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2014-15 Upper Deck SPx Hockey Cards

Updated on February 14, 2015

Upper Deck recently released their new set of 2014-15 SPx Hockey cards and although there is nothing unique about this set it does live up to it's predecessors and stands solid as one of the best Hockey sets released this season, For around $120 you get 12 packs in a box with 4 premium cards per box(Autographs, Relics or Shadowbox cards) plus a Bonus Box Topper pack with a Finite Phenoms rookie card inside, it will be 1 of the 42 prospects in the set, they come in 3 levels numbered to 499,199 and 99, also look for randomly inserted Autographed versions which also have 3 levels numbered to 149, 99 and 25. There is a 100 card base set to collect as well.

Now for the fun stuff, let us first start by talking about the basic inserts in this set, Upper Deck is bringing us back with the 1997-98 SPx Retro insert cards, with 90 different ones to collect picturing veterans and rookies alike this should be a fun addition to the packs, veteran cards fall 1:3 packs while rookies fall 1:6 packs also look for Grand Finale parallels numbered to just 50, These cards are printed on 120 point cardstock.

The next inserts to look for are the SPx Foil Rookie cards with Gold Autographed versions to look for numbered to just 99.

Now on to the Autographed cards, In addition to the parallel type Autographed cards I have already mentioned and the ones I will mention in the next couple paragraphs, You are guaranteed at least 1 Spectrum Light F/X Rookie Autograph per box which come in three levels to collect. There are also Patch version to collect that are numbered the same way.

- Basic Red /249

- Blue /50

- Green /10

Except for the Shadowbox Autographs, Which I will explain at the end of this I have covered all the Autographed cards, So let's move on to Relic cards, The first kind being Flashback Fabrics(1:48 packs) these cards also have Patch versions numbered to just 25.

Rookie Premiere Materials is next up which contain either 1(1:18 packs), 2(1:96 packs) or 3(1:192 packs) pieces of material per card, These also come in Patch versions and are numbered as follows.

- single piece /75

- Combo /25

- Trio /15

On top of that also look for Winning Materials Relic cards(1:26 packs) which come in Basic, Combo and Patch versions.

Last but not least I'll touch on one of the more popular insert type in recent years, The Shadowbox cards, a lot of these will be basic non autographed cards(1:192 packs) but also be on the look out for Shadowbox Signatures(1:3,123 packs) and Shadowbox Rookie Signatures(1:1,562 packs)

Release date: February 12th, 2015

Retail: $120

12 packs per box and 4 cards per pack

Box Breakdown:

- 1 Light F/X Spectrum Autographed Rookie

- 2 Relic cards or a Grand Finale parallel

- 1 other Autograph, Relic or Shadowbox card

- 4 1997-98 SPx Retro inserts

- 2 1997-98 SPx Retro Rookie inserts

- 3 High Series Foil rookies

- 1 SPx Finite Phenom rookie card (From Box topper pack)


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