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17 Tips for Fast Leveling in World of Warcraft

Updated on December 22, 2016

17 Tips for Fast Leveling in World of Warcraft

Getting to a high level quickly is one of the most common World of Warcraft discussions on the internet. Yet, the art of fast leveling is illusive for most players. However, there is a small subset of WoW players who can start a new character and level up very, very quickly.

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How is it done? Follow these 17 tips and you'll be well on your way.

1) Do Quests. While it can be tempting to just kill and kill and kill, you’ll get a better return on your time spent if you actually take the time to take on quests. If you’re going to be killing monsters anyway, why not get the extra gold, extra EXP and extra loot just by taking on a quest?

2) Get all your quests before you start killing. Most people take one quest, go and finish it, then get another, finish it, etc. It’s actually much more effective to get all the quests you can get in the area before you go off and start killing things. That way, you can complete multiple quests simultaneously.

3) Get bags. It really, really sucks to go on a quest, complete the quest and not be able to collect a quest item because you ran out of bag space. Getting bags is essential both for your quests and for making as much gold as possible, so invest in bags early on in the game.

4) Avoid the Auction House. This is quite a controversial tip. The reality is, for your first 60 levels you really don’t need that much gear. The gear you get by completing quests or by killing monsters is enough to get you to level 60. If you save up your gold, you can actually get the really good items rather than spending it on crap that’ll be outdated soon anyway.

5) Think through your location. Know where the best monsters are and know where all your quests are. It makes no sense to complete a quest and go back to town when you could have completed another quest nearby. Instead, spend a bit of time thinking through your location for the most effective leveling and questing experience.

6) When you hit level 10, you can really rack up a whole lot of experience by completing quests from other starting points. Just run over there, grab up all the level 5 and below quests and finish them quickly. You’ll get a whole lot of EXP for very little work.

7) Focus on killing monsters that are easy to kill. Don’t try to kill monsters that take a while, because that reduces your overall ROI on your time spent. Green monsters are usually a pretty good bet.

8) Skinning is a great profession to invest in if you’re looking to level up quickly. You’re going to be killing lots and lots of monsters anyway, why not get paid for it? It takes just about 3 seconds, during that time you’ll be recovering a little bit of mana and health. Selling the hides you collect is a great way to make some extra cash doing exactly what you would have been doing anyway.

Follow these 17 tips and you will surely succeed.

These 17 tips will set you well ahead of most other World of Warcraft players. Most players go through the game with no clear intent, aim, strategy or goal. If your goal is to level up quickly and you follow these 17 tips, you will surely succeed.

Best of luck to you and happy WoWing!

Get your mount as soon as you possibly can.

9) Get your mount as soon as you possibly can. Getting a mount will increase your travel speed dramatically. Faster travel speed means faster EXP which means faster leveling up. Get your mount as fast as you possibly can!

10) Leveling guides are over hyped, but they really can help you out a lot. Having a leveling guide takes a lot of the guesswork out of leveling so you can level up very quickly. Joana's guide is probably the most popular leveling guide available today.

11) Do green quests. Green quests basically mean that they're quests that are a couple levels below you. You can usually plow through these and make a bunch of EXP.

12) Botting is a great way to make some extra EXP. It's risky because it's against the rules and you do risk getting banned. However, if you don't want to go through the repetitive motions of killing lesser monsters for EXP, you can simply let the bot do it for you. Again, be warned that you can get banned for using bots - But a lot of people do use this strategy.

13) Don't spend your precious time finding people for a quest. Instead, try to solo as much as you can. This will save you a lot of time so you can level up faster.

14) That said, having a good group can really help you level up much faster. You'll finish quests quicker as well as level up faster. However, if you do choose to join a group it's very important that you join a well co-ordinated group that really knows what they're doing. If you join a crap group, it will just slow you down. In WoW, the choices are really to solo or find a great group.

15) Use your talent point quickly. This will help you kill monsters as quickly as possible, therefore leveling up as fast as possible.

16) Consider skipping professions. Some people find that investing in professions at all is too time consuming if your goal is simply to level up as quickly as possible. It also costs money, which detracts from you spending your money on mounts or bags. While this isn't for everyone, it is a strategy you can consider.

17) Keep speed on your mind. It can be tempting to hang around the auction house, hang around and chat, find people for quests, look for groups, etc. The bottom line is in order to level up quickly you must be focused on leveling up quickly. Keep your focus, do everything fast and you'll watch your level fly up quickly.

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