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6 Pokemon that make an outstanding team!

Updated on March 4, 2016

Feraligatr #1

First up is Feraligatr. Not just because it is my all time favorite starter, but because of it's type and potential moves. The ability Feraligatr has is Torrent, which raises the attack of water type moves if Feraligatr's health dips below a third of of it's maximum. It has basic stats, being an all around effective Pokemon. Feraligatr's move set for this scenario includes Hydro Cannon, Surf, Ice Beam, and Ice Fang. Hydro Cannon may require a recharge after use, but it's base power of 150 and accuracy of 90 make it a Coup De Grace for any tough Fire/Rock/Ground types (water type moves are 2x as effective, or super effective, against those types). Surf adds a secondary water type attack for taking on Fire/Rock/Ground types. It has less base damage ( 90 as of gen 6) but with an accuracy of 100, it's slightly more reliable then Hydro Cannon. It can also hit multiples opponents, and has double power if the targeted opponent(s) have used Dive and is under water. Ice Beam is an excellent ice type move. With a base power of 90 and accuracy of 100, it is very dependable. It has a 10% chance to freeze it's target. Ice Beam, along with all ice type moves, are literally Dragon killers (2x more effective) which is important because Dragon types are very powerful. Ice types attacks are also super effective against Flying, Grass and Ground types. Rounding out Feraligatr's move set is Ice Fang. It is the weakest compared to the other three attacks (power 65, accuracy 95) but what makes it useful is it's 10% chance to freeze, as well as a 10% chance to cause the target to flinch (if the opponent has not yet moved). To further buff Feraligatr, it would hold a Focus Band, allowing it to the have potential to survive 1 hit Knock Out (KO) moves, which would give Feraligatr extra survivability against Grass and Electric types which are super effective to water. With this Feraligatr will be the go to to knocking out Fire, Rock, Ground and Dragon types.


Noivern #2

Next on the team, Noivern. It is a Dragon/Flying type, making it weak to Ice types, Electric types, Rock types, Fairy types and other Dragon types. Noivern has a very high base speed, which allows it to attack first in most cases. It's ability would be Telepathy, protecting it from an ally if they use moves like Surf or Earthquake. It's first move would be Fly. Fly is a two part move in which the user flys up into the sky on its first action, then attacks the target. While up in the air, Noivern would be immune to most moves except Gust, Twister, Thunder, Sky Uppercut and Smack Down. Fly has a base power of 90 and an accuracy of 95, and because it's a Flying type move it is super effective against Fighting, Bug and Grass types. Next, Noivern would know Dragon Pulse. With a power of 85 and an accuracy of 100, it's a decent move, however when used against a dragon type it becomes extremely effective. The third move Noivern would have is Hurricane, a Flying type move. It has a base power of 110, and an accuracy of 70. When used in rain, it's accuracy bumps up to 100, but intense sunlight causes it to drop to 50. Hurricane also has a 30% chance of cause the target to become confused, and a confused Pokemon has a 50% chance of hurting itself. Hurricane can also hit opponents using Fly or Bounce. Lastly, Noivern would know Boomburst. Boomburst is a Normal type attack, so it's not super effective against any type. However, Boomburst does have a power of 140, and an accuracy of 100. It will hurt allied Pokemon if used in a multi battle, but will also hit every opposing Pokemon. Noivern would hold a Silk Scarf (increases power of normal type moves) to make Boomburst even more devastating.


Aggron #3

Aggron is a Steel/Rock type Pokemon, with an insanely high defense rating, making it the ideal tank. It's only real weaknesses are Fighting and Ground types. Aggron would have the Rock Head ability. This ability cancels out any recoil damage the user would suffer from certain moves like Take Down or Double Edge, and this ability allows Aggron to utilize his first move effectively. Head Smash is a Rock type move that normally causes recoil damage, but Aggron's Rock Head cancels it out. It is effective against Flying/Fire/Bug/Ice type Pokemon. It has a base damage of 150 and an accuracy of 80. The second move Aggron would know is Earth Power, a Ground type move. It has a base power of 90 and an accuracy of 100, and has a 10% to lower the targets special defense. It's a Ground type move, so it is super effective against Poison, Rock, Steel, Fire and Electric. The third move Aggron would know is Flash Cannon. It's a Steel type move so it is super effective against Rock/Ice/Fairy types. Flash Cannon also has a 10% chance to lower the targets special defense, and it has a base power of 80 with an accuracy of 100. Lastly, Aggron would know Heavy Slam. The effectiveness of this steel type move relies on Aggron out-weighing it's opponent. Fortunately Aggron is immensely heavy. It has an accuracy of 100, and it's base damaged its determined by this formula: if Aggron out-weighs it's opponent by a ratio of 5 to 1 or greater then, it deals 120 damage. As the ratio decrease, and the weight is more even, it decline by 20 points. So in essence, depending on weight difference it will do 120 damage, 100, 80, 60, 40. Aggron would hold a Rocky Helmet, so that any physical attack Aggron suffers would damage the user that attacked it.


