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5 Weird Things that Were Invented for Use by Men.

Updated on November 24, 2017

There are some great inventions. And then there are some really weird items ever made for man's use. Well, some of these weird items are actually necessary for man's happiness, others can leave wondering if they were really meant for human's use.

Here is quite a good overview of some items invented by man but their use will leave you in awe. Check them out.


Here are the 5 Weird Items You Should Know About.

1. A razor that makes your face dumb

Gillette is known to score many firsts when it comes to inventing great shaving razors. But one razor, the GILLETTE'S NEW FLEXBALL, produces some interesting results in the process of shaving. According to the manufacturer, the razor includes a nimble pivoting head that moves through 24-degree range making the shaving a more cursive process.

2. A MoodMetric device

Well, men aren't known to have mood swings as much as their female counterparts. This is not to mean feelings do not flare up once in a while. The MoodMetric devices senses your feelings and shows the stress levels on your smartphone's screen.

You can as well add notes on the device's app, manage your stress level through the quadrant illustration as well as store collected data in the cloud.

3. The Bone Fone device

Hmmm....we mostly use scarfs to warm ourselves up. However, the manufacturers of this devices thought we could do more with our scarfs. Bone fone device features inbuilt radio speakers that mellow out nice tunes as you about your duties.

So, how does it differ with everyday earphones? Well, the device has high-end audio system that mellows out great tunes that easily resonates with your body vibrations. Specifically, the device was designed for athletes who would find normal earphones bulky.

4. Smart belts

Our ordinary clothing and accessories are increasingly becoming smart wears. BELTY, a smart belt by Emiota company adjusts itself depending on the activity that you are engaged in. It will also notify you if it notices an increase in the size of your waist. It's simply amazing.


5. Digitsole Smartshoe

Athletes are known to wear highly customized shoes. The digitsole brings the technology in the realms of an ordinary man. Aside from tracking your movements, the shoe also controls the temperature inside your shoe for optimum comfort.

Beyond these basic functionalities, the shoe sole can be connected to your smartphone via a bluetooth so that you can preview, alter and stop the sole's basic functionalities.

Here is a clip on how Digitisole works

Parting shot

Well, the world is definitely at such a crazy pace if the inventions in this list is anything to go by. Yet, we an only expect more inventions in the coming days as newer technologies come to the fore.

So, the question is, have you used any of these devices in here? If not, do some effort and try them out before they are phased out by technology in the coming days.


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