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2018 Guide on the Best FPS Games

Updated on February 3, 2022
Rush-a-lee profile image

Rushali is a Tourism and Hospitality Management graduate. India-Oman-UK

Rules of Survival

Kill first die last and one can rule this game. Play a Solo, Duo, Squad or a Fireteam, this is one game you can't miss out on. It offers a range of explosives, firearms and health aiding products ranging from SMG, AKM, Shotguns to firecrackers and grenades. They also have cool mounted vehicles. Considering other PUBG's on android, the graphics that Rules of Survival offers, is the best among all!

Dead Trigger 2

Zombies are fun, ain't they? In this game, the player completes several missions while helping doctors and others who'll assist you throughout the game. The main aim is to not get killed. It does get boring however due to the lack of change in location.

P.S. You get points for headshots.

Modern Combat 5 : Blackout

Phoenix from MC4 is the protagonist who tries to bring Gilman's illegal activities to a halt. Several missions and one objective : seeking and destroying Gilman! You can do almost everything in Blackout, mostly stuff like killing!

P.S. Considering the climax of the game, you're in for another sequel as well!

N.O.V.A: Legacy

Talk about Sci-fi! What more fun than playing a veteran N.O.V.A marine! You are Kal and you have to defend humanity against a sudden invasion of alien forces. Suit up Gamers, this one might give you numb legs. Online multiplayer Death match gives you a chance to be the last man standing.

Dead Effect 2

Sci-Fi again, it's back and how! Back onboard ESS Meridian, you have to fight the soldiers who were sent to the facility in the previous version. You can get body implants, weapons and upgrades. With more than 20 hours of campaign, balanced RPG elements, thrilling graphics and an enthralling storyline, your game time is sorted!

P.S. Weapons can get a little expensive


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