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6 Marvel Characters You Might Not Know

Updated on June 13, 2014
I wish I could post like that all the time.
I wish I could post like that all the time.

Black Bolt

With his actual name being just a little bit of a tongue twister (Blackagar Boltagon), Blackbolt admittedly is a very cool look character. It's a bit of a shame he isn't as well known as he probably should be.

He first appeared in an issue of the Fantastic Four (#45) back in the 1965 and has one very unique power. I'll let you try to guess right here before I tell you so think hard. Black Bolt? What could that mean?


Or more rather his voice. If Black Bolt goes to speak BAM. Even if he was just leaning over to whisper in your ear your head would probably crack open from the pressure. That means that he spends a lot of his time being quiet. I think he'd be a great villain to have in a Marvel film. Any character in a film that doesn't speak is always very intimidating. Could you imagine a Fantastic Four movie where Thing is running at an unintimidated Black Bolt who just opens his mouth and causes part of Thing to fall off. Stupidly cool on so many level.s

Don't have horns? Gel your hair then.
Don't have horns? Gel your hair then.


When the main alias listed on the Marvel site beside your name is 'Satan', you know that Mephisto is going to be someone not to mess with.

If you were to ask Mephisto for his passport at customs, you'd find one with HELL embossed on the front. This cheeky chappy looks after a sort of in between realm between Earth and Health and love nothing more than tormenting others.

He first showed up in Issue 3 of Silver Surfer and has fought with Thor and Daredevils among many, many others. He has had some different looks over the years but as the picture in the right shows, he usually dons a cape and shapes his hair in a horn like fashion, just like his boss.

Poor half robot guy couldn't really catch a break.
Poor half robot guy couldn't really catch a break.


Remember how I said about Mephisto having a passport from Hell. Well Vision (aka Victor Shade) is a poor chap in that he can't get one anywhere. Vision is a humaniod who was created by Ultron (remember that name as Ultron is the baddy in the next Avengers movie).

Originally made to destory the Avengers, Vision gained a slight level of self awareness and realised that he was did wasn't really a good thing, and turned on Ultron to help his first real friends (isn't that cute).

And to make a long story quite short, Vision was able to become essentially a massive router for all the world's computer system and helped bring about peace on Earth. But when he needed the old 'knock it off and on' treatment, he reset back to default and was outcast after being viewed as a danger to Earth.

That meant he had to leave emotion behind and become a basic humanoid again in order not to be destroyed.

Not The Theme You're Used To

Spider-Man Cool? Not always!

We're all familiar with the Spider-Man film series (and yes I'm talking about both versions of the 'franchise' to pop up over the last 12 years), but back in the 70s Spider-Man was as funky and jive talking as they got.

The video on the left is of a lesser known live action TV Series where Peter was a little bit older than he possibly should've been. Just by watching the intro you can see how much special effects have changed over time, and judging by the majority of footage involving Spidey walking along tall buildings, people were really excited by seeing heights back then.

Some Other Lesser Known Marvel Characters

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Mole ManWonder ManSentryKangHercules.  Yes, Hercules.
Mole Man
Mole Man
Wonder Man
Wonder Man
Hercules.  Yes, Hercules.
Hercules. Yes, Hercules.
Call him by his real name and don't half expect to have a sword pointed in your face.
Call him by his real name and don't half expect to have a sword pointed in your face.

Black Knight

When one thinks of superheroes, the idea of one being a Knight doesn't sound right really. But no. There really is a hero know as Black Knight.

And of course being a knight you'd expect him to be English, right? No! Real name Dane Whitman, Black Knight comes from Gloucester (hence the name) in Massachusetts and showed up in Avenger #47 in 1967.

So what can Black Knight do? Well nothing much really. He doesn't have any super powers but he is really good at combat and has a laser sword. Yes, a LASER SWORD. It was created by Merlin after a meteorite fell to Earth during the Middle Ages.

And just because he doesn't have powers, it doesn't mean he can't put up a good fight.He helped the Avengers on a few occasions and even went back in time t help fight in the Crusades. This only happened though after he was cursed in the present and his soul got lost in time, which is something I'm sure we all know what is like.

With hair like that, you don't know if he wants to bite you or just rock out.
With hair like that, you don't know if he wants to bite you or just rock out.


Not very often you can say you're a supervillian and a Nobel prize winner, but Dr. Michael Morbius is just that. After finding out he has a blood problem that would kill him, Morbius experimented with bat blood to help find a cure. After an unfortunate accident with electricity on a yacht, he was transformed in to something akin to a vampire.

And when you're a vampire of course, all you ever want is some fresh blood. After nearly killing his best friend and thinking he was going to suck the life out of his only love, he went to commit suicide by jumping off a bridge, only for instinct to kick in and stop him from doing so.

What essentially became a post life crisis ended up with Morbius travelling across many countries, worlds and dimensions fighting the likes of Spider-Man, Human Torch and Blade. And while others like She-Hulk have done their best to help turn Morbius back in to loveable Dr.Mike again, he still treads the line between good and bad on the daily.


With nicknames like 'The Eater of Souls', 'Lord of Chaos' and 'Lord of Darkness', it's a safe bet that Dormammu isn't the guy at the party who has a good few tricks and jokes in his repertoire.

Originating from the Dr.Strange series in Issue 71 (always a sign that a character is going to be absolutely bonkers), Dormammu works as an independent despot and tries to otherthrow not countries, but entire universes. Having run ins with Odin, Loki, Red Skull and even Captai America, Dormammu has faced a wider range of foes in the Marvel Universe than most other characters.

So what can he do when he's game for a fight? Well because he is made of nothing but mystical energy that is hard to control, he can do whatever the hell he likes. Transport dimensions? Not a problem. Change size? Done in a jiffy. Make it rain? Get him an umbrella.

That doesn't mean he's unstoppable though. When travelling between universes, his power can be drastically reduced unless he uses his powers as a sorcerer (did I mention he's a sorcerer?) in order to cast spells that will make him strong again.

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