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Best 16 Inch Bikes/Bicycles for Boys 2016

Updated on March 24, 2016

Bikes for boys come in size 12,14,16,18,20,24. Generally bikes are purchased for boys in 4 inch increments, the most popular being 12,16,20, and 24. Various other sizes are on the market to fit exactly what your son needs.

I recently purchased a 16 inch bike for my 6 year old son. He's normal height for his age and we wanted something that would fit him for a couple of years. Unfortunately, the 20 inch boys bike was still a little bit too big for him to ride. I thought about purchasing an 18 inch bike, but the 16 fit him better and the step-up to a 20 inch bike just wasn't possible yet.

Bike Size Guide for Boys:

Here is a quick chart that should help you in your purchasing decision. If your boy is taller than the recommended height size, then here is another article I've written on the best 20 inch boys bikes.

*Remember to check the manufacturer's recommended age and height for each bike. These can vary slightly depending on the build of the bike.

Bike Size Guide for Boy's Bikes

Boy's Bicycle Sizes for Ages 4-12+
Boy's Bicycle Sizes for Ages 4-12+
Best 16 Inch Size Bike for Boys -  The Schwinn Scorcher
Best 16 Inch Size Bike for Boys - The Schwinn Scorcher

7 Great 16 Inch Bikes for Boys

If you can afford it, then I strongly recommend you look at one of the 3 models to the right. I've used similar Schwinn and Diamondback models with my kids and heard great things about the Jeep model as well.

Schwinn Scorch

The Schwinn model comes with the properly sized training wheels for beginning riders (removable) and rear coaster brakes designed to make it easier to stop for beginning riders (also includes front and rear caliper brakes), and an adjustable seat and slick tires that are perfect for gripping. It also comes with front pegs for making falls safer. If your kids are anything like mine, then falls will happen. It's more how prepared you are when they happen that really counts!

Available Colors for the Schwinn Scorch : Orange, Orange/White, and Red.

Diamondback 2013 Kid's Mini Viper BMX Bike

Another great model to consider is the Diamondback Mini Viper BMX bike which is easy to put together, gives you plenty of room to grow, and then doubles as a great trick bike when your child is ready.

4.) Kettler Spider Boys Bike (16-Inch Wheels)

This is another incredible bike. If the price was the same as the Schwinn bike, then I would put this great 16 inch boy's bike right up with the Schwinn. If you don't like the style of the Schwinn or just want another alternative, then this is perfect. The Kettler Spider comes with pneumatic tires and front and rear reflectors for ultimate safety. The Spider features a super sturdy aluminum frame with Hi-Ten painted steel fork and an enclosed chain guard. Also comes with built in training wheels.

5.) Razor DSX BMX Bike - Silver (16")

The Razor DSX is a great beginning bike for any boy. Here are the manufacturer's specifications:

  • Bike Dimensions: 46in L x 26in W x 34in H / Weighs: 34 lbs.
  • Fully Functional Dual Suspension
  • Oversized Front Wheel Flange
  • Tire Size: 16-Inches
  • Alloy Quick Release Seat Pin

Street Flyers Amazing Spiderman Kid's Bike, 16 inch Wheels, Boy's Bike, White
Street Flyers Amazing Spiderman Kid's Bike, 16 inch Wheels, Boy's Bike, White

This is a great and inexpensive bike for someone that just needs something as a transition bike. Also, it includes Training Wheels.


6.) Spider-Man Bike (16-Inch Wheels)

If you are looking for a dependable bike that looks cool, but don't need something that has pegs or will last forever, then consider this bestselling size 16 inch Spider-Man bike for that boy in your life that needs something sturdy but just wants something that looks cool.

As a Dad of 3 sons this particular bike really fit my son who likes to wear superman, batman, and Avengers dress-ups pretty much all the time.

Still, you need to know before you buy this bike that it's not something that will likely last through multiple kids. You just can't expect that with this price tag. While your kids might not leave things outside like mine, it's still a possibility that the wheels and seat slowly wear out.

7.) Transformers Optimus Prime Boy's Bike (16-Inch Wheels)

Another bestselling themed boy's bicycle is the Transformers Optimus Prime bike. This is more of a style choice vs. the Spider-Man Bike as it also comes with training wheels.

Bicycle Safety

Per "the highest rate of bike-related head injuries is among boys 10-14 years old" and "(90%) of bicycle accidents don't even involve automobiles. Accidents also aren't a scourge of just beginner riders, or just experienced riders, or just young riders, or just older riders."

Helmets not only protect your brain from the damage from an impact, they are normally made in bright colors so that other drivers can see you. Look for a sticker inside the helmet that says it meets CPSC standards.

I hope you've enjoyed this hub on the best 16 inch bikes for boys. If you have, then please vote it up and leave a comment below. This allows other readers to not only receive great feedback, but see this article.

If you feel that a size 16 inch wheel is too small for your boy, then take a look at my guide to the best 20 inch boy's bikes.

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