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4 Reasons Why It's Hard to Play Video Games in Poor Countries

Updated on March 3, 2016

Video Games has been popular in the current generation ever since the release of first gaming consoles and computers. It has been one of the daily routines of many citizens. But not all gamers are playing their favorite games happily-- but in dismay.


4. Hateful Internet Speed

Nowadays, many Video Games are in need of internet connection in order to use its full capabilities, such as Multiplayer Options and other events. Two games can be noted: DOTA (Defense of the Ancients) and LOL (League of Legends). You can deduce that the "Internet Speed is directly proportional to the Gamer's Gaming Experience". It would be hard to play these games with a lagging connection.

In Poor countries, the ISP's (Internet Service Providers) are just "stealing" money from the user's pockets by giving them higher bills with slow internet connections. One good example is the Philippines, a third world country in Southeast Asia, it has been in the last position in terms of Broadband Speed beaten by Laos, Indonesia and Myanmar despite being the known "Social Media Capital of the World". Philippines has a Download Speed of 3 Mbps with a rank of 158 out of 190 countries worldwide.

Hong Kong takes the lead with whooping 77Mbps, followed by Singapore with 65Mbps. These countries has been also the leading gaming countries worldwide, together with Japan and USA.

3. Game Events

It may sound like a place in Shrek movies, but these events are sometimes only available in some countries! Japan has the most events compared to other countries. She was the founding country for video games, so why not? She also has a place in which gamers may call it "heaven", the Akihabara. Events and sale days are not hard for them.

After Japan, here comes the USA, one of the biggest countries in the world of Gamers. Uncle Sam also hosts gaming events such as Comicon that is being organized every year. Just go to the venue, and it is already good!

On the third line is the European Nation, they may be late from the two, but they still have great experiences in these kind of things! After that, other countries may just sit back and cry!


2. Game Piracy

To live in a good life is to live honestly, but in some countries, video games are being banned leading the gamers to resort on Piracy, one good example is China. According to Kotaku, in order to protect the Chinese youth, they have banned Video Game Consoles. Although, Chinese players are one of the biggest players in Video Games in the past few years.

Many has never been touched, but some are now in custody. I would really think that it is hard to enjoy my game if I have a second thought that one cop may just barge into my house just because I am playing a pirated Nintendo Console. In order to cover this resort, they have allowed Arcade gaming for the youth!

Another one is, in order to play your favorite games, you need to purchase it over the counter. A normal Nintendo 3DS game costs around $30-$40, while some PSP Games may cost around $30-$50. On the other hand, if you want to play well in a computer with good specifications to handle your games, it may cost $700 and up! The point is, these games are leeching the pocket money of every gamers! If you live in a "poor country" then these games are already a good money for your family for a week, or even in one whole month of groceries!

Let's not forget that Internet is mostly needed in these kinds of games, in the Philippines you need to pay $30 a month in order to get a hold of 3Mbps speed per month, if you want to increase it, just add another couple of hundreds of bucks! Imagine that you only have a decent computer and an internet connection, struggling in your daily lives, and you found out that you can download your favorite games online for free, would you still buy your own games that could cost you a month of food?

Let's face it, Money Matters!


1. Government Does not Support Gamers

Hong Kong, Singapore and USA has been hosting events for their gamers. In China, you can now study DOTA as a course. It may have been your favorite games that you play in leisure, but in other countries, government supports them as a new way of "Sports"

On the other hand, USA has now established a League in which gamers will hone their virtual skills, named as MLG or Major League of Gaming. These gamers are the "Pro-Gamers" that earns money for playing their favorite video games. They may earn a thousand to a million dollars on each and every match they make.

It would be harsh if the government are not helping the youngsters achieve their dreams to become a Pro Gamer, such talent will just be thrown into waste.


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