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5 Emotional Game Reviews

Updated on March 17, 2017
mustang87 profile image

Sage is a self-taught artist and has an interest in different types of video games.

One Chance

First up, a game that starts out on a good note, but ends up going completely south. One Chance makes you decide on tough choices, save the world or spend time with your family. It really makes you think, do you want to do the right thing or do you want to spend time with people who mean a lot to you? Take note, once you finish the game, there is no "possible" way to restart it.

Presentable Liberty

This next one, Presentable Liberty, focuses on being lonely. There are no actual characters in this game, only letters you receive from different people. There is no voice acting, and has a very simple design. As the game goes on, you begin to get attached to the people in the letters, and start to question if its worth trying to escape your cell. I've watched several youtubers play this game and the toll it took on them.

Anxiety Attacks

Now this game is sensitive, I actually could not play it or even finish watching a play-through of it. Anxiety Attacks is pretty much you walking through a forest or woods, and suddenly the vision changes and it tells you to control your breathing. For anyone who has anxiety attacks, or had them in the past, this "game" is pretty accurate. This is one of those things that could possibly trigger an attack, please watch if you feel up to it.

The Static Speaks My Name

Now, this game has a focus on being completely cut off from human interaction, as well as suicide. You go through a day from waking up, till the end. It has a very unsettling atmosphere, the windows are boarded up, weird paintings of the same thing everywhere, and your only companions are your shrimp.

That Dragon Cancer

This is possibly one of the most emotional games I've come across. That Dragon Cancer pretty much follows the story of a family whose son is diagnosed with cancer, and everything they went through. Has a very colorful yet simple art style, and a very moving dialogue. It takes you on such an emotional rollercoaster, following this child through diagnoses and treatment. That Dragon Cancer is a slow, casual, powerful game, with a deep story behind it.


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