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5 Best Football/Soccer games for Pc,Ps3,XBOX

Updated on June 26, 2014

Football is the world's most played sport.Kicking a ball and managing it to get into the goal post is the main agenda of this game.As,you all know the rules of Football,i will not go much in detail with them.But,what i want to deal about is the best football games for PC,PS3,XBOX.There are many famous football theme games released for PC,PS3 and XBOX out of which i have to select the 5 best games for the shortlist.

Note that i have sincerely played all these games and i try my level best to give honest reviews for each of the games.Also,note that this list is based on the Graphics,interface and some other things which means that the game with best graphics will be at the top and one having the least graphics will be given last place.So,have a look at them below.

5) Virtua Striker 2

Virtua striker 2 is the immediate installment by Sega for Virtua Stiker 1.This game was developed by Japanese studios and was published by SEGA.They have also released Virtua Striker 3,but it was not a great success.Comparatively,this game has lowest graphics and it stood last place in this list.But,this doesn't mean that this is the worst Football game.The first virtua striker was released in 1994 and Virtua Striker 2 was released in 1998

Also,Virtua striker has two updated one in 1999 and one in 2000 which are considered as the latest versions of Virtua striker.All in all,this is a good game to play even though it has less graphics when compared to latest PC Games.This game has teams which are participated in 1998 FIFA World cup

Gameplay Screenshots

4) International Superstar Soccer Pro 98

International Superstar Soccer Pro 98 is shortly known as ISS Pro 98.This is also one of the fantastic soccer games for PC which is released in the decade of 1990-2000.It is known as Winning Eleven 3 in the country of Japan.Although this company did not own the rights of using Football players,they have still used their photos on the covers of this game.

There are six different game modes in this game.In exhibition mode,you can play a quick match with the computer.In league mode,16 international teams participate in a league.In cup mode,there are 32 teams and this mode is almost similar to FIFA world cup.All star match is the game mode in which all other country stars play with European stars.All in all,a fantastic game to play.

3) Pro Evolution Soccer 2013

Pro Evolution soccer is one of the important Football video game series in this era.It is shortly called as PES.It is known as Winning eleven 2013 in Japan.This game is developed by Konami studios.This game was released on April 12,2012 for all platforms.

This game also features UEFA championship in it which is one of the biggest asset for this PC game.In the first month of it's release,this game has 5 Lakh copies sold in JAPAN only.Also,this is the best selling football game in Japan.

2) Pro Evolution Soccer 2014

Pro Evolution Soccer 2014 is also known as PES 2014 and as Winning Eleven in Japan.This is probably the best Football game when graphics and Game play interface is considered.I know many of you are thinking that FIFA 14 should be first,yes that is the best Football game as everyone knows.But,let us discuss about the second best Football game here.

This game was released by Konami studios in 2013.This game is the Fourth installment from Pro evolution series.Also,this game has fantastic Graphics of players and stadiums.But,this cannot beat the FIFA 14.This is the First time for Pro evolution soccer to to include AFC champions league in It.All in all,a game which every Football lover will enjoy to play.

1) FIFA 14

FIFA 14 is the latest football game released by Electronic Arts,which is one of the leading Game developing companies in the world.This game is released for Consoles in 2013 and for mobile phones in the year of 2014.This is the best Android Football game ever until now.This game has got primarily Good reviews from users of all the platforms.Although this had competition from PES 14,still this games stands first in the list of best Football games.

There are different modes in this game.But,most of the users prefer to play career mode in which the player has to customize a player for him and add him into any of his Favorite team.There are also 47 unlicensed teams in this game including India.All over,there are 332 fantastic Football stadiums in this game.This game is featured as the best football game in many gaming Magazines and it's an awesome game to Buy.


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      Alban 3 years ago

      By CJ May 16, 2013 - 4:11 amFor you to have a greater than 25 ponits average (it means you average 25 ponits per game + 1)10 games X's 25 + 1 = 251 ponits right?You already have played 5 games so subtract those games (251 ponits 115 ponits) = 136 ponits total for the next 5 gamesANSWER EXPLANATION: You would need to average 27.2 ponits per game to have an average greater than 25 ponits per game.I hope this helps

    • profile image

      Stella 3 years ago

      That adsesders several of my concerns actually.

    • profile image

      Diddly 3 years ago

      FIFA 14 is awful. I cannot trust this list at all with this terrible game at No.1.