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3 best educational video games for children

Updated on September 15, 2014

Educational or learning video games are entertaining and kinds enjoy playing them. Apart from this, these games have the ability to provide children a platform where they can learn while playing. Learning games include basic curriculum, which allows young kids to learn math, English and science. For instance, Words Rhyming Games teach children how to read and pronounce words through simple yet interesting game patterns. In this era of technology, children are attracted towards such games and memorize quickly what they learn. Three best learning games, which can improve the learning process of your kid, are discussed as under.

JumpStart Pet Rescue

JumpStart Pet Rescue is an educational app, which is ideal for preschool and kindergarten kids. It is a fun loaded game that allows young players to select their personalized jumpee characters and sent them off to rescue the lost animals. While playing this game your child will learn some basic skills like reading, listening and memorizing the words. The game includes 50 interactive activities and teaches skills like vocabulary and number recognition. The player can adopt 10 pets and play by feeding, dressing and taking care of them. This would enhance their skills as how to interact with their pets. It also has a coloring page and enjoyable children song videos, which also serve as a fun part. This mobile app is compatible with all android and iPhone brands. However, it does not support iPod touch 4G.

Math Blaster HyperBlast

This game is a mega math adventure that takes kids to outer space. It is an adventurous game, which includes alien robots, stars and a mission to complete. It is high-paced math learning game, which helps children to learn basic mathematics while playing. The game is consisted of 30 levels that circle around 4 basic math rules named as subtraction, addition, multiplication and division. There are two versions of this game one in English and other is in Spanish. The game has amazing 3D graphics that enhances the visual affect. The interface is easy to understand and instructions are included to help children learn it. Math Blaster HyperBlaster is designed for kids of different ages and player can select the difficulty level, lessons and game plot according to his/her playing capacity.

Bud’s Rhyming Words Game

Rhyming Words Games are simple and effective way to help kids learn language and pronounce words. Such games also improve their ability to read and write. The Bud’s Rhyming words Games are designed to provide basic knowledge of different words and the way they rhyme. These games are ideal for both pre-school and elementary school kids. Each of these three games is easy to play and help kids to gain knowledge about word families, vowels and CVC. By playing them children learn new words and their vocabulary is improved. Children are familiar with nursery rhymes and love to read them. Therefore, Bud’s Rhyming Words Games are a source of fun and learning for them.


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