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5 Easy Tips and Tricks To Master Flappy Bird

Updated on May 1, 2014

We’ve seen it all over the news how the huge smash hit “Flappy Bird” became an obsession to many who downloaded the game. Becoming such a monstrous success however, prompted the creator to announce on February 8th that he was removing it for download off the Apple Store and Google’s Play Store the next day. The simple yet addictive premise was too much for the creator Nguyen Ha Dong to take. Apparently the attention and press was not what his original purpose in creating the game was. But although the game is nowhere to be found from any app store, if you downloaded the game before it was removed it is still very much playable.

Thus continues the madness and frustration for many who try a mindless diversion from their life of flying a bird through pipes, hopelessly attempting to beat their high score. The sad truth however, is there is no easy way to master this infuriating game. With practice and time, it is possible to gain knowledge of how to better yourself each time you try a better score. Again, this is not to try to show you how to beat everyone’s high score at a very unwinnable game. Instead, this a short list of 5 tips to try in case you are determined to show your friends how well you are at an insanely popular but short lived mobile game.

1. Find Serenity

This may seem like an easy no brainer concept, but if you want to give it your best you’ll need to be in a more calm environment. With someone talking to you or other tasks going on, it is nearly impossible to get a high score. The one obstacle of Flappy Bird is how much of your focus is demanded. As casual as the game may seem, just trying to get 10, 20, or more points can appeal to even the most hardcore gamers. Thus, if your goal is to go big, try playing during that segment of time you have where you feel the most relaxed and not distracted. One way is turning the sound completely off so the noise won't interfere with your concentration. Of course to most after about 5 minutes of playing time your mood will more than likely change to the opposite.

2. Place your phone/tablet on a table

It may seem simple, but the less distraction you have playing, the more likely you are to not lose concentration. Holding your device while playing can cause you to lose focus at times without even realizing it. Some enjoy playing the game while in line at the grocery, on the bus or relieving themselves in the bathroom, so a table can be out of the question at times. Still if you’re able to use some sort of counter, desk, or stand and not hold your phone or tablet, you’ll be surprised how much farther your little bird can go.

Tapping in the middle of the screen can cause frustration. Even as far as taking it out on your phone.
Tapping in the middle of the screen can cause frustration. Even as far as taking it out on your phone.

3. Tapping

One mistake many tend to make is where exactly on the screen they’re tapping. Due to the importance of having your full attention while playing, some may tap the screen right smack dab in the middle. This is a big mistake that can hinder your score immensely. A better strategy is tap towards the bottom right corner below the grass section of the screen. You’ll no doubt see a difference once you adjust by a simple placement of your finger. By seeing more of the screen, you’re giving more attention to the action going on.

4. Rhythm and Timing

A small tip that sometimes helps is your timing. Approximately 2 seconds is the space between each pipe section, thus timing is obviously of the essence. However if you practice enough, the actual timing or rhythm of when you tap the screen can boost your score. By being comfortable with more spaced out and slower taps instead of quicker timed flaps, you will set yourself up more for the next area of the pipes. This calls to mind the saying of “easier said than done” though, so practice is vital when trying this approach to the game.

5. Take Aim

One important secret that seems to always help with how long you can survive is where you fly in between the pipes. The whole reason that this game is ridiculously hard is that of course there isn’t much room for your bird to fly through. However, there is a way to give yourself the best possible chance. Instead of taking aim at the middle of the pipe’s opening, try more towards the bottom. Meaning, instead of shooting for the middle each and every time, go more for about 1/3 of the way at the bottom. This can be tricky at first, since you’re more close to clipping the bottom tube. But once you can hover securely through, it’ll seem like a cakewalk….until you blink and run into a pipe. It does not guarantee you will never mess up, but your odds of getting that sought after high score will increase.

So there you have it. A few simple tips that could ultimately make you the top dog of your friends at the addictively infuriating game of Flappy Bird. If you find these tips do not seem to help at first, keep practicing. Occasionally these things can take time. If you’re desperate enough you can always find a way to just hack the thing and rack up an unrealistic score too. That would make it even more pointless of a game though. If you’re creative enough you can even Photoshop your score and send it to all your friends. Either way, the power is yours. Just remember there is something called spending time with family and being outside sometimes.

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      No Social Media Identity Identified 3 years ago

      Looks like an interesting game… I heard the creator removed it from the app store, is that true? Also, is that Emma's phone? Makes for a good example when describing the hardships of gaming haha.