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5 Best Super Mario Games for PC,PS3,XBOX

Updated on July 13, 2014

Super Mario Bros is one of the oldest game ever.Also,this is the most famous game of the world.This is the first game released in the series of Super Mario games.It was released in 1985 by the Nintendo studios.It was originally released for Japanese but later as it became popular,they have released it worldwide.It stood as the best selling game for a period of Three decades.No other Super Mario game has this record or to be more precise no other game broke this record.

The game looks quite silly for this generation Kids.In the game,you have to take the role of Mario to to rescue the Princess Toadstool from the enemy Bowser by travelling in the Mushroom Universe.There was a 2 Player mode also available in the game with LUIGI as the second player.The boost given by this game paved way for the development of new games in the Super Mario Games series.So,here i will discuss about the 5 best Super Mario games ever released for all platforms.Have a look at them now.

Mario (Left) & Luigi (Right)
Mario (Left) & Luigi (Right)

Super Mario Kart

One of the best game released from the series of Super Mario Games.It was released in 1992.It is basically a go-karting game as the name itself indicates.With nearly 9 Million* sales worldwide,it stands third in the list of best selling SNES games.This game mainly as three modes.Each of them will be explained clearly below.There are 8 different Mario characters from which you have to select one to play the game.

SINGLE PLAYER MODE: In this mode,player has to select one of character and should race with the computer simulated character in the Go-Karting race.There are three difficulty levels in this mode.

MULTI-PLAYER MODE: In this mode,two players can simultaneously play each other to win the race.The one who finishes first will be Victorious.

BATTLE MODE: This is the most interesting mode of this Super Mario Game.All you need to do is to fight with the enemy to defeat him by attacking him with power-ups to blast the balloons which are tied to the Enemies Kart.

Super Mario 64

Super Mario 64 is a platform type open world game released by the Nintendo on June 23,1996.As usually,this Super Mario game is also released first in Japan and later worldwide.With nearly 11 Million sales worldwide,it stands first in the list of best selling SNES games.Super Mario 64 DS,a sequel for this game also had a great success in the gaming History.

It is one of the Earliest 3D games ever developed.This is an open world game in which the player has the freedom to roam everywhere.The player should complete the missions to crawl up the levels.All the 8 Mario characters are included in this game.

Super Mario Bros 2

This game from Super Mario games series is released in 2012 worldwide as usual after releasing it in Japan.It is the third game released by Nintendo in the Side scrolling perspective.Also,this game is one of the latest Mario game released.

The plot of this game is much simple.You have to save the Princess Peach from the Enemy Bowser .You can also take the help of Luigi as the multiplayer.The interface of this game is somewhat similar to it's predecessors.But,there are some new items included along with the cons to collect by the player.

Mario Kart 8

This is the 8th installment from the series of Mario Kart games.These Mario Kart games are one of the big success in the list of Super Mario Games.Like all the 7 other installments from this series,this is also a Go-Karting game in which you have to compete with the enemies.It was released in the last week of May,2014 as has nearly 1.5 Million sales within the first 4 days of its release.This is the newest Mario game released from Wii U.

There are many types of races in this game.This includes Anti-gravity race,Motorbike race,underwater racing,Hang gliding which you can play by selecting one of the 8 Mario Characters.There is also online multiplayer mode available in this game in which you can compete with 12 Players online.

Mario and Donkey Kong: Minis on the Move

This is the Biggest Mario game in title.It is a puzzle type Mario game developed by Nintendo especially for Nintendo Wii U.It is the fifth installment from the Mario Vs Donkey Kong series.It is one of the most addictive games ever released.I have played it once and it attracted me so much that i continuously played it 3 hours forgetting the outer world.Once check the Gameplay,you all will also become addictive to this game.


Here is a big note for all of you.All these games listed above are compatible only with the Nintendo Wii consoles.Any other consoles may not run these games.Also,all of these games are recommended to play on the Nintendo Wii U which is the latest 8th generation Gaming console released by the Nintendo.That's all.Thanks for reading....


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      3 years ago

      u r really clueless. Hire some females.

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      3 years ago

      why does the title talk about the ps3 if its only compatible with Nintendo???


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