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How to Use the Traditional Educational Toys for Teaching Young Kids

Updated on March 10, 2015
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I am a certified teacher and had been teaching for more than 30 years. My hubs sum up all my knowledge about education. See you around.

All Toys are Educational:

Traditional Toys for teaching

When it comes to educational toys for children: I still prefer the traditional toys that aren’t electronic.

Educational toys are very helpful when you teach young kids. When you use toys to teach children, they will have more fun learning. Their excitement as they learn will help them absorb what they are learning better.

10 Toys that You can Use for Effective Teaching

What are some of the Traditional Educational Toys?

  • Blocks

Blocks have been used as teaching aids for many years. You can use blocks to teach the letters of the alphabet, numbers, shapes and colors. Aside from that, blocks can also help develop the motor and mental skills of the children. Children develop their creativity when they build blocks. They create many things using blocks that helps in developing their creative skills.

  • Sorting Out Shapes Cube

This educational toy is very helpful when you teach shapes and colors to the children. Most sorting out shapes cubes are colorful so you don’t only teach the shapes to the children but you can also teach the colors.

  • Balls

Balls are not only for playing. They are also educational toys. If your lesson is about shapes’ you can use balls to introduce the shape of a circle or round. If you are in numbers; you can use small balls for counting objects. Balls can also be used when you introduce sizes. The good thing about balls is that they come in many sizes, so you can use the balls to teach; small, smaller, smallest or big, bigger biggest.

  • Lego

Lego which is invented for fitting can also be used as a teaching aid. Lego has squares, rectangles, circles and triangles. This makes it easy for you to use the Lego when you teach shapes. Lego also are colorful and they come in different colors. To make the lesson about colors more interesting to the kids, you can make use of the colorful Lego to teach the children about the different colors.

I use Lego to teach the children about long and short. You can also use Lego for counting.

  • Doll House

Doll house is the best educational toy to use when you are teaching the parts of the house. A bigger house that has room that can be opened is a very ideal teaching aid for teaching parts of the house as well as the things found in the house. If you are teaching about the members of the family; you can make it more fun and engaging by using doll houses complete with the accessories.

  • Stuffed Toys

Stuff toys can also be used for fun teaching. For example; if you are telling a story, you can use the stuffed toys to present or introduce the different characters in the story. One good thing about showing stuffed toys is that children will be drawn to the story when they see the beautiful stuffed toys that you are using for the story. It is also important to know how to use the stuffed toys when telling stories. Suppose you have a bear in the story, you show a bear then act like a bear walking while holding the bear or make a sound so that the children will be more interested in your story telling.

  • Animal Toys

Nowadays, you can find many toy animals that look like the real animal. This makes it easier for the children to visualize the real animal. The difference is that they cannot see the real size of the animal but otherwise the children can see similar color and physical appearance of the real animals. You can use the toy animals to teach about animals in your Science class. Animal toys are also good if you are planning to make a mini-zoo-like corner in your classroom for the kids to appreciate.

  • Train

There are trains with numerals in them and letters of the alphabet. This is a good teaching aid to use for teaching young kids because the toy trains are engaging toys that will draw the attention of the kids to the lesson. You can move the trains and show the children the letters or the numerals. This will make for fun teaching with the kids.

  • Dining Sets/Kitchen Sets/Living Room Sets/Bedroom Sets

These toys can be best used when you teach the parts of the house that include things that you see in each room. It is easy to explain to the kids what they see in each room of the house with the use of toys that replicates the real things seen in the rooms of the house. The children will have fun learning all the things found in the house with these cute and colorful sets. This will make teaching the young kids more effective.

When children see beautiful things while they are learning; their attention is attracted and triggered so they listen and participate in the class activities. Toys are not only for playing but more importantly; they are used as teaching aids and tools.


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