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5 Birthday Gifts for Toddlers That They Will Love

Updated on June 29, 2017

Buying for Your Toddler

We know why you're here reading this. There is at least one child that you absolutely love to pieces. Most of us are in that same boat. With that love comes a desire to add to their happiness. But most of us want to give them more than just a few moments of entertainment in front of a TV or tablet. We want to give them something they can interact with and that will stimulate their learning and creativity - something that will last and let them know they are loved.

A child can be a handful sometimes. They make messes, they throw fits and let's not forget all of the nights they keep us up until 2 a.m. But all of the pain is worth it when we see a huge smile on their face, or they tell us they love us. With a toddler's birthday coming up, we want to make sure that we get them the best gift they could ask for. Or maybe it's not a special occasion and we just want to bring them some happiness. We want to see that great big smile on their face that will tell us that it was all worth it. Here are five gifts for toddlers that will be a huge success with the child you love!

1. Multicolored Crayon Rocks

If your child loves to color then these multicolored crayon rocks are perfect. Your child may not always stay in the lines using them, but they will have a blast rubbing these fun crayons across paper. They are non-toxic and easy to wash out (in case your 2-year-old decides to use your kitchen walls as a canvas). These little crayons are perfect for helping children learn to use their motor skills, and the 16 different colors will make your child excited to use them the same day that they're opened.

Personalized and Monogrammed Stuffed Animals
Personalized and Monogrammed Stuffed Animals | Source

2. Monogrammed Stuffed Animal

Children sleep easier when they have a stuffed animal to cuddle up with at night. Whether it's a stuffed bear, bunny, or dinosaur, your child wants a friend that they can count on at night. You can make a personalized, monogrammed stuffed animal for your child. You can have your child's name stitched into the ear or stomach, to make it their own. This is the kind of gift that your child will love for years to come. As your child grows attached to their first stuffed animal you will remember how satisfying it was watching them unwrap the gift that you gave him.

3. Animal Hands Temporary Tattoos

If your kids love to have fun and be goofy, then this gift will make their day! These temporary tattoos let their imaginations run wild as they tattoo their favorite animals onto their hands or on yours. These non-toxic tattoos will give them so many giggles as you pretend to be a shark and chase them around the house. Or when they put a bird on one and a frog on the other and have them talk to each other. Endless fun is sure to come with this fun gift!


4. Stackable Buckets

This gift is great for the toddler that loves to do puzzles. These stackable buckets allow your child to build a tower and then knock it down. The trick is that they will have to find which bucket fits on the next, and learning to do so will be a great joy for them to do, and for you to watch. The fun colors on each of the buckets will make this game much more enjoyable as your child finds out how to build the tower.

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5. Learning Laptop for Children

If your child loves to learn, then this gift is beyond perfect for them! This enjoyable little game will give them the satisfaction of owning a laptop just like mommy and daddy. As they learn the alphabet from this exciting game they will learn basic computer skills as well as basic English. Your child can check pretend emails or learn fun songs as they play with the different modes that the computer has to offer. All of the interactive games this pretend laptop provides will keep your child preoccupied with learning in the best possible way!

There are several important reasons why we chose these five gifts.

  1. They each connect and interact with a child in a different way. The learning laptop is very interactive and directly educational, while still being a lot of fun. The stackable buckets are one of those more basic toys that has unlimited possibilities. They can be played with in the sand, water, built into towers, hold other things and toys, and much more. The animal hands practically pull imagination out of a child, and anyone else who plays with them for that matter. The plush toy is a timeless classic, but with it being personalized to have their name on it, there is an instant special connection that makes it last far longer than other stuffed animals. It also helps the child be able to spell their name. The crayon rocks are such a cool twist on a creative staple. You don't have to worry about them breaking all the time or fitting back in the likely ripped box like normal crayons. And they can help the artistic juices flow at a very young age.
  2. All the gifts we chose are very affordable. While these years are very important in so many ways to develop a healthy and loving child, that doesn't mean you have to break the bank to buy the latest this or that.
  3. All of these are small enough to travel to wherever you're going and fit in your diaper bag or tote you're already carrying. Even the stackable buckets fit inside each other. We know how much stuff can be required to haul around when you have a young child. These won't add unnecessary bulk.
  4. All of these gifts are interactive and encourage thoughtful play. Even the personalized plush toy encourages the child reading, on top of the normal playing and cuddling that goes with a child's stuffed animal.

So put away your smartphones and tablets. Your kids will have plenty of time in their lives later on for "smart devices". These gifts encourage your kids to be kids in all the right ways.

Which of these gifts do you think would biggest hit with your child?

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