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Fun 2 Player Drinking Games

Updated on May 22, 2015
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I'm Tatiana and am a firm believer in the power of holistic healing and home remedies! Apple cider vinegar for the win!


Who can stay on the barstool the longest? That sounds like it would be a good accessory rule to a series of drinking games!

Whether the kids have gone to bed early and you’re looking for some fun time with your spouse, or you’re out for a night with your bestie, I have compiled a list of some of the best 2 player drinking games out there!

When you think of drinking games, you usually picture a whole group of college frat boys or sorority girls pounding them back to some loud music, right? Well there’s plenty of 2 player drinking games out there for more reserved occasions, which are good to know for that unexpected heavy-drinking night! Here are some 2 player drinking games you shouldn’t miss.

Drunk Wizard

Calling all Harry Potter fans! Have a movie marathon night and listed out for someone in the movies saying “Harry Potter.” Be the first to yell “I’m a wizard!” each time and force the other player to drink! Call out the player on any false alarms, such as when the character only called him “Harry” or didn’t say his name at all, and the person who let out the false alarm has to drink twice!

Quidditch Pong

So I'm clearly a Harry Potter fan, especially when I'm drinking! But come on, who can ever forget this game? For real. All you need is a long table, red cups, ping pong balls, some beer, and three hoops on a stick! This is definitely the drinking game played at Hogwarts! All the same rules apply as beer pong, except that you must throw the ball through one of the hoops before making it into a cup. If you’re not too crafty, you can always make the hoops out of foil and duct tape!

Flip Cup

This can be played in a group or just one-on-one. Each player starts by chugging a party cup full of beer then places in upside-down on a table hanging it off the edge just a bit. They then must attempt to flip the cup to the upright position. Whoever gets the cup upright first is the winner! You can even choose to make the loser chug another beer!

Monopoly Shots

Any board game can be turned into a drinking game with the right rules, and for Monopoly, the following rules should apply: If you must go to jail, you have to take a shot or you may take two shots to avoid going to jail. If you buy both Park Place and Boardwalk, the other player(s) has to take a shot but you. Any time a player lands on “Chance,” they must flip a coin, heads means they have to take a shot, and tails means the other player takes a shot. If you land on community chest, all players take a shot! (That’s a lot of shots!)


A shot glass and a quarter can get really get you into some drunken trouble! One player starts by trying to bounce a quarter off the table into a shot glass. If they make it in, the other player must drink and the turn is repeated. If they miss, it’s the next player’s turn. Some variations of this game require you to drink if you miss, others only require drinking if the other player makes it in.

Drunk War

A spin on the classic 2 player card game “War,” the same rules apply with a bit of drinking in between. Each time you and your opponent flip a card, the person with the lower number must take a drink. Have a war? No problem! Loser of the war must take three swigs!

High or Low

This game consists of a dealer with a deck of cards and another player. The dealer keeps the deck face-down and flips the first card over. The player must then guess of the next card will be higher or lower. If they are right, the dealer takes a drink, if they are wrong, they take the drink!


Drink N’ Drive Mario Kart

This is the only true legal way to drink and drive! Get your cups of beer ready, set, GO! You and your opponents race to the end, but in order to be deemed the REAL winner, you must drink your whole drink prior to completing the final lap of the race. You cannot take a drink while moving, which means you have to pull over to drink or chug it all before you start! No stopping in the middle of the road! If you are really looking to get hammered, you can make it a requirement to chug a whole beer at the start of the race, and finish an additional one during the race.

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Have Fun and Be Responsible

Playing with two players can be just as fun as playing them with a group as long as you choose the right ones to play! What better way to spend some goofy one-on-one time with a buddy or spouse!

Whatever you decide to play, be sure to drink responsibly and never get behind the wheel of a car until you sober up!

Truth or Drink


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