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10 ways to still have fun with Mw2

Updated on August 25, 2010


Now, some of you play Mw2, and if you're anything like I am, you're tired of it a lot. It's fun for like 2 games, then you're done. I've had the game since it came out, I've invested 25 days in play time, I'm 9th prestige and quite frankly, playing to win just isn't fun anymore for me. So I'm going to share some tips on how to keep this game fresh


You WILL get yelled at for doing most of these things, but you know what? That's half the fun. Take caution in some of these though, I've had people follow me and send me hate mail for days because of what I've done to them. On to the next paragraph, eh? :)

Ohh Modern Warfare 2, how we love you
Ohh Modern Warfare 2, how we love you

The actual topic!

Number 1:

Run around with tactical knife and Commando in close quarters maps like Skidrow and in Ground War. People get angry simply because this is a common thing to get killed by and they just can't seem to counter it because you run passed their claymores and they don't watch their back.

Number 2:

Javelin and Danger Close. Yeah, you heard me. Run around with that on maps like Scrapyard or Wasteland. chances are, you'll get a camper. I get at least 5 team kills and 2 or 3 legit doubles per game. Use in Hardcore for maximum team killing and rage inducing thoughts!

Number 3:

Standing in a doorway. Throw on a sniper class and stand in front of a door (Indoors for maximum effect, aiming at a wall) and don't move. When your team mates ask you to move, loudly proclaim how they're disrupting you from sniping and that they need to focus on their own business.

Number 4:

RPGs with Riot Shield in combination with Danger Close. People scream at this. Works best in Hardcore like most of these, but people get mad when you go 4 and 30 and/or you have negative points from betraying your team mates. Yell back that they were lagging so you couldn't hit them if they yell at you.

Number 5:

Follow people around. This works best with 2 or 3 people, but follow someone who has nuke on. This may take awhile to find someone, but when you find him, follow him around in games. If you're on his team, follow him and fire an unsilenced gun to reveal his position to enemies and get them to kill him. If you're on the other team, then go hunt for him. With 3 people you should have no problem finding him. My personal favorite is when 1 or 2 of you are on one team, with one of your friends on his team. Have your friend on his team follow him around while he tells you where the nuke user is so you can kill him. When he ragequits or leaves, simply follow him.

Number 6:

Danger close, one man army, and grenade launcher. Works best on maps like Wasteland or Scrapyard since they're either really open or really closed/small. Just slap on a class with Danger close as your 2nd perk, One Man Army as your first, and put a grenade launcher attachment on your assault rifle. Sit and at people and switch back to your class with one man army for infinite grenades. When people say you suck for using it and you need to throw your game away, retort that they suck for spawning and need to throw their game out instead. This is probably one of the most hated things in Mw2, and I don't blame them.

Number 7:

Use the M21 sniper. Find a lobby where there are 2-3 people (FFA works well.) trying to quick scope or just snipe. Charge them with the m21 and fire as fast as you can and kill them. The M21 has no recoil what-so-ever so you basically have a machine gun that has a high possibility of a 1 hit kill, when you win, yell how you're an amazing sniper. Also, the M21 is a highly looked down upon weapon because of the no recoil issue.

Number 8:

The power of weed. Change your clan tag to like "420" or "Weed" or something, and change your callsign to blunt trauma and the weed symbol, and in the lobby scream how you love pot. This is one of the best methods I've seen to troll people in Mw2, I can guarantee you that if you're in ground war, you WILL get AT LEAST one person to respond back at you with hate and telling you to shut up. Respond with the "You need to chill out and smoke some weed" retort.

Number 9:

Change your clan tag to something like Optc (A 360 clan) and brag about how good you are and how no one can beat you at sniping. When someone challenges you to a game of 1v1, say how they're not worth your time and how much they suck. Rinse and repeat in a new lobby.

Number 10:

Force feedback/music in to your mic. This is something that gets me personally. I hate it when people do that. Works best with FFA mid game. Play normal and be silent, but halfway in to the game, force feedback and everyone can hear you.


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    • Nitin Pillai profile image

      Nitin Pillai 4 years ago from Mumbai, Maharastra, India

      This is so much fun, really!

    • profile image

      cons11 7 years ago

      certainly made me lol,but i am sure the people you do it to get p****d