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Top Toys Your Child Won't Want to Stop Playing with | Best Games to Help Stimulate Learning & Critical Thinking

Updated on August 3, 2012

* * * * * * * BEWARE! * * * * * * *

You may find you have too much time on your hands once these award-winning toys arrive at your home!!!

Its also equally possible than you may have no time on your hands purely because you also secretly love the games & toys!

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

The Best Toys are those Designed to Help Your Child Learn

The most memorable toys are those that a child not only loves to play with, but those that help the child learn essential life skills. Playing with a stuffed toy sure is cute & can aid in pacifying babies, but what does the child really learn from this experience?

Childhood is a period of time where kid's brains are like sponges - they literally absorb information from all angles, experiences & people. Whilst exploring, when asking grown ups questions, during every waking hour!!

That is why its essential to take this opportunity to help them absorb as much positive, beneficial information as they can comfortably take. This is the time when you can give them a gentle nudge in the right direction by helping boost their learning during this time of their lives, and facilitating them in developing new skills - using fun yet educational, dynamic, exciting toys they wont want to stop learning with! I mean playing with... :)

Scroll down and check out this review of the Top 5 toys your children will absolutely love to engross themselves in...


1. LeapFrog Explorer Learning Tablet - Intellectual Training for Children

Its a common sight nowadays to see young children frozen in front of a TV screen, watching Dora the Explorer or Spongbob Squarepants. The image of little ones engrossed in their Nintendo DS Lite is not too unfamiliar either.

Its easy to see then that educational games on ipads for children, various softwares that are designed at teaching children certain skills (ie. Mathematics, Spelling, etc.) & toys with an ultimately informative goal are the way to go if you want to equip your children with the best skills from the youngest ages.

The LeapPad is a great addition to any child's electronic collection, one that is designed to keep them engaged, constantly sharpen existing intellectual skills & give them a fun, interactive, learning experience.

The tablet gives access to more than 100 educational books, games, videos, and apps. Many subjects are extensively covered, your child's progress is recorded & normally difficult subjects like mathematics, reading, and science are covered in an innovative and highly effective way.

The structure of the tablet is durable & stable even though the overall design is slim & sleek, and it was definitely created with little hands in mind as you can flip it, shake it or touch it with dirty fingers, & it should still last. (Everything within reason obviously...)

I have to give you a little heads up though - you might end up using it more than your children!!

Get Your Hands on a LeapPad now, Intellectual Training for Both Children & Parents ~>

Great addition to any child's electronic collection. It is designed with both children and adults in mind & does indeed engage and provide hours of intellectual training for children.

Suitable for all electronic enthusiasts aged 8 years and up...
Suitable for all electronic enthusiasts aged 8 years and up...

2. Snap Circuits for Kid's Interested in Electronics

If your child is a wiz when it comes to electronics, lets just say they will.... absolutely.... LOVE these projects. The Snap Circuits allows budding engineers to build lie detectors, burglar alarms, a photosensitive electronic organ, an AM radio, and a two-finger touch lamp - it actually contains enough pieces (60) to create over 300 different electronic projects, with varying scales of difficulty.

This masterpiece right here is sure to keep all children with wild imaginations firmly inside the house - putting together all sorts of wonderful electronic creations!

One of the main advantages of this hands-on platform is that it caters to children's ability to develop skills. The projects are arranged in order of complexity, allowing children to advance through the levels & enhance their knowledge of electric switches, integrated circuits, digital circuits, fuses, and much, much more.

Once your child has mastered the circuits & projects available, you can upgrade & get access to more manuals, projects & parts, allowing them to further develop these valuable skills.

Click here to purchase Snap Circuits - Perfect for Wiz Kids ~>

Help your rising star create a water-detection alarm, a delayed-action fan, a doorbell & many more useful electronic projects...


3. Qwirkle Board Game | Improve Strategizing & Critical Thinking Skills

Qwirkle is an addictive board game designed to improve critical thinking & help children develop strategic skills. Much like Scrabble, the basic guidelines for the game are relatively simple - the aim is to match tiles & win points.

If your child enjoys games where they have to plot & formulate a plan in order to gain victory - this is one that they will love to engross themselves in. In fact, Qwirkle is devised to enable the whole family to participate...

Quirkle can keep children scheming & planning how to win for hours - perfect for those days when you need a minute to just....sit & relax. Its best for children over the age of 6, as it helps promote quick-thinking & can enhance your children's ability to maintain focus & concentration long enough to accomplish lengthy tasks.

Get Your Quirkle Now & Develop Your Childrens Quick-Thinking Skills ~>

Challenge their skills at thinking on the spot & hone their strategizing techniques without boring yourself to death..

