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20 video game addiction symptoms - the comprehensive list!

Updated on June 11, 2010

I got the answers!

Are you addicted?
Are you addicted?

Video game addiction symptoms

How do you know when you are addicted to video games and are not simply playing too much?

  1. You cannot quit
  2. You play for a very long time. Think more than half of your available time in a day
  3. The sense of time is distored
  4. Real life obligations and phone calls are ignored
  5. You don't want to do anything else but play
  6. You are really good at videogames, even bragging about your skills online
  7. You play one game per monitor/laptop.
  8. You read game related blogs, websites, hubpages in search for better tactics
  9. You withdraw from the real world interactions
  10. When interacting with the real world, you talk about video games
  11. You wish your friends would play your game
  12. You are questioning current relationships because they feel like nagging
  13. You wake up in the middle of the night to check on your game account or download
  14. You quit games but keep coming back. Time after time!
  15. You play MMORPGs and are addicted to them
  16. You feel exhausted or frustrated after play.
  17. You follow previews and plan your game purchases months ahead
  18. You go to midnight releases or rush to buy a game on the release day
  19. You got an on-demand game delivery account
  20. You think life is boring and is not as exciting as video games


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    • GreenTieCommando profile image

      GreenTieCommando 7 years ago from USA

      A few symptoms are not that bad, it's the combination of these which really screws people over!

    • TheMMAZone profile image

      TheMMAZone 7 years ago from Kansas

      Wow I would like to commit a few of my friends to the hospital under this diagnoses! Well, and maybe they would want to submit me, so I better leave well enough alone! :)