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5 of the Scariest Obscure Horror Games Everyone Should Play

Updated on April 8, 2021
RachelWesley profile image

Rachel Wesley is both a video game and a horror enthusiast. She writes horror and designs RPG games of the same genre.

At some point in our lives, we horror lovers realize that there isn't anything out there good enough to give us a fright anymore. This is when we start scouring the internet for games we might have missed; games that may be a bit off the beaten path but might actually be scary.

That isn't to say that there is nothing good coming out now, but maybe you're tired of the same ole same ole and want to give something different a try.

Here are 5 of the scariest horror games that you might not have already played, but that are definitely worth your time. That is if you can find them...

Rule of Rose

Players assume the role of a young woman named Jennifer in 1930s England. She manages to stumble across a dilapidated orphanage with no caregivers, only children. Jennifer is kidnapped by said children and forced into the lowest caste of their Red Crayon Aristocracy.

Soon, she finds herself recovering memories of her lost childhood, all while searching for tributes valuable enough to the children that they won't hurt her. Much like in Haunting Ground, she meets and frees a companion dog that she affectionately calls Brown. Brown stays by Jennifer's side and protects her from many dangers as she continues her journey to find the truth; and a way out.

The game was banned in the United Kingdom for misinformation. They claimed the purpose of the game was to beat up and rape a young girl, which, thankfully, it is not. It was still enough for the ban, so if you live in the UK you are going to have an even harder time getting a hold of this one.

I was fortunate enough to play this game back when it came out because it is super hard to come by now. It's a shame that it is so difficult to get your hands on because this is one of those games that every horror lover should get to experience at least once. The game has become somewhat of a lesser-known cult classic in its own right.

Rule of Rose is a scary and strange ride from start to finish. It is also pretty expensive if you want to buy it. Right now, the cheapest I could find was on Amazon for about $170.00. Sometimes it can get up to $500.00. Yikes!

Parasite Eve

While attending an opera at Carnegie Hall, NYPD rookie Aya Brea is suddenly thrust into a world of mutations, monsters, and a past she was never privy to.

As she locks eyes with Melissa, the lead role in the opera she is watching, something happens, and everyone in the building, aside from Aya, her date, and Melissa, spontaneously combusts and burn to death.

Melissa reveals that Aya is not quite ready yet and disappears into the sewers, where Aya gives chase. During her journey to stop Melissa, who now calls herself Eve, Aya will learn a lot about herself and her city. Will her decisions make her just like Eve, or will she be able to control her newfound powers to protect all that she cares about?

Parasite Eve is a turn-based biological horror RPG with an emphasis on action. There have been recent rumors of a remake coming soon, but that is still just rumors. It isn't terribly priced; just $20.00, and the game is yours, but supplies are limited.

Clock Tower

The original Clock Tower game was different from those that followed it. The concept was basically the same; run, hide and try not to get caught while exploring and looking for a way out of the nightmare, but the first game was the scariest.

It played out in such a way that your heart was pounding as you tried to escape the Scissorman constantly chasing you. Would he find you this time? It was possible. There were occasions where the player hid too late or in the same spot too many times and got busted for it.

Released in 1995, Clock Tower is a point-and-click, adventure, horror game that follows Jennifer Simpson after being adopted by the strange and mysterious Barrows family. She is brought to the Barrows' mansion with several other orphans but soon finds herself the sole survivor amongst them.

Jennifer must explore the mansion to try to find a way out, as all obvious exits are unable to be opened. She is pursued by the Scissorman, who carries an extra-large pair of scissors he uses to chop people in half. He will kill Jennifer if he gets the chance, so she must avoid him at all costs.

This one carries a hefty price tag at about $430.00, so getting it won't be easy or cheap.

Nightmare Creatures

Nightmare Creatures is the only game on this list that allows players to choose between two different playable characters. You can take on the role of master of the occult, father Ignatius Blackward, who uses staffs to fight, or gymnast Nadia Franciscus, a practiced fencer that uses swords.

A huge plague sweeps the city and mutates everything in its path. Those mutations grow out of control and are soon killing everything they see. It is up to either Ignatius or Nadia to destroy them and to find a way to stop the disease from spreading further.

The monsters are horrible creatures like those from nightmares, hence the name.

Nadia is also on her own personal quest to avenge her father's untimely death. She vows to kill the man that murdered him and stop the powerful cult he runs. Father Ignatius is also looking for a way to end the same cult: The Brotherhood of Hecate, who also created and started the plague. The question is: How do you stop something once it has a life of its own? Can you?

Buying this one won't be so burdensome on your wallet. $10.00 is all it takes.

Clive Barker's Undying

Undying, where to even begin with this one? This was such a good game that doesn't get nearly the love and recognition it deserves.

The player takes on the role of Patrick Galloway as he has been summoned to the home of an old war buddy, Jeremiah Covenant.

Jeremiah soon tells Patrick of his distress, that he may not be long for this world, as he has been stricken by a family curse. The curse has already claimed his four siblings: Bethany, Lizbeth, Ambrose, and Aaron.

Patrick chooses to help his old friend and is soon thrust into a world of monsters, undead kings, and evil, bitter rivals. As he progresses, he learns more of the Covenant curse and has to deal with the undead siblings to save Jeremiah.

He realizes that all is not as it seems as he reads journals and comes across certain things. Will he figure it all out in time to stop the curse from raising an ancient evil hellbent on destruction, or is it already too late?

Although this was a great game, it will only cost you $7.00 to make it yours.

Have you played these titles? Which is your favorite?

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