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250 Big-Scoring Scrabble and Words With Friends Words Guaranteed to Flummox Family and Friends

Updated on June 18, 2018

Big Scores, Friends, Really Big Scores

The team here at play a lot of word games, the most popular of which are Words with Friends and Scrabble. The team has learned some little-used but useful words to play. Read on for the words to improve your score.

Most of these words are under the 7-letter limit. No words from this list are capitalized or italicized. All words from this list have scored big points for someone on staff. We take our Scrabble more seriously than Bedlam football matches in the South.

There is just nothing better than friends and fun.
There is just nothing better than friends and fun. | Source

Our Two Cents' Worth of Strategy

We can’t resist reminding you that to win regularly, you must consistently play these words on the colored squares with an eye to placing the big value letters on the double and triple letter score boxes. You must do this even if you had this other really cool word you wanted to make but which is worth only a few points. Play the word “toke” only if you can get that K onto a triple letter or triple word square.

We have beaten many a better player than ourselves just by using those colored squares to our advantage. We would go so far as to say that in Scrabble and Words With Friends there are two games afoot: the one where you are playing at making the most valuable, longest words possible; and two, the game where you are strategically exploiting those colored squares without regard to the quality of your words. If you can do both well, then you are certain to win, even against players you consider better than you are at the game.

Sure, laugh, but we have scored big points just from "eff" or cmw". Additionally, if you can bluff your opponents into challenging your weird but legitimate word, they lose a turn in Scrabble.


Yeah, We've Played a Lot of Scrabble

  1. Aby
  2. Abye
  3. Acinost
  4. Aebe
  5. Aeon
  6. Agio
  7. Ahi
  8. Alae
  9. Alai
  10. Alar
  11. Alb
  12. Allee
  13. Amidol
  14. Amie
  15. Ana
  16. Anatase
  17. Atonics
  18. Aurei
  19. Auto
  20. Avant
  21. Avosets
  22. Awa
  23. Azo
  24. Bap
  25. Barmy
  26. Bedu
  27. Beson
  28. Blasé
  29. Blate
  30. Blite
  31. Bluetics
  32. Braza
  33. Brio
  34. Brux
  35. Calla
  36. Calo
  37. Capote
  38. Caprine
  39. Carious
  40. Carrotin
  41. Caruch
  42. Cations
  43. Cesta
  44. Ciao
  45. Cirque
  46. Claxons
  47. Cleome
  48. Col
  49. Cuif
  50. Culms
  51. Cum:
  52. Cwm: valley
  53. Dasyure
  54. Deni
  55. Didymous
  56. Dita
  57. Djin
  58. Donee
  59. Dorp
  60. doum
  61. Eath
  62. Eaux
  63. Edh:
  64. Elint
  65. Eluted
  66. Emeu
  67. Entera
  68. Equid
  69. Etui
  70. Fard
  71. Farfel
  72. Fava
  73. Feus
  74. Fila
  75. Finich
  76. Flinder
  77. Fohn
  78. Fon
  79. Fou
  80. Foy
  81. Fuze
  82. Ganef
  83. Geoid
  84. Getas
  85. Gite
  86. Glebe
  87. Gley
  88. Guid
  89. Gumma
  90. Hadj
  91. Haemin
  92. Haniwa
  93. Helve
  94. Holk
  95. Hunh
  96. Hup
  97. Hutment
  98. Iatrogenic
  99. Ibex
  100. Ilea
  101. Ilka
  102. Impone
  103. Inarm
  104. Indol
  105. Isomeric
  106. Jalousie
  107. Jambe
  108. Jarl
  109. Jefe
  110. Jiao
  111. Jitney
  112. Jotas
  113. Kafir
  114. Kain
  115. Kami
  116. Keet
  117. Kex
  118. Khi
  119. Kier
  120. Kif
  121. Kin
  122. Kirn
  123. Kiva
  124. Kohls
  125. Krait
  126. Kurta
  127. Kyte
  128. Lek
  129. Leno
  130. Lingy
  131. Lipa
  132. Loup
  133. Lour
  134. Lown
  135. Lyttae
  136. Maduro
  137. Mano
  138. Maund
  139. Maxi
  140. Merk
  141. Miaou
  142. Mib
  143. Micra
  144. Milis
  145. Moue
  146. Naoi
  147. Navar
  148. Nett
  149. Nitroso
  150. Nucha
  151. Obi
  152. Obia
  153. Ogee
  154. Oheda
  155. Olia
  156. Ologies
  157. Opah
  158. Orby
  159. Ourari
  160. Outvie
  161. Ouzos
  162. Oxeyes
  163. Padi
  164. Palp
  165. Panga
  166. Parrs
  167. Pashed
  168. Paviours
  169. Pax
  170. Pax
  171. Peag
  172. Peewit
  173. Phut
  174. Pia
  175. Pima
  176. Pinach
  177. Pintle
  178. Pradouk
  179. Prink
  180. Pye
  181. Pyin
  182. Qadi
  183. Qiviut
  184. Quai
  185. Quayage
  186. Quey
  187. Quoin
  188. Ouri
  189. Rai
  190. Raja
  191. Ramee
  192. Raoa
  193. Rapini
  194. Raxed
  195. Refugia
  196. Renvoi
  197. Rete,
  198. Rhetor
  199. Rolfs
  200. Roto
  201. Roup
  202. Sadi
  203. Sajou
  204. Sajou
  205. Savine
  206. Scouth
  207. Serried
  208. Sexto
  209. Taces
  210. Tafia
  211. Takin
  212. Tali
  213. Tapia
  214. Tawie
  215. Tegua
  216. Teth
  217. Thous
  218. Toea
  219. Tola
  220. Triol
  221. Upo
  222. Urd
  223. Ute
  224. Uvea
  225. Vagi
  226. Vara
  227. Vasa
  228. Vasty
  229. Venenate
  230. Vert
  231. Vesica
  232. Virid
  233. Virl
  234. Vuggs
  235. Unai
  236. Wame
  237. Wherry
  238. Wold
  239. Wuther
  240. Yay
  241. Yogee
  242. Xi
  243. Xu
  244. Yowes
  245. Zaire
  246. Zed
  247. Zep
  248. Zeta
  249. Zills
  250. Zoea


Cheater Link

Click here to go to a website with word lists organized by length and letter. We like to come up with our own words, but many people use this site instead.

An Easy Score-booster

Works Cited n.d. web site. 15 December 2017.

We wish you good luck in word games. Keep on loving words, and we will keep on writing about them for you. As always, we have enjoyed writing this article for you, and we invite you to come and see us every chance you get. We'll leave the site on for ya.

— Richard Green

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