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5 Video Games' Real Endings That Are Locked Behind DLC

Updated on August 6, 2017

Before you start reading, please keep in mind that this list will be full of spoilers for the following games:

Dead Space 3, Dead Rising 4, Asura's Wrath and Fallout 3.

4. Dead Space 3

Let's be frank, Dead Space 3 was a troubled game. The final game in the series has a bit of a rough edge. The game was struggling whether it wanted to be a horror game or an action game. Its publisher, EA wanted to attract bigger audience so they urged the developers to make a game that can appeal to both action games fans and horror fans. This resulting in a devastating receptions from both players and critics. HOWEVER, there are still some fans of the series who played the game despite this only to be greeted with cheap ending while the actual ending locked behind the DLC The Awakened.

The ending of the main game: Isaac and Carver stayed and fought the final boss while Nicole escaped alone. It is presumed that both Isaac and Carver died.

The actual ending in the DLC: It is revealed that Isaac and Carver survived at the end of the boss fight. Then they fought their way through hordes of necromorphs to get a shuttle up and running to return to Earth. Upon arrival, they found out that it was too late for them to save the Earth.

3. Dead Rising 4

Dead Rising 4 sees the return of Frank West, the beloved main character of the first game. However, the game received a lot of criticism since the release of the first trailer from the Dead Rising community against Capcom Vancouver's decision to change the voice actor of Frank West, as well as significantly changing his appearance. As if that wasn't enough, the game's ending has encountered flak from many fans and critics alike. Frank West's death was what many felt to be unnecessary. To add fuel to the fire, Capcom released a DLC called Frank Rising where it tells the story of how Frank actually survived at the end of the game.

The ending of the main game: Frank sacrifices himself, ensuring that Vick and Brad make it safely out of the area by helicopter.

The actual ending in the DLC: Frank turned into a zombie himself and started eating humans. Frank is eventually successfully cured back to a human with some help from Blackburne and is able to escape with her in the evacuation helicopter.

2. Asura's Wrath

Surprise surprise, its another Capcom's game. Asura' Wrath is a unique game with unique gameplay that consists of a combination of multiple genres, while overall is presented in the style of an episodic anime series. The game follows the title character, the demigod Asura as he seeks revenge on the pantheon of other demigods who betrayed him while trying to protect his dearest daughter, Mithra.

The ending in the game: Asura and Yasha return and reunite with Mithra after the final battle.

The actual ending in the DLC: The Golden Spider took residence in Mithra's body before sealing her away while revealing his true form Chakravartin, the Lord of Creation. Asura then took his final godly form and kill the Lord of Creation.

1. Fallout 3

Don't get me wrong, Fallout 3 is a great game. It may not be as good as New Vegas (personal preference) but the game is still loved by many. The game puts the player into the shoes of the Lone Wanderer in their quest to find their missing father, James. It is later revealed that James and many other scientists have been working on Project Purity, a project that will give the Capital Wasteland a constant source of clean water.

The ending in the game: There are 3 main endings where the players have to choose; they sacrifice themselves, they sent Sarah Lyons to sacrifice herself and do nothing and kill everyone. For most people, self sacrifice is considered to be the true and most heroic ending, a fitting way to end a game.

The actual ending in the DLC: It is revealed that the player actually survived the radiation and awakened two weeks after that IF they have the Broken Steel DLC installed. Then, the player worked together with the Brotherhood of Steel to cleanse the wasteland from the Enclave.


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