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Great Gift Ideas for Claw Masters

Updated on December 20, 2014

There are lots of great gifts for people who love claw machines, skill cranes, UFO catchers and crane games.

There are desktop claw machines, cell phone apps, toys, and many more.

Many of these gifts are available now on or

When you're finished shopping, take a break and play the free online claw game from found at

Here's the list:

Tomy Space Crane

Use the joystick and button to control "the claw" and grab the little green men. Made by Takara/Tomy for Disney/Pixar. You get 1 Buzz, 1 Woody and some little green men.

Photo of the claw game in my Polly Pocket Relaxin Resort
Photo of the claw game in my Polly Pocket Relaxin Resort

Polly Pocket Relaxin Resort Gotta Game Arcade

This is an add on for the Polly Pocket Relaxin' Resort Playset. Turn the knob on the claw machine to dispense a small plastic toy. I have one, it is very cute.

Pizza and Arcade Games at Pizza Planet

Yes there's an actual Pizza Planet restaurant and an arcade at the Hollywood Studios Theme Park in Disney World in Orlando Florida. Read a review of Toy Story Pizza Planet from or a review of Toy Story Pizza Planet Arcade from

Toy Story Alien Rescue Claw Game

It features a crane which players activate to bring the action to life. Players try to skill fully capture their colored characters. Based on the Toy Story movies.

"Carnival Games" on Wii

This collection of games has many carnival games including "The Claw" where you play a claw machine game with your wiimote. You can win over 250 virtual prizes in Carnival Games. Also the New Carnival Games edition was released in September 2010.

The Claw Candy Grabber

Save your quarters - You can have your very own desktop electronic candy grabbing machine. You can fill it with candy or small toys.

Toy Story Alien Fishing Game

The Disney Toy Story Alien Grab game is for children ages 4 and up. The object of the game is to grab the little green men as it spins around. Based on the popular Toy Story movies.

UFO Balance Catcher

The Ultimate Claw Machine Gift? How about your very own UFO Balance Catcher. Introduced at the 2010 AOU Amusement Expo. Instead of a joystick, the UFO Balance Catcher uses a balance board, similar to a wii balance board, to move the claw. You can move the board in 8 directions, like a D pad. And if you are skilled enough to grab a prize, you still have to use the balance board to move the claw to the bin to drop your prize. What a fun workout if you can afford it.

Hot Wheels Toy Story Claw Rescue Track Set

Based on the "incinerator" scene of the Disney/Pixar film, Toy Story 3, this track is 1:64 scale and has a ramp and a loop. It is a one-loop gravity track set. It has lights and sound effects and includes one Hot Wheels car. Requires 2 AA batteries. Assembly required.

Dave and Buster's Gift Card

If you have been to Dave and Busters and have seen their arcade you will know why claw masters love this place. They have great food and a lot of great games. I have seen several different types of claw machine games there including one called The Big One that is the size of a small room and has very large plush prizes you can win. Get a gift card at

Claw Machine Apps for Your Cell Phone

Buy Prize Claw and download it at itunes.

See a list of claw machine apps you can get for your cell phone. Or give an itunes gift card so they can choose their own app for their iphone or ipad.

Toy Story Wobbly Alien Action Figure

This is a six inch collectible action figure based on the Disney Pixar Toy Story movies. It is movable. Available for pre-order.


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    • Game Arcade profile image

      Game Arcade 5 years ago from US

      I wish I could find one for $20! I 've seen where people bought a used game on ebay but it was still a lot of money. That's why I like to search the web to find virtual claw games that are free, see my collection of those games at also have you heard about Its where you could play a real claw machine for free from your own computer, and if you grabbed a prize they would mail it to you, so I'm hoping they will bring it back again this Christmas. Or in some places you can rent a claw machine for a day, see

    • profile image

      emeliaa 5 years ago

      wish i had a claw machine any one were to get one for $20!!!!!!!!!!!!!!