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2015 Topps Star Wars Masterwork Trading Cards

Updated on February 13, 2015

Star Wars collectors rejoice, there is once more a reason to empty your bank accounts and wallets in your efforts to pull some very epic cards, 2015 Star Wars Masterwork is bringing high-end cards back to the fans, with 1 on card Autograph and 1 Sketch plus two other hits( 1 hit per mini box) plus 4 inserts and 4 parallels per box, it's hard to imagine you not getting your moneys worth out of these boxes, even at the steep price of $250 per box. If you're not quite that big of a spender I'm sure people will be selling the mini boxes somewhere around $50 a pop.

The base set is on 72 point cardstock and consists of 75 cards altogether, there are also four levels of base card parallels

- Blue Metallic /299

- Silver Metallic /99

- Green Metallic /50

- Gold Metallic 1/1

There will also be three different basic insert sets to look for including Defining Moments(10 card set), Companions(10 card set) and Scum & Villainy(10 card set). These inserts also come in 6 levels of parallels.

- Foil /299

- Canvas /99

- Wood /50

- Clear Acetate /25

- Metal /10

- Golden Metal 1/1

Now I'll talk about my favorite part of these sets, the premium cards or "hits" as most card enthusiasts call them, four hits per box, one hit per mini box, we've gone over that much, so let us get into more details about the cards themselves, I'll start with the autographed cards, except for the Five Dual Autograph Book cards all autographs are on card as should be the case with any autograph card these days in my opinion. There are Forty signers on the checklist including sought after autographs such as Harrison Ford, Carrie Fisher and Mark Hamill.

Base autographs come in multiple parallel forms as well, besides the Silver Framed Autograph cards which are numbered to just 29 or less and fall Three per case you can also look for these versions.

- Foil /25

- Canvas /10

- Wood 1/1


Also look for Signature Pen Autograph Relics which include a piece of the pen used to sign the card.

Next I'll touch on the Sketch cards, even the most basic sketch cards in this set are done on 72 point card stock which is something that will set them apart right there, you can look for a few different kinds of sketch cards beside the basic ones.

- Sketch Card Variations /10 (Different Logo on card)

- Wood Sketch Cards /5

- Sketch Card Books 1/1

- also look for randomly inserted mini boxes that contain Four sketch cards that form together like a puzzle to form a bigger sketch.

Last but not least are the Relic cards, there are Three types of Relic cards to look for out of these boxes, Return of the Jedi Bunker Relic cards which fall Three per case, Weapon Lineage Medallions which contain a metal piece showcasing different tools used in the Star Wars Franchise and also Postage Stamp Relics containing an embedded stamp with artwork by Drew Struzan.

If you're looking for the next evolution in non-sport trading cards, I think this set right here just may be what you're looking for.

One of the beautiful Dual Autograph Book cards.
One of the beautiful Dual Autograph Book cards.

Release: February 11th 2015

4 Packs(Mini Boxes) per box, 5 cards per pack

Estimated Retail: $250 per box

75 card Base set on 72 point card stock

4 Hits per box (1 per Mini Box)


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