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Best 6 Channel RC (radio controlled) Helicopters

Updated on March 23, 2012
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I have been a chef for the last 10 years but I enjoy writing as a hobby. I really enjoy writing for Hubpages because it is fun

6 Channel E-Razor 450 Metal RC Helicopter 100% RTF - Fully Upgraded! Ready for 3D
6 Channel E-Razor 450 Metal RC Helicopter 100% RTF - Fully Upgraded! Ready for 3D | Source

RC Helicopters

Are you looking for some ultimate miniture fun? Well you can look no further than a 6 channel remote control helicopter, which are the best toys of 2012. Remote control helicopters are a heck of a lot of fun, the best thing about these toys is that the majority of people playing with them are not children but their parents. The remote control helicopter can be compared to a pair of breasts in that both are designed for the child but both get played with by the father. These remote controlled helicopters can be played with either indoors or ourdoors, although if you are playing with them you must take into account the wind speed.

The remote controlled helicopters are really fun to play with and they have some great technology, the fact that scientist have been able to miniaturise helicopter technolagy so that somebody can fly one ronud their living room is great. The 6 channel models are great at allowing the user to crontrol several aspects of their manouvereability in that a person can move them up and down and round and about. Some of the better models even allow the user to do tricks with their helicopters.

These toys are great but the better models usually cost more money. It is the same with most things, the more money you spend the better the products you but. Money tends to equal good stuff. Helicopters are not the easiest things to be flowen, planes are. A helicopter needs to be flowen using a lot of concentration and a lot of focus. With the 6 channel remote control helicopters you get full control over all the different flight patterns and you are able to do all sorts of impressive tricks with them. Another fantastic feature of the 6 channel RC helicopters is the fact that you are able to customise the helicopters, you can change the rotor blades and the body and even give them a full customised paint job if you have an artistic side. There are a lot of helicopter enthusiasts out there that would tell you that the 6 channel models are a fantastic purchase due to the ability to customise every inch of them and the fact that they are very versitile and you are able to do all sorts of impressive tricks and stunts with them.

A couple of friends and myself pooled our money together and bought three 6 channel RC helicopters and had some fun with them. It was great! We had them flying about in his back garden. Everything was going swimmingly until we decided to try a few stunts with them. The helicopters were all being controlled from their own unique radio band so there was no problem with cross channel interference. The problem was that we decided to battle out helicopters! I know, I know, boys never change no matter how old they get! There were three helicopters zooming about the garden and then we ended up fighting each other with out helicopters. Each helicopter had its own customised paint job, mine had a big red dragon painted on it, the second helicopter has a demon painted on it, and the third was jet black with flames down the side. We were trying to knock each others helicopters out of the air. The black helicopter was the first to go down as it was hit several times by my helicopter and my mates demon helicopter. Then there were only two left the red dragon and the demon. I was holding my own quite well for a while. To be honest I thought I was going to lose the battle because my mate had much better control over his helicopte (I was a liitle too heavy handed), the thing is he managed to crash his RC helicopter into a tree. I was cheering and doing a victory dance when my mates dog came bounding out of nowhere and flung himself at my helicopter and slammed it into a fence, luckily the pooch was not injured.

All three helicopters had been put through their paces and were crashed into verious different things, a fence, a do, each other, yet it only took us about 10 minutes and a little super glue to get them air bourne again. A group of lads and a dog couldn't completely right these toys off. I wouldn't say they are indestructable but they are really tough toys to withstand the pounding they were given.

The 6 channel remote control helicopters are not only really tough, they are also really easy to control. They are also fairly easy to repair if minor damages are incurred due to rough housing. If a group of 20'somethings can fail to completely destroy these devices whilst drinking beers then a child will likely be able to get hours and hours of enjoyment out of them before they completely destroy them.

TRex 600 Helicopter - Amazing Tricks


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    • profile image

      charles gray 5 years ago

      This is very informative post for all people who love to fly RC helicopter specially for those who want to fly a 6 channel RC helicopter thanks for sharing your experience.

    • Zone27 profile image

      Zone27 5 years ago

      Excellent post. i love rc helicopter they are fun and amazing

    • nbhumble profile image

      nbhumble 6 years ago from Staffs, UK

      Sounds like you had loads of fun, which at the end of the day is what it is all about. There is a huge selection of RC helicopters available these days; to fit all, pockets, skill levels and aspirations. For more information on this wonderful hobby there's a great site at