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10 Great Ideas for a Hobby

Updated on January 3, 2019

Why do I even need to have any occupation?

Look at it this way: hobbies aren't just a way to spend your time. They are ways to make you learn something new, meet new people, discover places and even make money, so why not do it?

But I'm not artsy and I don't like a lot of stuff

You don't have to. It's not about having a talent, it's about finding yourself, and, eventually, the talent will come along the way. You can start with something really weird or unusual and become the best at it!

Gaining success through hobbies


Dancing is the way to go for people who are able to do it. As I mentioned in another of my articles, "Why Dancing is a Lifestyle", I had a beautiful experience with it, but it wasn't always like this. This kind of hobby gives you tons of advantages. Any genre of dancing is fine, if you like it and practice it a lot.


Do you have any volunteering organization in your city? Then become a part of it. Volunteering is a great way to become involved in the public life of the society you live in. It also makes you more open to people, and this way, you gain experience needed for your future job or just for life.

Learn a foreign language

I'll tell you by my own experience: learning a new language is so amazing. I'm not a native English speaker, but I've been learning it for 10 years now and I have a C1 Cambridge Diploma. This is the best feeling ever. Learn French: did you know that French is spoken in nearly 30 countries worldwide? What about Russian? Yeah, Russian is tough, but it is so appreciated in Europe, as it is considered the hardest language to manage.


This is the easiest hobby you can take up. You just need a camera and the rest will come through. For more details on the matter, read my article of photography, but what I can truly say is that taking photos and publishing them can get you far. It can even become a source of income if done properly. Also, if you learn a bit of post-production tips and tricks, you can make real art.


I'm a tech guy myself, and I'm so into stuff like shooting and directing shorts, or just creating video content, whatever the genre. I had a YouTube channel with over 1000 subscribers on which I uploaded funny skits, highlights of me playing a game and even livestreams. You can do whatever you like and upload it anywhere, if it's good quality and you like it yourself. Learning to make a video, any kind of video is useful these days as it can become a good source of income and it can give you tons of other opportunities.

Deep learning of a subject

This hobby works best if you are still in school. Take the subject you like the most, for example physics, and watch tons of videos on it, read books, solve problems, and do everything related to it. The feeling you will get when you come in class and know the subject well is amazing. Your teacher will be proud of you and it is also a great way to level up your marks, get a good relationship with your teacher and amaze your friends.

Graphic Design

Graphic design is the art of creating logos, banners, and in general, static images for a company, for an individual and even for yourself. It can be quite hard to learn, but once you've managed it, the way is open and you won't be able to stop. A good way to start it is to buy Adobe Photoshop, and watch tons of tutorials online, then experiment for yourself.

Article Writing

If you've got tons of ideas, do what I started to do, write articles on website like HubPages. This way, you can expose your ideas on a certain matter, tell your stories, teach people what you know best. Article writing is really easy, it's free, you just need a bit of English, and some imagination. It can also become a source of money!


I don't know if this hobby is for everyone, but sports is definitely a good way not only to keep in shape but to advance in a lot of other ways. Do any sport you like: football, basketball, tennis, golf, swimming, or just go to the gym for a few times a week, and if you like it and you become good at it, it opens up a lot of doors, you can even become a professional player and join tournaments.

You can even become a pro video game player, which is so easy to do and it can get you tons of cash
You can even become a pro video game player, which is so easy to do and it can get you tons of cash


I left this one as the last one because it is the best way to start any of the hobbies mentioned above. Just read! Read anything that comes to hand. Reading a road to success, and by reading you can start writing your stories as well. If you like, you can listen to audio books as well, the main objective is to read. So do it, why not?


Which one did you like the most and you are more open to take up?

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