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5 Free Mobile Games Like Pokemon Go

Updated on April 2, 2020

Mobile Games - 5 Free Mobile games like Pokemon GO

If you did not know Pokemon GO is a pocket creature mobile game where you can walk around outside find catch, train, battle friends and gyms placed in certain locations. It was released back in 2016 with much success after its release more apps have been coming out similar to what Niantic created. In this article we will share some information on 5 free fun games like Pokemon GO.

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1 - Ingress

Download on: Android and iOS

FREE to play

Ingress is a Science fiction world where you get the opportunity to pick which side you're playing on. The plot spins around the revelation of Exotic Matter (XM) and different energies that you can find when you investigate this present reality.

The other sides that you can play on are alluded to as groups, where The Edified try to gain (XM) to assume control over humankind or to battle against those powers as a feature of the Obstruction. Pick your side and begin your adventures.

2 - AR Dragon

Download on: Android and iOS

FREE to play

Is it true that you are prepared for a pet mythical serpent? the AR Mythical serpent game will give you one, in the event that you are prepared for such extraordinary obligation.

In this AR game. You need to take care of, play, and deal with it as you would a pet in real life. You additionally have a fabulous time of sprucing up your layered companion with caps and glasses.

3 - Ghostbusters World

Download on: Android and iOS

FREE to play

In this Ghostbusters game very similar to Pokemon GO, you dive into an existence where apparitions are genuine and you must catch them.

Coordinating a couple of characters from the Ghostbusters film, you'll certainly appreciate this game in the event that you've watched the movie before.

What's more, regardless of whether you haven't, the opportunity to catch, gather, and fight your phantoms with different apparitions makes for a fun new game to start playing as well getting outside enjoying the fresh air.

4 - Zombie GO

Available on: Android and iOS

FREE to play

Have you thought about what you would do if a genuine zombie end of the world event occurred? This game can prepare you. You as a player stroll around, chasing zombies, and shooting them dead. Stay alive by bringing the fight to them instead of waiting for the dead to find you.

By playing this fun zombie game you will earn many rewards, better weapons, emergency treatment cases to mend you. And if you're up for a real hard zombie fighting battle test, the game additionally offers Hoard Mode where you'll have an increased amount of zombies coming to attack you.

If you like zombie games this is one on the mobile you should definitely give a try.

5 - Knightfall AR

Available on: Android and iOS

FREE to play

Knightfall AR is a game where it takes you back to a time where Knights would defend the castles, battle to the death in order to protect there land and all of the people living on it. Don't let the enemy win the fight and take all the treasure as well.

Use your phone to place the AR game board on a surface where ever you are playing the game at the time. Once it is placed enjoy controlling knights and fighting through waves, Each time you successfully win a battle you will be awarded with coins which can help you level up your character, upgrade your knights weapons and armor.


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