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Singstar Karaoke - Singstar For Playstation

Updated on August 30, 2011

Singstar Karaoke

Singstar for Playstation is a brilliant way to have fun either alone or with friends and family. Choose your favorite music genres, get the relevant singstar disks, or choose your favorite songs online in the PSN store. Singstar karaoke couldn't be more simple, but a word of warning - it's really addicitive. Before you know it, hours will have passed and if you are playing in the evening you'll be going to bed a whole lot later than expected! Beating those scores is a must!

Hooking up Singstar is really easy. Put the disc into the console, plug the mics into the adapter, the adapter into your Playstation, and off you go. You now have a home karaoke machine at a fraction of the cost.

For anyone with a love of music and singing, Singstar karaoke is a must. Why? Because it's a ridiculous amount of FUN!

Singstar Compatability

One of the best things about Singstar for me is that you can use PS2 Singstar discs with the PS3. This means that anyone upgrading their console can still use their singstar discs and it also means that those of us with a PS3 have more song choices.

The PS2 Singstar discs are generally cheaper too.

PS2 Singstar

Singstar Karaoke Alone

If you aren't the kind of person who enjoys being in the limelight then Singstar is great for playing alone. You (and possibly your neighbours) will be the only one who knows if you're hitting the notes or not.

Plus, you can practice until you feel more confident and then invite family and friends around for Singstar karaoke. You may even get a "I didn't know you could sing" remark!

Saying that, if you do sound like a cat being strangled when singing along to Belinda Carlisle, maybe you should stick to playing alone. Possibly sound proofing your walls too.

Singstar Battle

If you're the confident type, better still a show off, then there can be no game to rival Singstar. Singstar Battle is when two players go head to head in a singing competition. The player with the most points scored from pitch, timing and sustaining the notes wins.

If you're confident in your singing abilities, or have been practicing like a loon, then why not challange family and friends to a Singstar Battle. Just think of the gloating you could achieve. 

Singstar Pretend

Just think, you could be the next American Idol or X Factor winner. Chances are that you won't be, but why not pretend? With Singstar you can be anyone you like, from Madonna to Kurt Cobain, Whitney Houston to Barry White.

There's a lot of artists who appear on the Singstar discs, plus you have the invividual song choices from the PSN store, so pretending to be your artists of choice should be easy. It might not be quite so easy to sound exactly like them though!

Singstar Training

Chances are that with practice, your vocal abilities will improve. I'm not saying that everyone will be singing like nightingales, but unless you are absolutely tone deaf, then there is a huge chance of improving your voice with time.

The voice can be trained like most things, so if you start off sounding like a reality show reject, you may just end up with a voice that Simon Cowell would say was Hollywood bound. If you practice. 

Singstar For All

Singstar for Playstation is ageless. This is another great thing about the game, anyone can play so long as they have a voice. Some of us know the lyrics to our favourite songs inside out, so you wouldn't even need to read the screen if that's the case.

Old or young, anyone who enjoys the art form that is music can play Singstar karaoke and have a whole lot of fun whilst doing so.

Playstation Eye

Singstar Videos

If you have an EyeToy or Eye Camera you can broadcast your Singstar performances to the world. I personally find this a terrifying thought, but luckily I don't have either of these that could be used after one too many glasses of wine.

You can record your performance and upload to let other Singstars view it via the Playstation Network. Or you can upload it to the likes of youtube and have millions of random people comment on your singing ability, or lack of it!

The thing to beware about this capability, is that if you have a USB camera plugged into your Playstation, then video will automatically be recorded. No singing in your underwear then. 

Singstar Health

Singing will give your lungs a great work out. With practice of sustaining notes, you will be increasing your lung capacity, so no more huffing and puffing when walking up the stairs.

Singing is also great for managing stress levels. It eases tension in the body and promotes a general feeling of well being.

What better reasons to play Singstar karaoke?!

Singstar and Alcohol

Singstar is a must buy if you don't drink. Drinking and playing Singstar karaoke is an absolute no-no, unless you want to be highly embarrassed the following day.

This rule should be especilaly followed if you are in possession of an Eye Camera or EyeToy.

See below.

You Have Been Warned!

Britney Spears on Singstar
Britney Spears on Singstar


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