Suitable for Scientific Explorers aged 4 or over...
Suitable for Scientific Explorers aged 4 or over...

4. Mind Blowing Science Kit for All Young Scientists

Science is an integral part of everyone's lives & the quicker your little genius learns about it, the more advanced they are likely to be! Science doesn't have to be tedious or boring, and science kits like the one below are designed to make Science fun & inviting for children (aged 4 years and up).

Just think back to when you were young - ever remember wanting to build your very own volcano...that actually erupted? Or how about growing your own crystals? Maybe you wanted to transform your room into a science lab? Well, this kit enables your child to all all of these... and more (with your help).

To make things easy, the Mind Blowing Science Kit comes with step by step guidelines for each experiment & a heap of 'science secrets' to enable you to answer questions about what is happening during the various stages of the experiments. Never get caught with no answers by your 5 year old - again!

Consider yourself warned though - you may end up learning a few things yourself!

There is one point though that can be perceived both as a drawback & a plus point - depending on your motivations for purchasing this Kit. If you are hoping to keep your children busy for hours, without them disrupting you, this is not going to work! You will need to supervise the little bambino's whilst they are conducting these experiments - giving you the opportunity to spend some quality, educational & fun time together (educational & fun in the same sentence? surely not!!!!).

Purchase Your Science Kit Now!

Mind Blowing Science Kit for All Adventurous Scientists.

Click here to get yours ~~~>


5. Blokus Classics Game, Promotes Healthy Brain Activity

This is a great, great game for the entire family - its the most awarded game of the 21st Century! It is ideal for children aged 5 years and above, but in most reviews of Blokus, adults are often equally as engrossed in it.

Having received a Mensa award for encouraging healthy brain activity, its a game that definitely has a beneficial purpose. It encourages creative thinking to achieve one seemingly simple goal - each player must fit all of their pieces onto the board. The player who gets rid of all of their tiles first is the winner so it not only improves creative thinking skills, it also helps hone strategic thinking.

It can be played with 2,3 or 4 players, but as a general rule, the more players you have, the more dynamic & fast moving the game becomes, increasing the challenge potential & providing further training for children & adults.

Blokus is a game that can help turn family time into a more productive (but entirely fun) session & if you had to purchase any one game, then this should certainly be a strong contender.

Buy your Blokus now, Boost Your Child & Your Own Creative Thinking Potential ~>

With over 500 5-star reviews, Blokus is one game you should never be without.

Addictive for both children & adults, this will provide hours of constructive, interactive, learning - by playing a game!

The Importance of Engaging Your Children in Informative & Interactive Experiences

Facilitating intellectual and academic growth using educational toys is beneficial both directly and indirectly to not only the child, but also the family as a whole.

It was a pleasure writing this review as children are the future, quite literally & many times their creative, intellectual & problem solving abilities are overlooked. By stimulating their minds in a positive, progressive manner now, we can ensure that the future is bright for us all.

Have fun & learn a few things in the process... go on an educational journey with your children or have peace of mind they are learning something new every time they play.


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    • hinazille profile image

      CONSCIOUSNINJA 5 years ago from Planet Earth

      Hey Docmo! Thanks for your kind words, I thoroughly enjoyed writing this Hub & hope my readers get benefits too!

    • hinazille profile image

      CONSCIOUSNINJA 5 years ago from Planet Earth

      @kjrzeek1, Thanks for stopping by & taking the time to read & comment! I cant agree with you more - not exposing children to different learning experiences really is cheating them greatly!

      Your son's skills are impressive, God willing, I am sure that he will get very, very far :)

      & the Science Kit is definitely a great learning platform...let me know how your son finds it...

    • kjrzeek1 profile image

      kjrzeek1 5 years ago from New Jersey, USA

      Great Hub, Kids are sponges and they can absorb so much at a young age. If you don't give your child every benefit of learning you are really cheating them. My son memorized the 50 states in alphabetical order before he turned 4 years old. I still have to refer to a cheat sheet to sing it to him. Children are amazing. I think I am going to get the Mind Blowing Science Kit for my son. Thank you.

    • Docmo profile image

      Mohan Kumar 5 years ago from UK

      Great selection for children- stimulating, entertaining and rewarding. Well picked. Sound advice on how to keep the kids engaged and entertained. voted up!

    • hinazille profile image

      CONSCIOUSNINJA 5 years ago from Planet Earth

      thanks for your prompt feedback! Chess is a great strategy game too, much like some of the ones mentioned above - great to while away hours playing these type of games with family...

    • dilipchandra12 profile image

      Dilip Chandra 5 years ago from India

      Chess as well is one of the best board games a child should be taught. Good hub.