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Fun 3D Puzzles for Kids & Adults

Updated on April 30, 2021
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I am a research enthusiast who is fascinated by science and forever on the lookout for educational experiments suitable for adults and kids.

Skull 3D Puzzle
Skull 3D Puzzle

Why 3D Puzzles?

Puzzles provide a great source of entertainment for kids and adults alike. Apart from the fun factor, 3D puzzles also have the power to stimulate your grey cells, making you think, coordinate and implement. This is probably a reason why parents are continuously looking for new puzzles to gift their children because they know it can help their kids in developing their thinking process enabling their logical skills and acting as perfect learning aids. Once your kid finds out how to solve a 3D puzzle, he/she will try new better methods to complete the puzzle which in turn educates them about strategic moves. It's necessary to purchase a 3D puzzle keeping the kid's age in mind though. You don't want the kid to get too overwhelmed with a puzzle that is beyond his age group.

But why should only children use these educative, fun toys? Adults seem to enjoy complicated 3D puzzles too. It helps them relax and take their minds off things that are stressful. There are a lot of 3D puzzles available in the marketplace today for both kids and adults alike. This page tries to bring you some of the bestselling 3D puzzles which are earning positive reviews worldwide. Take a look and indulge yourselves!

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3D Puzzles for Adults

Let's start off with some complicated, challenging 3D puzzles meant for adults. The following section is dedicated to 3D puzzles exclusively for adults.

1. 3D Crystal Skull Puzzle

48 pieces of crystal sleek spatially challenging fun. Once you are done with assembling all 48 pieces, you can set it up as a décor item at your place. Crystal 3D puzzles are popular for this very reason - you need not tuck it away in a corner once you are done with it. Show it off to relatives, friends by placing it on the showcase shelf or just about anywhere visible.

Not fond of putting a crystal skull as a showpiece (it might be too bold a décor item for many people)? In that case, you have many other options like a crystal puppy dog, panda bear, castle (104 pcs), treasure chest, and so on.

3D Crystal Puzzle:

Original 3D Crystal Puzzle - Skull Black
Original 3D Crystal Puzzle - Skull Black
Assemble a skull from 48 crystal pieces.

2. Eiffel Tower 3D Puzzle

This Eiffel Tower is fit for a souvenir or to be presented as a gift to someone. Quite easy to assemble as compared to others, so if you are looking for some quick fun then this is the piece to go for. You can assemble the Eiffel Tower using 37 pieces which have a bronze finish to them. It's a puzzle which is enjoyed by both kids and adults alike but since the pieces are small, this 3D puzzle goes into the adult section. If you are going to gift it to a small child, make sure an adult is present for guidance when he/she is setting it up. For the working man or woman, this is a cute desk toy to have.

Other buildings you can assemble include the Empire State building, US Capitol, the Statue of Liberty, the White House, Leaning Tower of Pisa to name a few.

3. Ravensburger Puzzle - 3D Earth

The bestselling Ravensburger 3D earth puzzle will keep you occupied for hours on end with its whopping 540 pieces. The 3D earth once assembled is a treat for the eyes and can be displayed using the stands that come with the package. No glue is required and you can neatly assemble the pieces together to form a smooth globe. Get to know our planet better while assembling this 3D puzzle. Better yet, get your kids to join in the fun too so that they learn in the process.

3D Puzzles for Kids

The following section will showcase some bestselling 3D puzzles which can be safely used by kids. Thinking of gifting something to your child? Then why not a puzzle. It's fun, entertaining and also worth the money because your kid is going to learn so much in the whole process of puzzle solving. Take a look at 3 of the best 3D puzzles for kids out there.

1. Ravensburger Puzzle Ball for Children - Ocean World of Colors

This 3D puzzle for kids can be assembled from 108 pieces giving you ample time to complete your chores will your child completes the skill enhancing puzzle. Once finished, the puzzle ball encasing a color filled ocean is fit to be displayed on your kid's bedroom or play area. No glue is required while assembling and you can fit the pieces together perfectly to form a smooth ball. Suitable for children aged 7 and up.

Ravensburger Puzzle for Kids

Ravensburger Ocean World Of Colors 108 Piece Children's Puzzleball
Ravensburger Ocean World Of Colors 108 Piece Children's Puzzleball
Assemble an ocean world of colors from 108 pieces.

2. Perplexus Epic

Improve your child's hand eye coordination and spatial relation with the help of this 3D puzzle which boasts of numerous twists and turns. A metal ball is included in the puzzle which you have to guide to its destination surpassing the hurdles that come in the way. Not many protocols in this 3D puzzle, all you need is to turn, flip and twist the ball, navigate the steel ball in the puzzle through the various barriers. But completing the task is the challenge for your kid. There are no loose pieces here so they are completely safe for kids to use.

3. Rhino 3D Puzzle

The Rhino 3D Puzzle not only helps in making your child understand a Rhino's natural habitats, but also donates money to WWF once its sold to help them conserve wildlife. Made keeping in mind the most supreme environmental standards, the wood used to create this puzzle has been certified by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC), earning it the trust seal.

3D Puzzles - Video of completed buildings


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