are, when you stumble across an Abra you will feel the urge to capture it. Understandable, as it is quite adorable and evolves into one of the best Psychic type Pokemon of all time. There lies the challenge though, because unless you have a Pokemon with a move that will put Abra to sleep, and provided you get the first move, this cheeky bugger is simply going to teleport away. Even if you begin the encounter by hurling a Pokeball at this Pokemon, it will most likely break free and, superise superise, teleport. Because all trainers know how ineffective the standard pokeball becomes, despite it's popular use in the anime. Thus, making Abra a rage inducing creature. It takes a lot of luck to capture one of these Pokemon, and trainers may spend a long time trying to catch one. It's the simple trial and error, rinse and repeat type tactic this Pokemon requires to be captured that is annoying.

The twins of evil!
The twins of evil! | Source

Number 8

The 8th pokemon to land on this list is Miltank. Not just any Miltank however. Gym leader Whitney's Miltank. Veteran trainers and those particularly familiar with the Johto Region can attest the infamy of this beastly bovine. When taking on the Johto Leagues Gyms, Whitney is gym number 3. Overall, the gym isn't too hard, but if you want that Plain Badge, you got to get past Miltank. To start, it holds a Lum Berry, which heals any status problems. Don't go in hoping to poison, paralyze, burn, freeze, or put to sleep Miltank because it's berry will heal it off the bat, ending any hope of rendering it defenseless to score a critical hit as the battle starts. Onto the move set that Miltank has. First off is Rollout, a physical rock type attacks that last five turns, and progressively gets more and more powerful unless it misses or is interupted. This by far is not the worst part of Whitney's Miltank, but it doesn't help. Next is the move Attract. Whitney's Miltank is female, and challenging trainers are most likely going to have more male then female Pokemon. Which means that attract will immobilize your Pokemon with love, further hampering offensive abilities. Third move in Miltanks arsenal is Stomp. Nothing too special about stomp, other then it has a decent damage rating and may cause flinching, which can be very bad. Lastly, Miltank's signature move milk drink. Milk Drink allows Miltank to recover up to 50% of it's maximum health. This is crucial during battles as it draws them out and makes challenging trainers have to commit more time into defeating Miltank. Whitney's Plain Badge may be plain, but her Miltank is not. Her Miltank is a well equipped Pokemon that has ended many trainers dreams of an easy quest to win the Johto Region.


Number 7

Muk. Uck! Muk has earned the 7th spot because it can be a major pain in the bum. A shinning example of what makes Muk such a pain comes from the Pokemon Red/Blue/Yellow/Green and Fire Red/Leaf Green games. When you take on Koga's Gym in Fuchia City, one of his key players is Muk. Muk has an array of poison attacks that will wipe your team if unprepared, but the most frustrating move used is Minimize, which essentially makes Muk harder to hit. Koga will have Muk use Minimize repeatedly, making it almost impossible to land a hit. This can draw out the battle, and give Muk the edge it needs to poison and KO a trainers team. Koga is a ninja, but Muk is a top notch troll.



Number 6

Whismur, you cute little jerk. Whismur is a small, normal type Pokemon, originating from the Hoenn Region. Any trainer familiar with Ruby/Sapphire/Emerald and Omega Ruby/Alpha Sapphire probably understands why Whismur made the cut, so to speak. This cute little bugger is here because in the early game (specifically route 116 and Rusturf tunnel) it will pop up NON STOP as trainers travel through Pokemon infested areas. While repel is an obvious counter to this issue, not everyone uses repel. Which means essentially anytime you enter these two areas, Whismur will attack you 96% of the time. It becomes quite infuriating when a trainer is going back and forth to complete missions, or simply explore. While encounters with wild Pokemon is a core game mechanic, I have found through over seven years of experience that Whismur seems to dominate those to areas of the Hoenn region, compared to the ratio which other Pokemon are encountered.

Zooming you into blind ager


Number 5

If rap lyrics were to ported into the world of Pokemon to describe a particular menace, it would be "I got 99 problems and these friggin' Zoobats are 95 of them." Zoobat is weak, it isn't really A-Team material, and like with Whismur, repel is a simple remedy. However, when repel isn't an option, or a trainer decides to not use repel, Zoobat is a nightmare. While not as common in open areas as it is in caves, trainers cannot take more then 4 steps without one of these popping up. More common in the Kanto region, but still numerous elsewhere, these creatures will drive you insane (caves are most dreaded I'd wager). It's almost like GameFreak designed the Pokemon games to be like "Hey, our fans will have so much fun, but first we must piss them off with this small bat creature. Make them earn the satisfaction!". I love Pokemon, and I love GaeFreak for giving us a chance to catch them all, but seriously. Tone it down on the Zoobats wouldya'??

