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6 Places to Play Pokemon Go in Dallas

Updated on July 27, 2016

We all know that Pokemon Go is the newest, latest game craze that has kids, nerds, adults, and nostalgic millennials roaming all around town trying to “Catch ‘Em All”. While you need to remember to be safe and aware of your surroundings, and respectful while trying to catch pokemon, we’ve included some great, Pokemon-friendly spots around the Dallas area where you can find rare pokemon, and have some fun as well! We picked places that are crowd-friendly, chock full of pokemon, fun for pokemon trainers of all ages, and easy to find. So be safe, have fun, and catch some pokemon!

White Rock Lake
White Rock Lake

1. White Rock Lake

White Rock Lake features beautiful trails, great businesses, a sailboat marina… and an assortment of water pokemon! On Lawther near the arboretum, there was a gyrados caught, and you can see tons of Pokemon trainers there, if you want to meet new people! Nearby Norbuck park also has a ton of Drowzees that are prime for the catching! So get some eggs hatching along the trail around the park, catch some new Pokemon, and meet some new friends around the lake!

Dallas Arboretum
Dallas Arboretum

2. Arboretum

Located on the south end of White Rock Lake, the Dallas Arboretum is a gorgeous area to walk around and enjoy the floral scenery. However, there are three pokemon gyms, multiple Pokestops, and pokemon like bulbasaur, venomoth, and others! They are also very Pokemon-friendly, as they have set up a lounge with free wi-fi and charging stations, plus they have discounted admission for groups of 10 or more who want to visit the park. Regular admission is $15, discounted admission is $7, so grab your friends and head on over!

Dallas Zoo
Dallas Zoo

3. Dallas Zoo

Take a group to check out the three gyms and more than thirty Poke-stops located all over the Dallas Zoo. There are two NRG Street Charge stations, one at the Lacerte Family Children’s Zoo, and another at the Wilds of Africa Grill, so you can charge up that battery halfway through the day, and take a food stop at the grill! You can go, check out the zoo animals, and catch a myriad of pokemon in all the different exhibits. This is super fun for both kids and adults, as anyone can appreciate seeing both live and virtual animals!

Pro tip: The monorail is a great way to cheat the system and log some great distance while taking a load off your feet!

NorthPark Mall
NorthPark Mall

4. NorthPark Mall

Northpark Center Mall is a hotbed for Pokemon trainers. It has plenty of parking, delicious food and drinks at Bar Louie, and both inside and outside places to walk and find pokemon! Kabuto, Meowth, Eevee, Zubat and others have been sighted here, along with many others! Right north of the millennial-rich uptown neighborhood, it can be a really great place to meet other singles with similar interests, as well! So take some time, along with your phones to shop, eat, and play here.

Shops at Legacy
Shops at Legacy

5. Shops at Legacy

The Shops at Legacy, right near the Dallas North Tollway in Plano, is a very popular spot for Pokemon Trainers for a variety of reasons. There are Pokestops everywhere, which is good, since rare pokemon seem to congregate around the Marriott hotel by the pond. There are lures everywhere in the area. However, the Shops at Legacy also tend to use all the 4G bandwidth, so try your luck at finding Pokemon on an early morning walk before 11 am to be on the safe side.

Spotted Pokemon: Snorlax, Gengar, Scyther, Abra, Kingler, Ekans, Dratini, Bulbasaur, Psyduck, and Spearow.

Klyde Warren Park
Klyde Warren Park

6. Dallas Museum of Art/Klyde Warren Park

The Dallas Museum of Art and Klyde Warren Park are two adjoining locations that you will be sure to enjoy on your quest to “be the very best, that no one ever was!” While the park is teaming with players at all times of the day, the Dallas Museum of Art is open from 8am to 5pm and admission is free! The cafe plus the free permanent art museums is a great way to cool off and enjoy classic culture at the same time, as you can spot not only bulbasaurs, but also paintings by Van Gogh, Degas, and even a real mummy!

Across the street at Klyde Warren Park, there is everything an outdoor (Pokemon) party could ever want. With food trucks, a restaurant, a playground for the kids, and even a small dog park, you can have fun at any point throughout the day, and have fun battling--while taking advantage of the ludicrous amounts of lures in the park area. While parking can be a bit tricky in the downtown area, it is a great way to meet up with fellow players, do some battles, and level up your pokemon.

And here are some great tips from the IPD to help you be safe and make sure you're doing the catching and not the one getting caught.


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