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Swimming Pool Games: 5 Fun and Cheap Games

Updated on March 4, 2016

Swimming pools are a heck of a lot of fun, but after enough cannonballs and handstands you may find yourself fresh out of ideas to entertain friends and family. To keep people interested and to bring out the natural warrior in all of us, here are some pool game ideas that are fun, inexpensive, and just another great excuse to spend more time in the pool.

Noodle Joust:

Just the name of this one is fun. You’ve seen those long foam noodles in the swimming pool isle at the box store, right? The idea here is for two opponents to each straddle a swim float, armed with a noodle, and joust! First player losing their mount is vanquished, and the winner takes on the next challenger. An adult version could reward the victorious knight with a refreshing grown-up beverage. Loser has to serve it.


Invisible Bomb:

Find a clear two-liter plastic bottle, and fill it with water. For best results use a cap that is the same color as the bottom of your pool, or color the cap accordingly. Have the players form two teams, standing at opposite ends of the pool, facing out. The “referee” will toss the bottle into the pool, and when the players hear the splash, they try to find it. The bottle will be nearly invisible, making this a challenging and hilarious contest. Get creative with appropriate rewards for the winner.

The Frozen T-Shirt:

This one will take some preparation, but it’s worth it. As the name implies, soak two t-shirts in water and freeze them for a couple of days before your pool gathering. Divide the players into two teams. Give each team captain a frozen t-shirt. The object is to thaw out the shirt by any means available, pool water, hot breath, bang it on the deck, whatever. The “referee” should call “switch” every 15 seconds, and a new person takes the shirt and continues the process. First team to successfully thaw and put on their shirt wins.


Watermelon Relay:

Two teams split up with members divided equally on each end of the pool. The object is to push a watermelon across the pool to your next teammate, without touching the bottom of the pool. First team with all members across the pool with the watermelon wins. The bonus of this game is your snack of cool, refreshing watermelon when finished.


The Atomic Whirlpool:

This game will work best for those who have a round above-ground or single level pool. All players get in the pool and form a ring and link hands. Everyone begins walking clockwise, and gradually speeding up until running. This will result in the water swirling around the pool like a whirlpool. Then, on signal, everyone turns around and tries to go the opposite direction. The object? There isn’t one. It is just hilarious watching your friends falling and slipping while trying to go against the incredibly powerful current!

These games will work for children or adults, and you can use your imagination for incentives and rewards appropriate to the group participating. The idea is that you can have a lot of fun without spending a lot of money on fancy pool games from the store. With a little imagination and creativity anyone can host a pool party that guests won’t soon forget.

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