Looks like the driven got taken for a drive, am I right?

I take no credit for the creation of this image. This drawing is the product of Gallrith, found on Deviant Art.
I take no credit for the creation of this image. This drawing is the product of Gallrith, found on Deviant Art. | Source

Number 4

Tentacol, you are not that cool. Tentacool is essentially the water version of Zoobat. Surfing becomes quite important in the end game of almost every single Pokemon game, so expect to encounter these guys often. Sort of like Zoobat, its almost as if they were programmed into the game to be annoying. Kind of like that younger sibling, always poking you and singing loudly and shouting and breaking stuff. Grow up Tentacool! No seriously, evolve. Please. Tentacruel is much more useful!

Maxie, enough is enough!


Number 3

The final evolution in Zoobat's chain, it shouldn't come as a surprise that Crobat should be found here. Similar to Muk and Miltank however, I'm talking aout a certain someones Crobat. That someone is Maxie, notorious leader of team Magma! Now, maybe it is because I personally havn't had the best luck when battling Maxie, but Crobat always seems to anger me, and really cause me to break a sweat during battle. Crobat's ability is Inner Focus, which protects it from flinching. Causing an opponent to flinch can give a trainer the edge in a battle, so kiss that goodbye. Now the move set. It's attacks are pretty basic, (I know the move set changes in the remakes, but I'm talking about the classic Maxie/Crobat here) but it's most annoying weapon is confuse ray. A lot of wld pokemon have this move, but something about how Crobat uses it constantly when you battle Maxie makes Crobat quite a jerk. This move confuses your Pokemon, which makes your Pokemon's next attacks 50% likely to hurt itself. All in all, Crobat can be a bother, so watch out!



Number 2

Wouldn't it be nice to live life completely lazy? To wake up every day only to stuff your face, then immediately pass out into a deep sleep? Snorlax does. Snorlax makes it a profession (which for Snorlax it kinda is, but more so how it survies). Snorlax is considered a rarer Pokemon, because in most games it is limited to a few encounters, usually preventing trainers from advancing until a certain item is required. Bring lots of Pokeballs, and hope you have some good status effect moves. You will need them! At level 30, and with a very high defense (two qualities that make him popular in many trainers arsenals) his move set is quite effective. As soon as you damage/status effect snorlax will use it's signature move, rest, putting it to sleep but fully healing its health/status. This initial recovery is buffed with a chesto berry, which Snorlax is holding. At this point, the whole battle becomes a siege almost. The goal is to whittle Snorlax's health down and get lucky with a Pokeball. throughout the battle Snorlax will continue to use rest, and sleep talk, allowing it to deal damage while asleep. It also has a tendency to wake up on it's own relatively quickly. Be careful though, one lucky hit can end your goals to catch this elusive beast. Be patient, be smart, and save!

Zapping my wallet and Pokeball stash


Number 1

The last Pokemon I shall discuss, and the only Legendary on this list (which is odd, being as most Legendarys are a pain to find/catch. Without further adieu, pleae welcome Zapdos! Zapdos is one of the three Legendary birds of the Kanto region. Found in the power plant, it's not too difficult to reach. It is, however a pain in the butt to catch. Let me start by saying that, in the course of over 40 playthroughs of Poemon Fire Red/Leaf Green, I have not, and this is no exaggeration, been able to catch Zapdos without using AT LEAST 20 Ultraballs, and countless great and standard Pokeballs. It doesn't matter how low it's health gets, what status effects it has, I swear Zapdos is near impossible to catch. Granted, I have not captured every single legendary from every game, but I have found that Zapdos for some reason, is quite stubborn. None f this si helped by the fact that it is an absolute beast in battle. I can't put enough emphasis on how powerful drill peck is. Zapdos, you have caused me HOURS of frusteration, and while catching you feels great, it doesn't make up for all the money lost in Pokeballs I bought, and potions.


Of the nine Pokemon on the list, which angered you most?

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    • SimilarSam profile image


      3 years ago from Australia

      Abra gets me every damn time. Not a fan of miltank gym battle either though!

    • Samuel Markert profile imageAUTHOR

      Samuel Markert 

      3 years ago from Keene, NH

      I feel your pain

    • TheDarkOnePlays profile image

      Akshana Abeywardene 

      3 years ago from Dubai, U.A.E

      Zapdos....the reason I have nightmares while catching legendary's... so many restarts, so much exasperated sighing....those were bad, bad times

    • Samuel Markert profile imageAUTHOR

      Samuel Markert 

      3 years ago from Keene, NH

      Right? Such a cute little jerk!

    • Dreamhowl profile image

      Jessica Marello 

      3 years ago from United States

      It is always Abra for me, all the time.


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