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10 Movies You Wouldn't Believe Were Made Into Video Games.

Updated on February 16, 2016

Number 10 White Men Can't Jump.


Do you remember this movie when it came out in the 90's? You don't? It was about Wesley Snipes and Woody Harelson hustling street basketball players. Also something about skin color determining if you're able to jump high. Well, that movie was made into a face meltingly bad game for the “Doomed” Atari Jaguar. The game is a two on two street game and the objective is to gamble on matches that you play to earn enough money to enter the slam city tournament. You do this by punching and tackling the other opponents to the ground. While you do your best g rated 90's trash talking and try to score more baskets than your opponents.

The developers felt that the trash talking would be just the type of niche' that could give the game that authentic “street vibe”. Unfortunately for them, they were wrong. The game has gotten overwhelmingly bad reviews and is consider one of the worst games of all time.

Number 9 Street Fighter The Movie (the game)


In 1987 Capcom released a revolutionary fighting game called “Street Fighter.” The game was a massive hit and invaded arcades all across the world. Then in 1991 it spawned an even more successful sequel in “Street Fighter 2.” So of course Hollywood sees the success and says “Hey, lets turn this successful game series into a horrible B movie.” And they did. We all laughed and shrugged off the corny incarnation of the series and anxiously awaited for the next game. What did we get? “Street Fighter The Movie the Game.”

The characters from the film are all here. From Juan Claude van Damme's Guile to Raul Julia's Bison, All displayed in dated 90s screen capture animation. This is the first and only Street Fighter game to use screen capture which leaves us wondering if this Street Fighter game was actual trying to be more like rival fighter series Mortal Kombat. Regardless of their intentions, The game is awful just like the movie and ever since the game's release, players have mistakenly pumped a countless number of quarters into a game that said it was Street Fighter, but was actually an awful movie tie-in instead.

Dare I Even Try The Extreme Edition?

Number 8 Blues Brothers 2000


The movie was a major bomb at the box office and currently holds a 45% rotten at rotten tomatoes. Yet someone out there decided that this would make a great video game. This is a straight forward 3D platformer reminiscent of Crash Bandicoot minus the fun and charm.

The objective of the game, like any Blues Brothers plot ever is to get the band back together. An interesting fact about the game is that the release was delayed two years, so when the movie itself came out in 1998, the game actually lives up to the 2000 name by being released on that year. Of course by then everyone had already seen the horrible movie and had no interest in the game.

Number 7 Plan 9 From Outer Space


This game is based on the most widely acknowledge worst movie of all time that, to its credit, did develop a bit of a cult following throughout the years. The film was made in 1959 and was directed by Edward D. Wood Jr. It features the last filmed appearance of Bella Lugosi before his death and even had comical biographical film made about it called Ed Wood by Tim Burton.

The game was released in 1992, Two years before the Tim Burton film and thirty three years after the original movie was released. In most cases that would spell disaster for any game, especially one based on a bomb, but this game was made for the cult fans and actually has decent reviews.

Number 6 Balls Of Fury


When the Wii first released people were ecstatic by the new capabilities of the motion controls. Of course Hollywood wanted to capitalize on this by releasing a game perfectly designed to accommodate this new innovation. What we got was “Balls Of Fury.” The movie starred Christopher Walken taking on an over the top racist Asian persona that for some reason didn’t offend anyone. I'm guessing it has something to do with those terrifying dead eyes of his.

In the game you take on the role of the main antagonist of the movie, Randy Daytona, as he battles his way to the top of the underground illegal ping pong circuit. Unfortunately for the game, the Wiimote detection is about as good as Walken is at portraying an authentic Chinese master criminal. In other words not very good.

Number 5 Little Nicky


Released in 2000 on the Gameboy color, The game follows the plot of the movie fairly accurately, It plays like a side scrolling platformer where you take on the role of Nicky, son of Satan, on a quest to stop his two brothers from bringing about the apocalypse.

It's not a bad game and has great ratings and reviews. Surprising considering you play as someone who for all intents and purposes is the antichrist.

Number 4 Hudson Hawk


You may be surprised to know that Bruce Willis has starred in quite a few video game adaptions over the years, from “Die Hard series” to “The Fifth Element.” However, who could ever have guessed there would be a game based on his biggest box office failure to date Hudson Hawk. The movie was so ill received that Willis won his first ever Razzie award, but can such a bad movie ever be a good game? Well actually yeah, the game is actually pretty good.

The object of the game is to use stealth to steal priceless works of art. This game plays very much like a NES version of Sly Cooper. I’d even go as far as to say that the game is pretty ambitious for its time especially when the majority of it's competition were a bunch of mindless run and gun Contra clones.

Number 3 Napoleon Dynamite


At the time when the movie was released it was not well received by some of the industries top film critics. Entertainment Weekly graded the film a C and Roger Ebert himself said. “This is a kind of studied stupidity that sometimes passes for humor.”

Although despite those reviews the movie very quickly surpassed cult status and became a cultural phenomenon with young audiences, So logically Nintendo did the only thing it could and hurried out a game to cash in on the Napoleon Dynamite craze. The game has Napoleon complete a collection of mini games, like throwing the football further than uncle Rico and feeding Tina “That fat lard.” her food. The game acts like a parody of itself like the worlds first ever interactive meme.

Number 2 Sharknado


How good could a game be that is based on a movie where they decided on the title before ever writing a script? You would be surprised. This is a mobile game currently available with iTunes and Android. This game is uniquely the only game on the list to receive a 10/10 from IGN. So it has to be good right? The objective of the game is to run full speed down the street while trying to avoid running right into the jaws of a deadly great white, which would be easy if he wasn’t continuously running, but there is no controlling that. You’re just endlessly running forward, avoiding sharks for what seems like forever.

Until you reach a portion where you’re riding a shark through a tornado while brandishing a roaring chainsaw. So now you can see where the 10/10 comes from. Shark riding plus chainsaws equals amazing game every time. Beyond that there isn’t much else to the game, besides the typical micro-transactions that every game made after 2012 seems to have.

Number 1 The Room Tribute


This is a free to play fan tribute game based on the horribly awesome movie written, produced, directed, and starring Tommy Wiseau. The game takes place during the exact same time as the film. You reenact and recreate every scene in all of its awful glory. One interesting aspect of the game is its self-awareness of the horrible script and plays up each scene for laughs.

That in itself is enough to make the game more unique then most games based on movies, but that’s not all. The best thing about this game is the amazing twist ending that separates itself from the movie. In the movie the main character, Johnny, finds out his longtime girlfriend has been cheating on him with his best friend. The movie ends with him dramatically killing himself. The game however throws all that out and instead the story becomes a merciless tale of bloody revenge.

Johnny becomes superhuman, develops telekinesis, and rampages through the city, at one point, even chasing down a fleeing man on all fours like a crazed half man half animal. All the while encompassing all of Wiseau's creepy intensity.

Johnny Becomes Enraged

The best (or more often the worst) thing about games like these is that as long as there are movies being made there are always going to be games based on those movies. At least in this day and age, with the advancements in CGI and next gen platforms, even a bad movie could be made into a fairly decent game. Right?

Maybe not.


Which Do You Think Is Worse?

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