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Pokemon: Fire, Water and Grass. Fire Starters.

Updated on May 5, 2017

Powerful Starters

The Pokémon franchise has introduced us the viewers and players alike very strong starters to start our journey in the Pokémon universe. Ranging from starters that are barely used like grass starters, well balanced starters like the water starters and complete unstoppable beasts like the fire starters. I will go in detail on why I believe the fire type starters are stronger then their counterparts. Within the next paragraphs I will go in detail on why I always like Charmander so much and I always believed it was a great fit for me as a trainer. Also I will discuss why most players leaned towards choosing Chimchar as their starter for generation 4 and why Torchic's appearances might have been the reason why was not selected more often but in its final evolution became a reliable and powerful starter.

Always a reminder this is my opinion only and all others opinions are always welcomed and enjoy the next paragraphs.

Charizard XY

Paving The Way

When the Pokémon franchise was first launched back in 1996 the starters were Bulbasaur, Squirtle and Charmander. I will focus on Charmander the fire starter that paved the way for the next six generations to come. From the first generation I consider Charmander and Squirtle to be equally strong which is hard to say for other generations. However with the introduction of mega evolution in the XY series Charmander's final evolution Charizard gained a considerable advantage against Squirtle's final evolution.

In the earlier games choosing Charmander was a headache for the playear because of how ineffective it was towards the first two gyms but it does not mean it would not benefit the player down the line. For instance once Charmander learned Metal Claw it would gain advantage towards the Rock gym and once evolved to Charmeleon and eventually Charizard most teams would be unstoppable. Also, Charizard is the only starter from the original generation that is able to mega evolve twice in the XY series, which is a key factor for the success of the anime.

Charmander and the original starters paved the way for the generations to come and something can be said about the impact that Charmander has to the anime. In Season 1 of the anime Ash the protagonist of the show finds a Charmander that was left behind by its trainer because it was considered to be weak which is a recurring theme thru other generations of the anime. Eventually Charmander joins the team and becomes Ash's most reliable Pokémon, but when evolves to Charmeleon and Charizard it does not respond to Ash's commands any longer because it felt Ash was not experienced enough to train him. That ongoing story between Ash and his Charmander was crucial for the success of the anime because viewers were tuned in to find out if Charmander's evolved forms would finally listen to Ash's commands. In Season 3 of the anime Charizard once again was obeying Ash's commands and it became it biggest allies and assets.

Fast forward to the XY series, Charizard's impact from Season 1 to 3 paved the way for the introduction of two brand new evolution forms for Charizard simply named Charizard X and Y and Charizard was important for the storyline of the XY series to progress because it was one of Alain's main Pokémon. Charizard's relationship with its trainers paved the way for other fire starters in the generations to come especially in Chimchar's generation.

Adding Fuel to the Fire

Burning Desire

In the Diamond and Pearl series we saw the introduction of new and strong Pokémon, which includes the fire Pokémon Chimchar. Just like its counterparts Chimchar will include a dual typing to its final evolution and it is one of most useful fire starters across multiple generations. Chimchar is the second fire starter that is going to include Fire and Fighting typing which will be great for any given player. In comparison to previous fire starters like Charmander, Cyndaquil and even Torchic I believe the level of importance of Chimchar is in the middle of the scale because other fire starters were an either a way to pave the way for other fire starters, introducing a whole new set of Pokémon or just a smoother transition to brand new region and a whole new game. Chimchar is the combination of introducing a whole new set of Pokémon as well as a smoother transition for viewers and players alike to brand new starters. In other words, Chimchar is more influential throughout the anime then the games itself.

Interesting enough, Chimchar and Ash's connection thru the Diamond and Pearl series it is very similar to the bond that Ash and Greninja have in the XY series with a few modifications. For instance, Chimchar was left behind by its original trainer and Ash's rival because it felt that Chimchar was naïve and weak. Eventually, Chimchar becomes an undeniable powerhouse because of its bond with Ash and the will to be the best and prove others wrong. In other words, Chimchar was crucial to Ash's development as a trainer in the Diamond and Pearl series. Also, it is important to mention that without Ash, I believe that Chimchar would never finds its true potential and able to control its rage. Chimchar and Ash's bond it is unquestionable but can it be compared to May and Torchic's relationship.


Do Not Judge A Book By Its Cover

In the third generation of Pokémon players and viewers alike were introduced to a whole new set of starters and which every single starter played a huge component to the development of characters in the anime and paved way for potential games for the franchise. Within this generation players were introduced to Torchic a chic looking Pokémon that would be the fire starter, Mudkip the water starter Pokémon and Treecko a gecko looking Pokémon that would be your grass starter. Unlike the previous two generations there were no weak Pokémon but there appearances could threw the players for a loop. I will go in more details about how Torchic could have been ignored by players because of its innocent look.

Choosing a starter in the Ruby, Emerald and Sapphire games could be difficult since all of the starters had potential to be great assets for the player. However, Torchic's innocent look could made players decide to choose Mudkip or Treecko as potential starters. The main reason why a lot of players did not choose the fire starter is because of the thought of looking weak and probably not being a threat to opponents alike. Just like previous fire starters, Torchic will become a powerful Pokémon when evolves to Combusken and Blaziken especially when it adds a dual typing. Also it is important to note that Blaziken plays a huge part on the mega stone storyline that is introduced in the XY series for the anime as well as the games. Blaziken value to the franchise is tremendous which can be clearly seeing when it acquired a mega evolution in the remakes of Ruby and Sapphire games.

Viewers and players alike had the first glance of Torchic back in the Ruby and Sapphire series when it was May's first Pokémon. Throughout that series viewers see the growth that Torchic and May endured together and from that moment forward players were more inclined to choose Torchic over the other starters. Torchic's final evolution was also fundamental in the XY series in which viewers had their first look at Blaziken's mega evolution. In other words I believe that Torchic is just fundamental to success of the Pokémon franchise as any other starters that came before it. There you have it Charmander is the rebel fire starter that every player enjoyed choosing, Chimchar a fire starter that had the desire and the will to win and Torchic the cute starter that will eventually become a powerhouse of a Pokémon. Thanks for reading.

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