Tyrantrum #4

Tyrantrum is a Rock/Dragon type Pokemon, with an impressive attack stat. Weak only to Ice, Dragon and Fairy types, Tyrantrum can be very effective. Tyrantrum would have the Strong Jaw ability, which increases the damage of all biting moves. Tyrantrum would know Crunch, a Dark type move that is very effective against Ghost and Psychic types. It has an accuracy of 100, and the Strong Jaw ability boosts its damage from 80 to 120. Next Tyrantrum would know Thunder Fang, an Electric type move highly effective against Water, Steel and Flying type Pokemon. It has an accuracy of 95 and it's damage is boosted from 65 to 98 by Strong Jaw. The third move in Tyrantrums repertoire would be Stone Edge, a Rock type move with a damage of 100 and an accuracy of 80. It has an increased critical hit ratio of 1/8 as opposed to the normal 1/16. Finally Tyrantrum would know Draco Meteor, one of the most damaging Dragon type moves. It has a damage of 130 and an accuracy of 90, but lowers the users special attack by two stages after use. Give Tyrantrum Kings Rock to allow the possibility of it's target flinching after being damaged. This Poke-arsenal makes Tyrantrum an effective all around fighter.


Scyther #5

Scyther earns the fifth spot on the team. As a Bug/Flying type, Scyther is weak to Flying, Rock and Water. Scyther has a very high attack ad speed stat. Scyther's ability would be Technician, which powers up all moves with a base power of 60 or less by 50%. Scyther would know X-Scissor, Silver Wind, Bug Bite and Aerial Ace. X-Scissor has a base power of 80 and an accuracy of 100. It's a Bug type move so it is super effective against Grass, Psychic and Dark types. Next Scyther would know Aerial Ace, a Flying type attack that never missed. It's damage would be boosted from 60 to 90 due to Technician. Silver Wind is a Bug type move that has a 10% chance to raise all of Scyther stats. It has an accuracy of 100 and it's damage is boosted from 60 to 90. Last is Bug Bite,a Bug type move that enables Scyther to eat the targets berry, if it is holding one. It has an accuracy of 100 and it's damage is 90, boosted from 60 by Technician. Scyther is fast and can hit hard, making it a valuable member on the roster. Scyther would hold Left Overs to allow it to restore health throughout battle.


Machamp #6

Machamp, a Fighting type Pokemon, completes this team. It is weak to Flying, Psychic and Fairy types. Machamp has a high attack state, and moderate all round other stats. Machamp would have the No Guard ability, which means every attack by an opponent will hit, but it also means Machamp's attacks will always hit, even in the first stage of a move like Fly. Machamp would know Cross Chop, Seismic Toss, Dynamic Punch and Submission. Cross Chop is a Fighting type move that has a base damage of 80 and an accuracy of 100. It also has an increased critical hit ratio of 1/8 compared to 1/16. Next, Seismic Toss. It is a Fighting type move, with an accuracy of 100. It's damage is based on the users attack, so because in the scenario Machamp would be level 100, it would do 100 damage. Dynamic Punch is a Fighting type move that deals 100 damage, and confuses the target. It has a base accuracy of 50, but Machamp's No Guard negates this penalty. Finally, Submission. With an accuracy of 80 and an attack of 80, it's a decent move. However, when used, Machamp would suffer 1/4 damage from recoil, which equates to 20 damage. This is more a a last resort move, and should be used towards the beginning of a fight that Machamp is most likely going to win. All of Machamp's attacks are Fighting type, so they are super effective against Normal, Rock, Steel, Ice and Dark types. Machamp would hold a Black Belt to increase the damage of his Fighting type moves.


Which of these six Pokemon do you think is most efefctive?

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    • Samuel Markert profile imageAUTHOR

      Samuel Markert 

      2 years ago from Keene, NH

      @Molly Layton Yes I was think that too after I published it, but lesson learned I guess. I made this list under the hypothetical situation that this would be a gen 6 team (X/Y, OR/AS). Also, and I realize I should have made a note of this, some of the moves these Pokemon know are indeed transfer moves. Some are also egg moves and move tutor moves. Also, I gave Noivern a hidden ability, which I forgot to mention.

    • Molly Layton profile image

      Molly Layton 

      2 years ago from Alberta

      This is a really interesting analysis. I feel like it might be easier to read if you broke the sections up into paragraphs. I'm also a bit curious about what versions of Pokemon this team can be used in without transfers - I haven't played since LeafGreen.


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