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2012 Topps Series 1 Baseball Review

Updated on March 14, 2012

Jumbo boxes are best!

2012 Topps Baseball Series 1

I have been waiting a good amount of time for the season of aseball cards to arrive this year, 2012 Topps was my first venture into what will be a long and fun process of set building for me this year. They have gone with a Gold theme this year, was popular with Panini so why not right? The first thing I will say about this set is it did not disappoint me as a Baseball fan. Chances at real Gold ,a wide range of variation cards to watch for and the Golden Giveaway this year has given birth to a whole new generation of Topps collectors in my opinion.

I have opened two boxes so far and in one my hit was a Longoria jersey card and in the other my hit was a Mike Stanton Jersey, although about double the price , at least with the jumbo boxes you are guaranteed an Autograph, as far as the low end inserts,the more common 1 or 2 per pack ones, They are almost all Gold themed except for the Throwback Minis which are made in the style of 1987 Topps with the grain wood border we all remember so well as kids. Although fun packs to open for sure, I wouldn't expect any big dollar cards out of a single Hobby box, out of two so far I have not pulled even 1 variation card of any kind and not one serial numbered card either.

I find the Golden giveaway a bit stale this year and one dimensional, collecting virtual coins and all that, The possibility of winning the die-cut cards is cool though and is keeping me trying...for now anyways.

In the end this is a really fun set to collect and for me the Hobby is still about fun, I would give this set a 4 out of 5 and if you do buy a box go with a jumbo and get your moneys worth.


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